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EnderBubs Shop Application :3

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Seoul Business Owner Application

IGN: EnderBubs
Discord Tag: Z Rex#2316

Time zone: My time zone is PST

Server Activity: My activity on seoul was very high. I had over 100+ hours on the beta server, and i was even on when there was 1-2 people playing. I would play everyday for around 3+ hours a day. 

Previous warns/bans: I dont have any bans or warnings at all

Business Information

Business Name:  Akio House

Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.): Restaurant/bar/very small shop that sells 4 accessories

Motivation on why you wanted to apply: I would be lying if i said i wasnt applying for some money. Though theres many other reasons why i want to apply to be a shopkeeper on seoul

1: When i first joined the seoul i didnt really think about opening a shop, i was mainly focused on being a officer, and even before then i didnt think about becoming a shopkeeper or even working at one. I mean before i was on seoul and i was on the srp, i never even went into shops when they opened. It was not until when i rejoined the srp i started working at other shops my passion for creating a shop of my own grew. I'm close with the shopkeepers in both the shops i work at, and yes it seems sometimes a bit stressful with restock and other stuff, it seems like a lot of fun at the same time! Working on panels, doing restock, hiring employees and more, and watching a shop that started from nothing grow sounds amazing! It sounds fun and interactive with the server.

2: Ive noticed around seoul a lot of the shops are pretty bland and simple. There was a toy shop, item shop, and alcohol shop. All of those shops are basic and nothing really special too them, nothing unique. Thats why i want to create a shop of my own aswell. I want to create a shop that is more different from others, but also still brings in some money. Having unique and different shops in seoul will make players want to go there more often, and may even help getting players to play on the server. 

3: I want to connect and meet new people and being a shopkeeper is honestly a great way to do that. Being a shopkeeper would require me to interact with my employees, getting to know them icly and oocly a bit. 

4: Getting to work on something like this is a pretty big thing, especially of the shop gets popular. I wanna learn how to run a shop, icly and oocly. I think i would do a good job at it but i wanna learn it. It provides a diffrent type of rp instead of CopRP and criminalRP. I like trying new things out, and trying new types or RP. 

Unique description about your business: Its a simple, yet more uniqe idea. I want to create a shop that has a restraunt on one side, a bar on the other, and by the bar a small area where you can buy accessories. Allow me to explain more into it

Restaurant: From the picture in my head, the restraunt aspect would be located to the left side of the shop. There will be 2 lines that can be formed, at the entrance of the restaurant part. 2 waiters/waitress will work the two lines, and take people too tables. Each waiter/waitress will be assigned a area of the restaurant part to work at, this way waitress/waiters dont mix up there orders/customers. The waiters/waitress will escort the customers to a table, where they will then be handed a menu. the waiter/waitress will walk off for a bit then come back and check on the customers, they will take there order, grab it for them and bring it too them. Though to prevent theft the customers will pay first, then get there food. This process will repeat. When customers want to leave they simply walk towards the exit/entrance, where a waiter/waitress will let them out. The restraunt aspect will also sell a large amount of foods, this will be the only part of the shop where you can buy foods actually. There will be large meals, appetizers, non-alcoholic drinks, and deserts for the customers to pick from. We will have a wide variety of them too so that it doesn't get boring. 

Bar: The bar aspect is a bit different then the restraunt. It will be located too the right of the shop and it will have two sections for it. The first section is a more to-go type section, where someone can walk up, request a bottle and pay and they can walk away with the bottle. This allows people to just get alcohol and leave, instead of having to sit at a bar and drink it as for some people may just wanna get a bottle then leave. Though there is the other section too the bar where people can actually sit down and drink. This allows customers to be able to rp out drinking at a bar, which is a different type of RP you dont actually see often. There would even be a special drink that can only be served at the bar to add to the unique rp 
experience. Customers of course will have to have a ID that says there above 20+ to actually drink at the bar, aswell as purchase alcohol in general.

Accessory Part: This part of the shop will be small, and closer to the bar. It will have a single shelf, and two lines for people to purchase the accessories. Items will be sold that somewhat relate to the shop's restraunt/bar theme. Two cashiers will work there and assist people in purchasing the items. There's not a lot to it, but it adds more uniqueness to the shop. 

All in all it with be a fun and healthy work environment. I want the customers and employees to have a fun time working there, just like how i have a fun time working at the shops on the SRP.

References (Interior & Exterior): I dont have any at the moment

What is your business selling: as mentioned before, the shop will sell a variety of foods, drinks, and custom accessories. This allows a large amount of options for players to chose from making the experience a bit more fun.

How many employees will you be recruiting: Since the higher up spots are already filled, a total of 25 employees could be hired. Including the higher ups of the shop there would be a total of 28 people working,

Backstory:  When Hinata was around the age of 2, his parents decided they wanted to do something more unique and fun in there lives when it comes to a job aspect. His mom worked a boring office job, and his dad did the same. They both made a decent amount of money but they didnt want to keep working boring jobs, they wanted ot create something. His mom always loved cooking and making food, and his dad always had a thing for alcohol, not drinking it but collecting it. That's when he idea struck them. They had the idea to create a bar and restraunt, which allowed the mom to have her food be made and served to people, and have the dad be able to serve alcohol to people. Only issue was that the didnt have enough money. Fot the next 3 years of Hinata's life they saved there money and once they finally had enough money.. they began to build it! They purchased a old and smaller abounded store more towards the back of town, not wanting to waste anymore time they got straight to work. Purchasing supplies, hiring builders for things they couldn't do, ect ect. Hinata watched the shop be built, he played in it while it was being worked on, his mom would cook him food and serve it too him there, his dad even let hinata help build some parts. Finally, after 5 years of work, it was made.. Akio bar and restraunt was made! Hinata watched as it slowly became more popular. His parents gained a lot of money fast, and they put that money into the shop, improving it! As Hinata grew up he got to help his mom serving the food, he didnt have to but he wanted too. He had fun in the shop, he met new people, learned new skills and more! All in all everything seemed to be going very well.

Though when Hinata was only 16, tragedy struck. A competor of the akio bar and restraunt grew jealous of how fast they where making money, of successful they suddenly became. One night, when Hinata was staying the night at his friends house while his mom and dad worked the later shifts, the competor snuck in and waited till the place was closed and hinata's mom and dad where cleaning up.. he quickly doused the place in gasoline, then lite it on fire and ran out. By the time firefighters got there it was too late.. the entire shop was burnt to a chrisp and Hinata's parents where found dead under the rubble. When Hinata got the news he was devasted, he lived with his grandma for a few years before finally moving away, moving to seoul. 

Apon moving to seoul he had on goal, and that was to try to rebuild his parents shop. He wanted to honor them and honor what they loved and what they worked for and he was finally old enough to do so. Just like his parents at the age of 18, he began to work a normal job at a shop that sold toys. Every paycheck he put half of it into a saving account, that would be used for the shop later on. After 5 years, 5 years of saving up he finally had enough money to recreate the shop. He purchased a abanded building, just like his parents and got right to work. Having some friends help him. With the help of his friends, and others the he officially re created the shop. He made it more to his liking, but kept the features that where unique to his parents shop. Hinata didnt thing "Akio bar and restuarnt" didnt sound as good anymore, so he renamed it Akio House, as for hinata considered his parents restruant his second home.

Character Information:
Hinata Akio
Age: 27
Gender: Male

Extra information: I think this shop would be a cool feature to the server, it has a lot of things for the player to chose from and it would be fun to RP out going to eat at a restraunt, or drinking at a bar.

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