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Himera Police Application Format


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Before applying, please refer to the following set of rules, as well as joining the official government discord.

- Bold all of the questions

- Do not bold any of your answers

- Do not advertise your application

- Do no stray from the format provided

- Your Character MUST be 23+ years old, with an age cap of 65

OOC section:


Discord [ex. habilitation]:

Time zone:

Any previous bans/warns?

Describe your current level of activity on the server:


Do you have access to a microphone?


Do you have any previous experience with police work?


Do you have any experience with CombatRP?

What motivates you to apply for HPD?

IC information:

Character name:


Character age:




 Preferred pronouns:


What motivates your character to join the force?


Is your character familiar with self-defense?


How well does your character work with others?


Is your character independent or a team player?


What makes your character unique?


Backstory [100+ words]


Level of education [Associates, Bachelors, Masters, etc.]



If charged by an armed delinquent, how should you react?


While you are at the station, another officer sends out a distress signal. What do you do?


You are surrounded by several armed individuals; how do you react?


You believe a higher up officer is abusing their power, what do you do?





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