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Money Printer and how they should function in the future.


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Probably the biggest way for gangrpers to obtain money was the usage of money printers. It may have been illegal but if not caught, and if you had the right tier  money printer they could make a large amount of money in fast periods of times. I think there should be some changes to the money printer and how it functions, aswell as a few other things too. I wanted to make this forum to get other peoples opinions on it



     I feel like the money printers should be obtainable through the use of BMD. The fuel can be found in another way, but the fuel isn't illegal. The fuel itself can give SPD a reason to question you and why you own it, but we cant arrest you for just owning the fuel. The actual printer on the other hand is illegal, hence why i think it should be sold by BMD. Last time it was so so easy to get one, all you had to do was enter a command and boom, the fuel and all the money printers would pop up, it was too easy seeing how it could make you so much. For that reason i think there should be only one printer, a tier one printer to start off with and only BMD sells it. I've talked too a few ex gangrpers who owned and used money printers, and they agreed money printers should be sold through bmd as it does make it more realistic.



        If money printers could be obtained by BMD, i think there should be a new way to tier them up. Instead of there being 9 separate money printer items, there is only one. BMD will sell a tier one money printer for like 30k or something like that.  From there once you max out all the upgrades you should have the option to tier up the money printer, of course it will cost a bit but then once you tier it up the item will now be a tier two money printer. The stats for it will reset of course. But this process will keep going all the way till tier 9. This eliminates the need for 9 separate money printer items, aswell as it would make it easier on BMD instead of them selling 9 separate item. And as it would make it harder to get such high tier printers with ease. Seeing how before hand if you had enough money you could just buy a tier 9 money printer from the start. This method would make it harder and take longer to actually obtain such high tier printers.



             Money printers at a point are EXTREMTLY overpowered. I talked to a gangrper who had a maxed out tier 9 money printer and they said they made around 50k an hour, 50k. That's insane! Considering the prices of BMD weapons being all under 100k, this gangrp could really buy any weapon they wanted in the span of 2 hours. And that's the considering the fact they have one printer. Seeing how you can just buy a tier 9 money printer instantly if you had the right amount of money, this process could become even more overpowered. You could quickly max the stats with the money your gaining from the other printer, then now there making 100k every hour. Again using that money they can buy another tier 9 printer and max it and so on and so forth. seeing how you can have a max of 4 printers, if you have 4 maxed out tier 9 printers a gangrper would make 200k in a single hour. When i was SPD i got paided around 25k a week, gangrpers would make more then 10 times that in a single hour. They easily ran the economy and all they had to do was sit around and afk, checking on the printer to make sure it didn't over heat but otherwise they didnt have to do anything. In the srp many people are rich yes, but they didnt earn there money by simply sitting around and doing nothing. The players made there money through working at a shop, selling alcohol, selling weapons, reselling items on auction and other stuff. But all of those methods required you to actually of something to earn your money, but with the money printers in seoul you didnt have to do anything once you got that have of a printer. Because of this facctor, i think a maxed out printer should make you a little less then 50k, maybe 30k an hour or something., The only time i think money printers should make you 50k an hour is with the method i suggested where you manually have to tier up your printers instead of just being able to instantly buy a tier 9. 


in conclusion, i still think money printers should be in the game. But seeing how in the beta pretty much every gangrper had one, and almost every gangrper was rich it made things too overpowered. They didnt care if they lost a expensive weapon, they could rebuy it with ease with the money they where making. With the methods i suggested i feel it would make money printers more fair and less overpowered. 

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I have explained how they will be nerfed and function kind of in the new version in the server, I'll put what I said here.


And I explained the ease you were getting it was due to the beta, the amount of money you earned was high due to it being a beta, for people to have fun and gain a lot fast, etc.


The batteries, generator and fuel will all be sold through an NPC shop which I had said before, and these will not be illegal, generators are commonly bought for power-outages, or to power extra stuff they, etc

Batteries, daily use, you use them all the time, no question about that being the slightest of suspect

Fuel is going to be bought from gas pumps, which you can fuel a Jerry-Can than can be fueled into the generator

Every Tier is going to be nerfed heavily, you won't be earning massive amounts of money in a short time, it'll take a lot longer than before

Buying Printers will be a black-market, kind of, there'll be a special set-up for certain times to buy them, the concept is off DarkRP, which allows everyone to buy them freely (Garry's Mod)

Buying Bitcoin Miners will be edited, you can buy them at starts? It depends on how I edit the plugin, which I might do to edit to make the BTC Miners a bit more realistic with parts, etc.. we are still undergoing changes and concepts, this will be fixed.

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