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Hello there. Since there going to be a College Academia I came up with an idea which is College Departments System (CDS), it's about having a department/faculty degree that the individual can learn and apply IC, basically when the student going into college they can pick any faculty/department they would like to pick for example:

• Department of Medical Surgical Science.
• Department of Nursing Education and Administration.
Department of Economics and Marketing Division.
• Department of Arts History.
• Department of Crime Justice.
• (etc)

Every college individual when they accepted to college, they can pick any department they want from one of these Academic Departments Permanently, allowing them to learn and having an IC degree to be either a medical surgical/nurse,  police cadet, lawyer, business individual and etc. Applying this suggestion would make it pretty realistic and entertaining to be college student and in the same time what the player would actually like to learn about it also can be helpful IRL sometimes. Thank you!

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I'm a builder I do buildings and other things

Any further questions ask me through Discord breadd#8545

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