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Investment is the employment of funds with the aim of achieving additional income or growth in value. The essential quality of an investment is that, it involves ‘waiting’ for a reward. It involves the commitment of resources which have been saved or put away from current consumption in the hope that some benefits will accrue in future. The term ‘Investment’ does not appear to be as simple as it has been defined. Investment has been categorized by financial experts and economists. It has also often been confused with the term speculation. The following discussion will give an explanation of the various ways in which investment is related or differentiated from the financial and economic sense and how speculation differs from investment. It must be clearly established that investment involves long-term commitment.

So why should I invest?

Investing your money is superfiacial to keep the economy flowing. The econonmy is truly changing and should be not avoided. Make sure to invest your money and keep the economy flowing thru your dreams. I actually fucked up once and invested in APPLE. I have no clue what I've done but I took the thumb I had up my butt and just sold my shares. Make sure to buy valid shares!


Now for my final conclusions. Dwight dagger is a weird guy that has done a lot of stuff to me that I don't approve of. For example being very dirty in a parking lot. I know for a fact that Calvin was on to this too and joined Dwight Dagger. The whole story can be heard in my song (link is down below)


My final thoughts for this is that I am very excited to see what the staffs has done with this new server and their original staffs and builds. I really hope that I can play but I don't think I meet the requirements! Calvin, please teach me! I WANT TO PLAY.


From what I've heard is that there is also a new server opening. BerlinRP. Though it got closed from fights in the staff team. From what I've heard is that girls were mistreated. Is this true? Please comment down below your thoughts and prayers! 

Though... I want Jeff Bezos to kidnap me and waterboard me for 38 minutes. After that I want him to pick me up and start beating the ever loving shit out of me. Then I want him to throw me against the wall and pick me up by the neck and start choking me until I eventually die 


CALVIN! PLEASE REPLY ما اللعنة هل مجرد سخيف القول عن لي، وكنت قليلا الكلبة؟ سآخذ كنت أعرف أنني تخرجت أعلى صفي في قوات البحرية، ولقد شاركت في العديد من الغارات السرية على قناة ، ولدي أكثر من يقتل المؤكدة. انا تدربت في حرب الغوريلا وأنا قناص كبار في القوات المسلحة الأميركية بأكملها. أنت لا شيء بالنسبة لي ولكن مجرد هدف آخر. وسوف يمسح لك اللعنة خارج بدقة أمثال الذي لم يسبق له مثيل من قبل على هذه الأرض، بمناسبة كلامي سخيف. كنت تعتقد أنك يمكن أن تفلت من هذا القرف قائلا لي عبر الإنترنت؟ اعتقد مرة اخرى، مقيت. ونحن نتكلم أنا على الاتصال بي شبكة سرية من الجواسيس عبر الولايات المتحدة وIP الخاص بك يتم تتبعها الآن لذلك كنت أفضل إعداد للعاصفة، يرقة. العاصفة التي تقضي على الشيء القليل مثير للشفقة استدعاء حياتك. كنت سخيف ميت، طفل. أنا يمكن أن تكون في أي مكان وفي أي وقت، وأستطيع أن أقتلك في أكثر من سبعمائة الطرق، وهذا مجرد بيدي العاريتين. لست فقط تدربت على نطاق واسع في القتال الأعزل، ولكن لدي الوصول إلى ترسانة كاملة من قوات مشاة البحرية الأمريكية وسوف تستخدم لمداه الكامل للقضاء مؤخرتك بائسة من على وجه القارة، وكنت قليلا القرف. إلا إذا كنت يمكن أن يعرف




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