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Seoul Business Owner Application


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I have no name or anything warnings 

Business Information

Business Name:
Donquix LTD.

Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.):
Alcohol shop 

Motivation on why you wanted to apply:
I always wanted to start up my own business and always had many ideas involving alcohol some involving the criminal world but also most of them being a legal front running my own alcohol shop was always something I was interested in.
Unique description about your business:
I would like to import all types of alcohol such as alcohol treats alcohol lollipops chocolate as well and so on also make my own type of brand of alcohol and run other treats with alcohol flavor and deserts that have alcohol so ppl can take home to enjoy.

References (Interior & Exterior):



What is your business selling:
alcohol beverages and snacks fused with alcohol 

How many employees will you be recruiting:



Donbquix Ltd.

The start of a new Lad

As with the start of any good company, this one doesn't start with happy beginnings. A challenging time and a desperate kid would be the turning point of this story and nothing else but his wit and determination could change the events that will unfold before him. But that would be getting too far ahead of ourselves for now we need to start at the very beginning with a young kid growing up in a small town on the coast of Mexico where the sun rarely shines and the good never steps. Now while his parents might have been your everyday normal adults working full-time jobs to barely scratch by, his Uncle will really be the center point for what will shape this young man into who he is today.Growing up near the town of Mazunte his parents would travel into town before the sun came up and wouldn't return home until the sun went down. This would be his normal life enjoying the day with his friends outside causing trouble for the town elders and his neighbors. Oh, how he wished these times would never come to an end and that he could live out this dream forever but sadly this was not meant to be. But this would never be the case in his life happiness just never seemed to follow him no matter where he went or what he did. It would be around his 8th birthday when life really didn't want him to ever see adulthood. His town would be hit first by famine and then a wildfire would swallow up what was left of this desolate town. Now here is when we see his Uncle finally enter the picture, being what was left of his family he would be moved to the other side of the country to another coastal town called San Larando. In would be in this very town he and his Uncle would produce a drink called Donquix, a unique taste on a classic taqueria with the spice of rum. Now then where was I... oh yes shortly after moving to San Larando is where our story truly begins for this young lad.Now then this wouldn't be a story of creation without humble beginnings and this would surely be that defining start as a water boy for his Uncle's distillery. While some may call this an easy job we aren't talking about your average worker but a 9-year-old boy carrying water back and forth for 8 hours a day to help keep a gang-run distillery alive. This small gang by the name of Sanhora would be one of the smallest exporters of alcohol within the entirety of Mexico only having this small distillery to keep it from collapsing from within. The hardship and time this boy would go through carrying water for this small distillery until the age of 15 would show a defining moment in the work ethic he would later show and the ruthlessness he would have for competition. But we aren't here for the boring parts of his life but the points that highlight what we truly care about. At the age of 15, this small boy would begin to produce his very own drink using the distillery while his Uncle was asleep only barely understandinghow to use the machine based on the small chatter he heard from the workers inside the place. It would gruesome night after night with labor-intensive day after day. But this young man would not only strive to do what he wanted but he would also create a drink that would put not only him on the map but a dynasty to last a millennium. This child's utter stupidity but also a genius at the same time would finally pay off for him 8 months later when he came barreling into his Uncle's office with a single bottle in hand almost throwing it at the wall he would barely make it to his feet before shoving it into his Uncle's face. Now it could be here that his dream could die depending on the outcome but not one to turn down a drink his uncle opened the bottle and took a giant swig of the mysterious drink. What looked like hours in this young boy's mouth was nothing more than mere seconds before his Uncle would jump to his feet like a younger man with all the energy in the world. He had found it, the perfect drink for the world.

The start of a dynasty 

It is here we once more pick up from our long story having just seen the genius of a young boy create what can only be described as a spiced tequila. Now for most this would sound like an awful combination it was truly amazing for those who tasted it taking over his small distillery by the next day. Now, this would be a tremendous day if it wasn't for the fact that they had just cut the supply of alcohol to a gang and while small in size compared to them was like fighting the Mexican military. This would not end well and so without being able to really comprehend the situation his Uncle would pick him up throwing him into the back of a truck and would drive north in which seemed like an endless journey. Now for this boy he had never been outside his small town and didn't know what a giant city was and so arriving at the largest city in Mexico was like entering into some fantasy land full of everything you could ever want to see but also nothing you wanted at the same time. This would mark this child's last and final day inside Mexico and his start to a new life in Korea.Korea... I understand this must be confusing, why Korea? Why out of anywhere in the world would they choose Korea? Well that question is a simple one... plain-out stupidity. That's right through all his genius and ingenuity this 15-year-old kid was illiterate and couldn't read anything no matter how basic it might be and so by some random chance, they ended up here in Korea where this once poor kid now controls an Empires worth of money and power. But how he learned to read is for another story and another time. For now we shall skip forward a few years to a bright and still young 25 year old boy who has now integrated fully into the Korean way of life.

The start of a company

Donquix LTD. would be officially incorporated on July 8th, 1993 in the city of Pohang with the naming of one Director and one CEO. The company would be founded with one goal in mind creating the greatest tasting drink for their customers with the highest quality materials available. This goal would start with the purchase of their very first production line and distillery in North Gyeongsang province. This small distillery would be the very first place to mass produce and create their flagship drink Donquix but it wouldn't come without its own issues.

WIP to be continued 

Character Information:
Zion N. Donquix


Gender: Male 

He is  a very tall man and isn’t very talkative but is passionate about his alcohol 

Extra information:
I would like to state that my Alc shop will be a simple but yet unique shop I’ll be sending all my ideas to YEMI no one else. Cause she is the best! (Last time I sent my ideas to other they where stolen )

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I have listed some reasons on why I have decided to deny your application.

  • This application lacks detail in the places where detail is NEEDED.
  • The backstory takes most of the space for this application. (The back story is more than enough.)
  • Your business cannot be within any criminal activity.
  • Please make sure your application is formatted correctly.

Thank you for applying for business owner.

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