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Suicide of Kermit the Frog, Riots in Seoul #2 (Advanced Edition)

Wasted Time

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Chapter 1
Episode 2

(...The headquarters of the Riot force is located in Seoul, Jongno-Ju. The Riot leader 'Hyun-Woo' with his fellow partner, the co-leader 'Sang-Hoon' has been recruiting new citizens into the force...)

*..A loud 'bang' would be heard inside the Headquarters' Main Room..*
(???) + "God Damn it Hyun, that's the last fu**ing table we've bought with the little money we had. We are running out of fu**ing money because of your dumba** table flippings!"
(Hyun) - "I have anger issues you know that, Sang."
(Sang) + "Fu** sakes.. Anyway, I know you are angry about losing the armoury we had. There were many weapons inside.. Not only that, but we've lost men."
*Hyun would take a huge sigh..*


 - "...Okay, But I've got good news. Our Defense team may have failed, but that doesn't mean our attack force is slackin'. They've managed to push down the barricade in Gahoe-Dong."
 + "That place we've been trying to overcome for days? That's great!"
 - "Not only that we've looted enough weapons from that attack to max out our New Armoury."
+ "You know what they say, nothing will go as the plan, but you shall always stick to it.." *As he looked at the georgeus Kermit Statue..*


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