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Stricter Escalation Process


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As of recent, gangrpers have been skipping the escalation rules and making roleplay a lot less enjoyable for others. I am not speaking about things like mugging or breaking in, I am talking about random killings, hostages, stabbings, majors, etc. It creates stressful, repetitive, and boring roleplay scenarios that turn people away from the server. Specifically, problems have risen with the gang ‘808’. They are running up out of nowhere, attacking and knocking out cops for no reason. This has happened to me well over 8 times, all when I had not done anything to the 808 gang members. There has also been a major problem with cop baiting. They will sit outside the station in masks, or they will walk into the station so that the alarm goes off. They then proceed to randomly [with no provocation] lure cops to be knocked out, stabbed, or taken hostage. A good example of this is when one of my friends witnessed a cop being knocked out. The gang members chased them down, knocking them out and claiming they could take their eye just because they were a witness. Yet another example, one of my friends was randomly kidnapped, beaten, koed, then locked in the sewers just for insulting 808. The list goes on and on, with constant stories of gang members disregarding the perm system. Not just that, but gangrpers go straight to using their weapons, which they have an abundance of due to the low prices. It is not just one person doing this, but many gang members, most of which are from 808. I believe the escalation process needs to be stricter, with clearer rules so that gang members cannot randomly kidnap, assault, or majorly assault other players. This will provide better roleplay, as gang members will not be allowed to RDM, randomly kidnap, and they will be forced to develop lore other than just randomly killing people. Gangs in real life all have meaning, while the gangs on this server are purely based on carnage. It creates stressful and unenjoyable roleplay, whereas creating a stricter perm system will allow others to roleplay freely without the stress of a gang member randomly attacking them.

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