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Kifune Café | Business Owner Application


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OOC Information



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Time zone: 

Server Activity: 
I used to be very active but due to personal reasons, I have been off discord and roleplay servers in general but over time, I slowly reached out to discord servers and Minecraft servers slowly but surely which ended me up to be somewhat more active, just not to the point I'd be on for 6 hours a day. Follow me decrease or increase depending on the day I try to frequently check on the active forms along with the discord even though it might not show that I do, I often try to look and see if there's any type of news or added or will be morally out there for me to read and to get more hooked on within the server. 

Previous warns/bans:N/A

Business Information


Business Name: Kifune Café
Though, this business name may seem odd, it was inspired Kitsunes, mainly the kitsune mask challenge where the waitress wears a mask and serves the customer with the customers being involved by removing their mask as they serve them while playing around with the customers, though the theme of this café may be somewhat clearly different instead of that type of business it was inspired by. There may be future hints for this being an event with the workers and customers one day, though there is a lot to work with for this in the future so it'll be staying as a "cosplay" café

Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.):
Restaurant/Café, it's in between as I am not sure on where to put Japanese type of businesses, mainly cafes out there that also sells meals along with light alcohol, though the branding may say "Café" due to the sort feeling of most maid cafés. Though, over time it may be seen as a cosplay café by how many of my event ideas may come to light in the future, hopefully being a hot spot for players to come to. Though, over time it may become different within different perspectives or ideas I have in mind, but I'll try to keep it in a Restaurant/Café setting. There'll be opportunities where I'll sell the café's future accessories for own uses for simple events like small crowns made out of plastic for certain events, or special limited items you can buy in a season/event that only happens once a while.

Motivation on why you wanted to apply:
My inspiration is to let people have a chance to interact with other people as in workers and customers as ShopRP is easily seen as a business, which it is but it doesn't have the aspect of interacting with other people other than the co-workers. I mainly one players to interact with each other along with having the possibility of coming back and see that ShopRPing in general isn't just for financial meanings and sales is also for different interactions along with bonding with the customers that may come on a repetition. This will also give me the possible point of view of the shopkeeper and how they do their work behind the scenes as I know a standard of what shopkeeper due to having friends who are shopkeepers on different servers in the past, I want to mainly learn how to balance stock along with knowing how much money I need to for the next shipment of possible stock, along with how many times I may have to open and let the stock run out just for that to happen. Though most of my ideas and thoughts on to apply mainly is wanting players to have an active spot to hang around in and feel somewhat safe, rather it be in character or out of character and to keep the server as active as I can while opening a shop out to the public, though my ideas may seem somewhat impossible to open most of the time for players to chill and conversant to, I’ll try my best to do it regardless because for most Minecraft servers, it's hard to find a shop to chill and talk in, mostly getting interactions as the focus on money rather than players being able to get a roleplay experience when said server is mostly on roleplaying, even. My other inspiration is to have events happening often, so people can be active and start to get hooked into it, so much so I'll be willing to work with Event Team for any events, mainly mini ones of small dances, karaoke, fires, or natural disaster types of events. Though, at times I may say my inspiration is to see other players roleplaying instead of paying for what the need or want within the shop and desires of just spending money when there can be so much more opportunities and other interactions people may have with the workers that is off shift to keep the drive of socializing with other players.

Unique description about your business:
Kifune is a lovely place to eat that is tilted as a "Café", there are many events with the customers that include dressing up, acting, along with serving said customers. Kifune will have a beforehand of workers volunteering to be whatever role they prefer depending on the event day/week along with the possible acting into play. It is basically a cosplay-café type of deal except it's more of the worker's job to entertain and serve with special occasion events where the customers also get to play along. Most of the openings of this business will be having most interactive ones with different types of customers, along with the workers to get some sort of friendly atmosphere to give with other people and for themselves, this may open open window for mostly cosplayers or people who like to dress up on occasions and want to do it more often. Though this does not discreet away from people who may be in the lgbtq+ group and want to have an area where they can feel safe to express themselves. Other businesses may change for more broader of customers to come through the doors. We will mainly do surveys to see what we could change on and add on into different agendas that other people would enjoy and would want to anticipate in this is also to have critique criticism of how our workers act, along with how did behaviors may be out of work and to keep in mind and have a tab on them so that they're outside life won't consider to be in their work life and affect the customers in any way. This is mainly because we don't tolerate bullying outside of work even if it is to other people we won't want to have that risk if they do act up and intentionally bully said customers with full intentions to be rude towards them as we believe that everyone should be treated that they are treated currently.

