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IGN: kpwi
Discord Tag: kpwi#3913
Time zone: EST
Server Activity: I am planning on being extremely active on this server.
Previous warns/bans: None

Business Name: Kuromi Kosmetics
Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.): My business type will be considered a accessory/cosmetics store.

Motivation on why you wanted to apply: I have been motivated to apply for being business owner for several different reasons. One of my reasons is that I feel being a business owner would be a very interesting point of view on the roleplay aspect of the server. As well as creating a welcoming environment to customers and workers, my shop could and would be providing a unique experience to all.

Unique description about your business: My business in which I've chose to name 'Kuromi Kosmetics' will be a soft pastel and Sanrio themed cosmetics/accessory store. This will have a unique change on typical accessory stores you would see. Kuromi Kosmetics will be a small-to-mid sized shop and will consist of several different plushies, makeups, and accessories. These will be based off of several different Sanrio characters or just cute characters in general (such as Pokémon). I would like to create an environment that is seen as eye-catching and arresting. I would also like to have an on-theme uniform for all my employees to wear while working at the shop, here are my references for that;









References (Interior & Exterior):







What is your business selling: As I said in my previous paragraph, I would like my store to sell several different Sanrio themed cosmetics. On top of Sanrio cosmetics being very cute, they're also very eye catching and usually have a unique pastel style to them. My cosmetics I am hoping to sell are variations of plushies, makeup pallets, lip-balms, bags, and more. I would like to have them on theme but still staying very simplistic. Here are a few examples;



How many employees will you be recruiting:


The business owner is well, the owner of the business and the roll I am applying for. This role is in charge of managing the store and making all final decisions and usually in charge of hiring. The business owner is well respected and usually expected to handle all the financials.


Managers are the next person down from the business owner and an overall important position in the workplace. Making sure communication is in place and handling customers concerns is a main part of a managers work-time. Aswell as handling necessary responsibilities when the business owner is not around.


I would like to have a good amount of cashiers for openings, even if only 2 or 3 are available its better than not having any able to work. Cashiers are the individuals who will be face to face with customers and handling customer-cashier transactions. Cashier is one of the main roles people apply for when looking for a job since it is fairly simple and usually well paid. 


Jae-Hwa is a 5’9 male who was born in the less populated town of “Deju-si” in South Korea. His mother and father raised him until he was eventually old enough to live independently. Although his parents were loving, they were extremely strict about his lifestyle, especially after wanting to change the name he was given at birth, and his alternative style. His life was mostly uneventful up the that point; he could never fit into a group growing up. By age nine, Jae-Hwa was diagnosed with high-functioning autism and ADHD. This was truly heartbreaking for Jae-Hwa’s parents, since they no longer had a ‘normal’ child. (I mean seriously, he was like this all this time, but since you have a label for it now you’re mad?) Jae-Hwa’s parents were very strict about education, and despite being lower class- they managed to get him into a private school with excellent tutoring for children who have mental disabilities. Jae-Hwa’s parents had grown to understand the parts that come with having a child with autism and learnt how to handle certain situations, so they were truly heartbroken when their son moved to Seoul, but otherwise supported his decision, I mean, who’s parents wouldn’t be heartbroken when you move away from your childhood home right?

Character Information:
Name: Jae-Hwa Lee

Age: 26

Gender: Male (FtM)

Extra information: N/A

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