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Kōhīkyatto | Shop Application


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Discord Tag:


Time zone:

CST | Central Standard Time

Server Activity:
If the server were up, I would be online for four to five hours throughout the week, four to eight hours on the weekends, and all the time if I were needed on the discord server. Since I never get annoyed at a time of need or conversation, I am often quite easy to ping and contact.

Previous warns/bans:

N/A I have never received a Warning nor Ban


Business Information

Business Name: 


Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.):

My company is a cafe with a focus on cats and a hosting reference from the anime series Ouran Highschool Host club.

Motivation on why you wanted to apply:

Because of my love for cats and the fact that My Family (The Miyori Clan) is founded on cats, I want to apply to be a shopkeeper, and specifically for a cat cafe! I want to add to or expand my roleplaying, and I want to do something that will keep me active on the server when it first launches. I also want to see the idea that I and other people have developed become a reality, especially considering that it's a family business and Looking forward to something that may be useful to me both in roleplay and in real life, since it may provide me some kind of business skills. This will add to the pleasure by combining the models, the Ouran Highschool Host Club Reference, and a store that is primarily about my love of cats and perhaps make new friends within my cafe, as well as observe how the shop does on a server where plenty of people are making fresh starts!

Unique description about your business:

Those who enjoy cats can visit Kōhīkyatto, a cat cafe.Others can hang out if they like cafe shops! A large portion of the cafe's theme would be cats, therefore the menu would feature cat-related foods.
(such as cat ears, hats, etc.) and some of the food products are cat-themed as well as some standard items if others wanted to advertise their own item at the café. This cat cafe will have Cat Maids, Cat Suits, or casual work attire that is entirely up to the employee to wear. The cafe also has a hosting system (like OURAN Highschool  Host Club) that lets Customers for an additional fee and if the employee accepts it, will be able to speak to their favorite server during their stay. (the time limit is only 15 minutes, and the server is free to quit the hosting at any time) If a customer isn't ready for a snack just yet, the cafe will include a little Arcade area/Hangout space so they can always feel at ease in our shop and converse on various topics!

References (Interior & Exterior):

Exterior: The exterior will be a soft type of look, more like a modern Cafe look. (if could) will have outside seating, with flyers for cats to adopt around neighbor hoods, or Application Flyer (The Discord Server) 



Interior: The Interior will have obvious Cat paintings, and usual Soft Aesthetic with some more cat like stuff within the Cafe, It will have comfortable seating with a few seats for groups of people, or a good area for those who are alone and want some alone time to have the comfortable area within themselves, on a good seperated space from the cafe, the cafe will have a Area where Arcade games/Chill out area that will include bing bag chairs, lounge chairs and etc .. mainly to attract those who are teenagers to be around. Also, for this Cafe to become a local Hotspot when it opens.





What is your business selling:
I know some of these cannot be implemented but just Open Ideas!



Cat - Puccino : 5,000k

Miyori Tea : 5,000k

CatBoba : 5,000k

Chocolate Milk : 5,000k

SushiCat : 8,000k

CatSandwiches/Burgers : 10,000k

Cat .. (I forgot what its called) : 8,000k

Noodles : 8,000k



Miyori SilverWine : 17,000

Sake : 15,000k



Cat Barret : 30,000k

Cat Ear & Tail : 20,000k

Cat Backpack : 40,000k

Cat Purse : 40,000k

Cow ears & Tail (not cat related but cute) : 40,000k





How many employees will you be recruiting:

I will be recruiting up to 10 employees! I eventually, might add more to the cafe to give others apart of the community a chance to have a icly job or fill in shifts for others but this will be when the community grows within the server 


Cafe Owner: 1/1

The owner will provide restocks, hire staff, and maintain the business so that consumers may eat there and staff members can work there without doing anything extra.

Cafe Directors: 0/3

The managers of the business, also referred to as cafe directors, will be responsible for restocking, recruiting staff, and first-come duties.


Cafe Cook-Ins: 0/5
The person frantically preparing the food will be the cook ins! Alternatively, in the Minecraft meaning, preparing orders and passing them along to on-floor employees who will casually deliver customers' meals

On-Floor Workers - Hostess Workers (0/6):

These people, often known as servers, will take clients' orders, deliver their meals, and ensure that everyone has a good time while they are there. These are also mixed in with those who are happy to accept extra payment to have give their  company when they are seated with clients!