References (Interior & Exterior):
My interior may change a lot for seasons or store events! Though, I am open to any change within the exterior for any type of server wide events that the event team or staff would like to do in general. Interior may change with different seasons as in more cozy and warm for autumn and winter, more ‘cooler’ colors or open windows if there is any for summer, and more flowers or spring like decorations for spring, this also adds in different ideas of traditional holidays, however it won't change that frequently as if it has no set in stone aesthetic for others to get used to.

















What is your business selling:
Cutesy foods, sweets, and drinks, with light liquor such as Whiskey or Beer. The menu is mostly inspired by Akihabara Maid Café in Japan, other than that, the possibilities of cute animal cookies, desserts, meals, and more to add on in the future with bows or small “Kifune Merch” people can buy. This will give people a opportunity to have different diverse items that may be possible if given freely I'll buy it myself and hopefully get a community of people who will come back and buy again, fell at times I will once in a while give out a survey to see what the customers would want in general this may be different types of things of food or occasion events that they want to see that the restaurant or Café to operate. Though they might be a few more liquors in general the alcohol will be very subtle and not enough to get you too drunk within the café as there may be rules against public drinking, probably the fruity drinks people buy but know they shouldn't that would be suited to the design to the café eventually, rather it be a logo of the company, or something that resembles it. There'd be mostly Japanese influenced foods, desserts, along with drinks but later on it'll end up being somewhat into Korean cultures with a few aspects of food and drinks with events or clearly setting the mood within the café.

How many employees will you be recruiting:
I believe around 10 to 12 workers overall, including Co-Owner and Owner. In the future I might have less employees or more employees depending on the player base within the server though I will help fully have a group of people that are willing to work whenever I'm opening or I can work alone during said openings if it is needed and there's enough of me to go around with different customers because time zones are probably could be an issue in the near future, along with availability of other employees in the future. but I have a roster to summarize it like this. ↓


Owner/Shopkeeper: 1/1
The owner's job is to make sure the shop is fully stocked while reviewing applications while also working with managers to make sure all staff are trained somewhat with food, drinks, and serving people.

Co-Owner/Manager: 0/1
The Co-Owner, known as a manager must be over 18.
The Co-owner's job is to make sure that the workers are inclined with training with what they may need to know, along with assisting in hiring other workers to work within the shop. They often help around, they are seen as a manager for most parts.

Waiter/Waitresses: 0/4
Must be at least over 16!
Waiters and Waitresses mainly sit down with the customers at an open table. They are mainly prone to giving interactions with the customers with scenes. They are mainly to act the dere they may choose and must act accordingly and with respect. They also greet the customers in the lobby/front area of the shop.

Bartenders: 0/4
They must be 20 or over to serve alcoholic drinks on their own!
If the Bartender is under 20, they will be supervised by the Shopkeeper/Owner and the Manager during their shifts.
Must be at least over 16 to overall have the job.
Bartenders have a similar position to Waiter and Waitresses but it isn’t all the same, they must work within the bar area, but they are free to walk around and help customers with the Waiters and Waitresses if they may be understaffed or overall need assistance with customers.

Security 0/2(Optional, a big maybe)
Must be at least over 16! Preferably, 18.
Even though they may not be used as much as needed, there will be security during some events to ensure the safety of the workers! This is to decline any accidental or purposeful actions that may harm the workers during their opening hours.


After she got her own degrees in business along with other things like culinary arts she finally got the opportunity to work on herself and possibly the shop she would open in the near future, she clocked in the money she needed for the shop and started to go for it. She wanted her father's idea to come into the light and make him proud of her if he was watching her, although she wants to start a business, she also wants to hire employees and make them feel close as if she were family to them. She wants to make a change within people who can have some sort of family if they don't have one themselves and have opportunity of getting a living off of what they work as, hopefully if I do time her business will start to boom up with popularity as she can pay her workers the paychecks that they deserve and not rip them off of below minimum wage, this is because she got ripped off herself due to how poorly she thought of things and how she naïve she may have been due to her age.

Later on within life, Min found out that she wanted to do some sort of acting yet serving other customers in a cute way as she feels like being bland with a boring attitude can make customers feel somewhat unwary about the waiter/waitress, she found out that people enjoyed her joy-chirpy tone than a person who sounded annoyed with their day. She slowly kept this into mind as she began her graduation within college as she kept this small thing going on which led her to many ideas to entertain the customers and make them come for more, this inspired her to get into fashion, designing cute yet trendy clothing to keep her future ideas original, a way for her to keep going and going with new ideas with the modern intake with it. This was a way for her to seek out opportunities for something more, to see a way to appeal to others while doing the thing she always wanted to do. To make others feel happy, comfortable, along with the content of coming back. 

