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Written by Sinner ❤️

The Jin-Kyong Family, est. 1968 by Kameyo Jin-Kyong, and Higuchi Jin-Kyong (former name Higuchi Seiji).

The Jin-Nakamura Family (former Jin-Kyong), est. 2018 by Himari Jin-Kyong, and Hiroto Nakamura.

July Jin-Kyong’s father, Kameyo Jin-Kyong, brought July to the world followed by July’s mother’s death. He had second grade lung cancer, and it spread quicker than they could handle because their family didn’t have access to the medical needs he needed to survive. They lived out in a small hut with no form of heat, and when July’s dad passed away she was quickly noticed by a couple that was out walking. They took her into their home, and from there on, July Jin-Kyong was born with a drive to accomplish exactly what she wanted, she didn’t have supportive parents and wanted to achieve the best of herself. The people that took her in lived in the middle class, and taught her how to comply with manners and orders she was given. She quickly learned how to be a housewife. She always dreamt of being rich and getting somewhere well born in life. She accidentally got married, by her foster parents forcing her to marry someone with wealth. She caught a pregnancy a few months later, and in the midst of raising her child, Himari Jin-Kyong, she was struggling because she had made her own amends to never accept money from her husband unless her life depended on it. Himari knew exactly what she wanted from when she began walking, and July was quickly recognized for her dedication towards giving Himari the best she could give, without taking or asking anyone else for help nor money.

July and Himari seemed to have cut all connection with their old people, and ever since they’ve never looked back. They knew this’d be the beginning of something new. This started off the family rather happily with a nice wealth. Himari grew older as it went, but had massive health issues, she struggled with asthma and it became so bad she was at the clinic for a week before they managed to get rid of the struggle. All the money in their family vast went straight to caring for Himari, and July's husband was furious about this. He kicked them on the door and forced them to handle themselves. July was rather old when she had Himari, as she was pregnant with Himari by the age of 27. She gave birth around 28 - and when they were kicked on the street, Himari was only 4 years old. July didn’t know what to do and simply disbanded her child on a stranger’s doorstep. It ruined all the hopes July had, but July knew she had to move on, she searched for places to live and got settled at a christian school with dormitory. She’s never spoken to Himari since.

Himari’s story changed for the better, and she quickly became adopted, her father kept in touch with her. She moved to an area called Seoul, in South Korea - alongside her newly foster parents, at an age of just 14. July, who was now 42, was still nowhere to be found.
Himari kept tracing down her mothers steps through her teenage years, despite her foster parents telling her to stop trying. Himari knew July wouldn’t have disbanded her. All along it turns out Himari’s mother July, had changed her name to July Tsukai to cover up her story, it was her maiden name taken from her mother. As Himari grew older, she said goodbye to her foster parents and split ways with a fortune of 3 million in her bank account, she invested her money in a house, a tower and an apartment of her own. Her tower was decided to become her new way of making money, hopefully owning a bar and a restaurant, this made her the youngest property owner in Seoul at the time. At the age of 19 she fell in love with a man named Hiroto Nakamura, they both knew that their form of love wouldn’t be accepted in the society, but after sneaking around for 3 years with each other whilst finishing up Himari's tower, they made their relationship public. Their way of making their relationship public was to tattoo each others names on each other's arms- it might’ve seemed cringe back then but now at 26 and 27, they felt like it is a better decision than what they thought it was back then. A permanent way to declare their love for eachother.

Unaware to Himari, Hiroto wasn’t the hero in golden-armor like she thought he was, a side of her felt like she knew but he seemed to have something rather big hiding behind closed walls. In reality he had been committing multiple crimes whenever not in her sight, and had sat in for multiple causes. To her he’d always say that it was nothing serious, that it was someone else and not him - that he loved her very much and alike. She fell for every trick he pulled, and that allowed him to continue the off-street work he did in his freetime. Himari made her own clothing brand in the midst of all this, and succeded rather quickly, although unsure what to call her business as she started it off as "Himari Tailor". One day she had an initial idea of adopting a teenage boy, however adoption when you’re not 25 yet wasn’t the easiest. South Korean law stopped them from getting the child they wanted, and they were given Hiromitsu instead. The formation of their family happened when they changed Hiromitsu’ name to match theirs. They couldn’t agree on a name so they took half of Hiroto’s name and half of Himari’s name, forming the name “Hiromitsu Jin-Nakamura”. Jin-Nakamura quickly became a liking of Himari's, and became the name she used for not only her tailoring brand but also her tower brand.

Although they got a teenage boy way older than they wished for, they couldn’t have been any more happier than they are now, and they still have plenty of blank pages ahead of them so they have plenty of possibilities to form more family members, not to mention more friends and more experiences. They're excited to see whats in the future for them, and they pray they'll stay as wealthy as they are, and if not become wealthier.


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[54] [TEACHER] July Tsukia Seiji

[26] [CITIZEN] Himari Jin-Kyong


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