Seating Workers: 0/5

The employees who steer new customers to empty and clean tables are known as seating workers. For those who work on the floor, this will accelerate progress.


The Emloyees Outfits!

Employees will have the freedom to which Work-Attire they want to wear!

We will not force our employees to wear a maid costume if they don't feel comfortable wearing one.


First Picture : Employees will have a Nice buttoned up shirt, and since pants that give Casual- Professional Work style with their own little apron too keep their pants from getting dirty.


Second Photo: Is a Maid outfit, they will be sized and currently thinking of having a Rainbow Set of Colors for each Employee who choose to wear a maid Outfit. 






Event 1: This will be more when the Cat Whitelist comes out, The shop will open for the people to adopt cats! This will be more of an Outside Event (Since animals won’t be allowed inside) and Customers will be served outside while picking a Cat to call apart of their family 


Event 2: Dress up Day! Customers can come and dress up as their favorite Anime Character/Game Character, etc. Those who come will get a discounted price on their menu and Take pictures with the Maid Employees


Special Event 3: The Miyori Event

This event will happen once in a Blue Moon. This event will include the Cafe Owner, and her Children to Preform for the Customers. The cafe will be designed im a Traditional Japanese way and everyone will be served with free Tea to relax and enjoy the Biwa, Koto, and a Family Personal Flute, with Traditional dancing all over. This Event invites all, and even other Shop Owners. 

Character Information

Full name: Usugumo Miyori

Suffix: Ms, Miss

Pronouns: She/Her

Gender: Female

Age: 35

Extra Information:

Usugumo is a strict, tall lady who values her relationships with her family and her career. Despite having no respect for outsiders, she ensures the safety of anyone in her presence, even if they aren't well known to her. Usugumo is extremely motivated to become a business owner because she just wants the best for her family's well-being and the happiness of her kids. She doesn't want her name or family to be widely known, but mainly just the family who runs the Cat Cafe down the street.. 


Usugumo was born among shrine women in the Miyori clan, which originated in Tashirojima. 
The clan used to clean and reside at the Miyori Daimyojin Shrine, which is a shrine dedicated to the kami Nekokamisama, the god of abundant fishing. 
However, after a cat died there and other cats later used the shrine as shelter, the shrine eventually became known as the cat shrine, where the family would 
care for the cats and worship them for good fortune Usugumo Dedication to depart eventually came true with her two first children as every head remained in 
Tashirojima. She traveled to Karakura with other members of the clan; but, during her initial stay there, she remained alone with her children. She was 
a member of the shrine when she first moved to Karakura, but after seeing the mayhem, devastation, and crime infiltration, she eventually decided to leave with her 
kids so she could learn life lessons on her own. The Miyori Clan eventually entered Karakura City after a protracted absence, maintaining their own traditions while
 also leading an ordinary life with everyone else. Usugumo—Now that she has three kids and has done her fair share, she no longer wants to be a Shrine maiden but 
wasn't sure where to turn. She eventually took her sights to live somewhere else, instead of waisting her life in Karakura she decided to move her family into Seoul,
 She wanted something lowkey.. something that she would enjoy doing .. and what else was it was to become a ShopOwner that resembled for the love of cats? And for 
those who also loved cats or felt comfortable within her store.



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  • Katz changed the title to Kōhīkyatto | Shop Application

I have decided to place your application on pending. Listed below are reasons on why.

  • The application formatting is a little off. One question that was on the format was not answered.
  • Some questions in your application should have more detail.
  • Your application is very clear to read and also neatly placed.
  • The overall idea of your business is very cute and I think it’s a very good idea.
  • Your overall application is wonderful.

I will review this application once more before deciding whether I should accept or deny you. You are free to make any changes during this time period.
Thank you for applying for business owner.

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  • Yemi changed the title to Kōhīkyatto | Shop Application
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  • 11 months later...


Thank you for applying to become a shopkeeper! Though after reviewing your application I've chosen to deny your application for the following reasons:

You are no longer in the main HRP Discord, nor the Government Discord server

You are welcome to re-apply whenever you feel like it!

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