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New way of getting a money printer


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So one thing that i feel should be changed when the official release comes out is how people can obtain money printers. I think during the beta stage they where very easy to get as for anyone could get them simply by typing /mp buy and boom, you could buy all the fuel and the generators right then and there. I feel that since money printers are already an illegal item and seeing how they can help gangrps obtain weapons quicker depending on the tier they get, i think money printers should only be obtained by buying one from a BMD. I think for what you get the price is fair but i just believe that they should be harder to obtain.

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as of currently mps and btc are the same only differencial is btc has gen and mp doesnt ... they have the same outcome

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Hey! I see why you are bringing up such an idea as it makes the BMD role more important, but with the future plans of the server, this idea wouldn't work and would be too confusing I think.


A lot of the ideas are based off a gamemode called "DarkRP" off Garry's Mod, you should look it up

Along, I think restricting players to use the "main" features of the server off player(s) seems silly for a low playerbase server as of now, we might end up changing this.


IF ANYTHING I'll make it an NPC so you cant freely buy them.


All roles apart from government are allowed to use money-printers and they are obtainable freely and easily.

The same will go for drugs when cooking and growing, I'll maybe change it up a bit though.

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