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Language Application

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What language are you applying for?: 



How did your character learn the language?:

When Vanya was born and taken home, his parents, of course, taught him how to speak. Naturally, this included Russian, but mostly Korean seeing as the two of them knew they'd be going to Korea within a few years. Because of this, Vanya's Russian was never that good. It was sloppy most of the time, but it was just alright. At roughly 5 years of age, his parents packed everything they owned and flew out to Korea. Now that they were in Korea, they could focus more on teaching him Russian instead of Korean, since he'd just learn it in school. Expanding his scopes of both languages, which were both incredibly complicated in their own ways, lead to the 2 clashing. Balancing out learning two different languages didn't do wonders to his school life. Granted, he learned one day by day, by just speaking to others, but Russian was something he did at home in his own free time. Whether that was on his own, with the help of a tutor, reading, listening to music- it occupied a lot of his free time. As he grew older, his Russian got better and better. Currently, he has no issues speaking it any more- a slight hiccup here and there. Then again... nobody can speak PERFECTLY.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?:
A second language might be a good thing on a resume, for example, or just something to maybe impress others.

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