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Several server issues


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As of recent, the server has become very unenjoyable with the roleplay provided from gang members, and the lack of staff intervention. I understand the server is in its beta, and I am sure some of the rules will change. However, there are a few main points I would like to address that I believe would improve the server for the current players, and any newcomers.

1. Stricter permission system:

Though I enjoy the idea of the escalation system, I believe it needs to be strictly enforced, as well as better clarified. With the current system, gang members are running around knocking out, kidnapping, killing, and stabbing others without previous provocation, and with absolutely no lore. They are attacking characters that are valuable to players with throw aways, and causing stress to players the provide genuine roleplay. I know quite a few people who have left the server because it has become a cess pool of gang roleplayers attacking cops, ems, and other civilians with no reason. Not to mention, many of the gang members doing this remain unpunished, and are allowed to harass others oocly when they do not get their way. Clarifying and enforcing the system will create a better environment for players who genuinely come to the server to roleplay, and it will draw in a better player base.

2. Staff issues:

This is not directly targetted towards any staff, but rather something I have experienced among a couple staff members, and believe should be changed for the good of the server. For one, I and several other players have been repeatedly harassed with little or no punishment to the ones harassing us. I have been called many disgusting things, all in front of staff members. The players only received a warning, whereas other players have been banned for lesser offenses. Thankfully, a few staff members have stood their ground towards these kind of players, specifically Bradley, Braylie, and Cameron. However, the issue is still very prevalent, and needs to be fixed.

Targeting and baiting:

As I'm sure many fellow EMS and cops have experienced, gang members love to target us with little to no reason other than the 'street cred' of killing a cop or government worker. Gang members are specifically baiting cops out of the station [as well as ems], to randomly ko, kidnap, assault, or even rape/sexually assault characters. This absolutely needs to stop, no server should knowingly allow the rape or sexual assault of a character. There is nothing wrong with gang roleplay, however the gang roleplay on this server has become very toxic and randomly executed. Even terrorist organizations do not randomly target their victims. If cops, ems, or really any character is to be targeted, it should be for a reason other than oocly wanting 'street cred'. Mugging makes sense, as that is an every day occurrence even in the real world. However, death, assault, and major assault is something that should only be executed when the escalation system has been strictly followed.

Corrupt cops:

Previously, when the server originally re-released, corrupt cops were either not allowed or you had to apply to be one. As of recent, several cops have been extremely corrupt. Most were terminated, but that is besides the point. Cops should be strictly monitored on their behavior, as well as how they execute protocols. This will provide a better image for the PD, as well as provide better roleplay for existing cops, citizens, and other government workers. It is understandable for some corruption to occur, however their should be internal affairs overseeing police behavior.

Weapon prices:

The last thing I have to bring up is weapon prices. Though weapons are supposed to come from the black market, and be a resource not commonly accessed, many people are easily able to access weapons. The prices are extremely low compared to the rate of income received from jobs and money printers. This gives gang members an endless supply of weapons, with no consequences when they lose one of their weapons. Either the income from jobs and money printers should be decreased, or the weapon prices should be significantly higher on major illegal weaponry.

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and thank you for contacting us about the community feedback concerns, but I'm hoping we'll be able to resolve this by the official release.
As far as I can tell, this is because the staff is currently working on server developments and the new exclusive plugins.

Without going into too much details, by the official release, everything should be settled,
and I can absolutely guarantee you that you will be thrilled on the things we've been working on recently.

We'll take care of everything to ensure that no difficulties occur in the near future. Thank you.

Best regards,

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