Yuko Daiju who now goes by Min Yang was born in Ueno, Tokyo. Ueno is mostly known for the homeless population being out at night. Which was a result of her parents living there due to other complications and getting the financial needs they need to restart their business and scratch. Her father was a businessman, but went bankrupt when a coworker stole the money and blamed it on him for the thousands of dollars that was in the business's bank account. It was the cause of her moving to a horrible area, but she slowly adapted to it for the sad part, she always wanted a normal childhood was she slightly got both sides circumstances where she has phobias in certain areas due to the environment she lived in. Her mother always have end up dragging her daughter away from people, as she always attempts to help others which always ends up where she is getting taken advantage of due to her naïve self.  Her father and the other hand was a very helpful man who tries to help others, regardless of their situation and the possibility of being robbed at the end of the day, she got her characteristic from him mainly with the caring part with other people who may not be financially there or not at your level.

Sadly when she got older her father passed away due to the doctor not being able to revive them in time, as they have in the past rejected him getting any medical treatment as they claimed "He was healthy enough" to the point where overtime in the hospital, he died from heart issues that they failed to look at which made Min somewhat upset with the hospital, resenting to go even if she needed to go in a serious situation. When she moved to Seoul, Korea when she had enough money she realized that she has more opportunities to bring up the business her father have had the idea of for many of these years. She was very inspired by Japanese cultured type of cafes of Korean have mainly barbecues along with small coffee shops and thought her shop would possibly be recognized and pop out from the norms. Along with that, she changed her name to her mother's maiden name along with the Korean name so she would fit in so people won't struggle to say her technical birth name. This is mainly to blend in if there's any type of hospital staff that may recognize her as she has a phobia of surgeons and doctors that dealt with her father.


Character Information

Full Name: Min Yang 

Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss): Miss

Given Name(s): Yuko, Min, Ms. Yang

Preferred Name: Min

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Religious Denomination:  Wicca

Marital Status: Unmarried - Single

Nationality: Japanese

Current Location: Seoul, Korea

The short female is often someone who tries to start the conversation to know them more by how they interact, even though she looks and slips odd things at times. Min is someone who tries to be open-minded of how others may feel within the conversation, she is a very outgoing person who is considerate of the other’s feelings and tries her best to not touch on topics that make them uncomfortable. Though, this is the side of the personality she shows as if it was a mask for her persona and others to feel at ease at her and somewhat trust her, though her true colors aren't so far from her persona. Min hides a lot of her personality as she fears the other person will judge her of her colorful personality for the most part.

The female would be standing at 5’2, she has an odd skin color as it gave a warm-ivory feeling to it. Her eyes were dark-green which seemed like contacts when someone would be up-close, her natural eyes would give a hint of redness to her as it seems like there are hints of albinism but it seems unclear with the contacts on. Her hair would be a soft shade of pink which faded to a pastel yellow, it looked healthy yet soft, frizzy yet fluffy and well taken care of it gave a strawberry banana split type of feeling in general, something sweet like cotton candy.. She had a scent that hinted of baked goods with coffee.

Academic Details

Academic Degree: Masters in Culinary arts, Bachelors in Science-Culinary Arts and  Business

Year of Graduation: 2022

Major(s): Culinary arts, Science-Culinary Arts, Business

Minors: Nutrition, Performing arts, Fashion Design, and Tailoring and Fashion Techniques


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MiuLols [EMS] Miyoko Imahori

DominoEffectzz [29] [Teacher] Izuke Takahara

MiuDeath [32] [Citizen] Edith Tsunawaki

MomRP [22] [Shopkeeper] Min Yang

Discord: Satan#4979

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I have decided to place your application on pending. Listed below are reasons on why.

  • You have some grammar mistakes but it's nothing major. 
  • The application formatting is a little wonky. (Questions should be in bold.)
  • Some questions in your application should have more detail.
  • Your application is very neat and clear to read. (Excluding the grammar mistakes and formatting wonkiness)
  • The overall idea of your business brings me excitement and has me hooked.
  • I love that you added a bunch about your character. 
  • Your application makes me happy.

I will review this application once more before deciding whether I should accept or deny you. You are free to make any changes during this time period.
Thank you for applying for business owner.

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I have decided that you a wonderful fit for a business owner and your idea is unique. 

In order for setting up your roles, I will DM you regarding your application. 

Thank you for applying for the business faction. Welcome to the community!

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