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Staff Problem


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yunglady here. Just checking on Seoul after a long time, and I've noticed quite a big lack of..basically everything. So I'll go over a lot of the stuff that the Directors should focus on a lot more.


#1 The Timezone Issue


I have noticed that the only timezone that staff are from are NA zones, I have not seen any EU or AS staff to be honest. And this poses a huge problem. As progress can be only made stabily during a certain part of the day. 

How to fix this?

Instead of sitting around and ignoring the applications that have been minimally sitting for over 3 months. Review them. Try to gain staff from Europe and Asia. And find out what they are good at. It'll take less time to finish the map, and after the map would be 80% done, then slowing down could be an option to focus on more important tasks.  As the Build Team could focus on Building more, instead of being pulled out mid building when there'd be tests needed to try out, example a new plugin or so, a new mechanic. So, Directors of SLRP. Take into careful consideration of how much time you can cut off if you hire European and Asian staff. If you make a To-Do list for each timezone and organize them well. Then I am certain that it will take at least half time less than what you are currently expecting it'll take.





#2 Not Giving Updates/Community Interactions



Another issue, this causes the server to get lost interest in and people to begin looking for other communities.


How to fix this?


Give updates every 2 weeks to a month, as this can keep a community going and less paranoid if the server will actually come out. It helps boost morale. And I think the community would welcome some new messages about the progress, or not even updates. But even sneak peeks, the slighest just to keep the community running instead of it currently dying. Personally, I haven't really seen any sneak peeks or so, and it's been at least 2 months since there was a post in announcements.


This is everything from me so far. If I will come up with anything else that could  be tweaked. I will add it here before it gets reviewed.


Thank you.


YL, yours truly.


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Hey there, thanks for trying to give us feedback, we've been very public about stuff we can be about- and we are staying quiet with a lot due to internal, 'stuff'.

In the screenshot, you said, "you cant build a massive map in like 6-8 people", are you saying we can't build a massive map because we have 6-8 people for players- or for builders? It's a tad unclear for me, sorry.


Builders / Server

I'm unsure of what you mean by the whole pulling builders out while testing stuff, we don't ever do that- really ever. Most plugin testing happens on a different server, configuring isn't an issue which doesn't require the server to be restarted, which than doesn't really effect the builders at all.


Staff time-zone, issue?

The whole NA/EU stuff, that is where we are restricted with, there aren't many options- as of now, we barely have staff and it's all NA at the moment, I know we have a couple of EU apps pending, we are planning on going through apps nearing release, staff left due to personal reasons and such, so as of now, we don't have many staff.


Staff actually aren't that important of a role during development for us, it's mostly me, Taco and BeefDev doing 'development' side stuff, the builders are doing building as usual- we've had only our Coordinator active and we've been on our other builders about it.


Finally, Plugins...

I'm unsure if you are aware, we have a singular developer- I've been told and asked to get another, it'd cost more to get another if we were too, that's why we are planning on releasing near end of the year. Our developer finally finished a project he's been working on, which will be public and a version on the server for 'profiles' which allows you to not exactly need an 'alt' per say, but you can have multiple different characters with different profiles- per say, roles, you can be a cop on one and than a.. EMS on another- as for an example.


We've recently started working again on all the plugins! We are striving this to be the very best it can be! We are adding unique systems and re-vamping a ton of stuff- along with adding new stuff. We'll be more open on that nearing release- I've stated that before.


Final conclusion,

I've stated a few times that we'll be more open and hyping the server up nearing release, if we hype it up now, it'll get boring, very quickly, and I'm not very aware of many other servers at the moment- nor am I scared, it's the players choice to choose which server they play, the point of the Seoul-Roleplay is mostly a personal and passion project to make everything that I've wanted, not to over-rule other servers.


We'll hype the server up and advertise it nearing release, we'll start announcing features, and trailers and such at the same time, we'll do a big announcement when we start nearing this point, but that's all I have to say, the map isn't going to be overly big as well, don't worry about that if anyone is thinking that.


Logging out,


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