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Yuraki' A. Yokuto


Yuraki was born in a foreign country that he moved away from years after his birth. Ariving to a new town where his family setteled in, Yuraki tried to fit in. He struggeled as he was different, but in the end he somehow found a way to make friends and live to past school. After Yuraki made it out of college, he applied for a job but was rejected, to which where he went into a depression ti where he was helped out of by a friend on his. After applying for a new job, he got accepted and Yuraki was so happy. In this life, he moved in with his fiance he had proposed to a few weeks ago, and they got married. Yuraki ended with 2 kids and he lived a normal life until shit turned. When they went off on holidays, A group of terrorits raided his house where he had left his kids and a babysitter at. Yuraki got a call from the Police telling him that all his loved kids were dead and there was nothing they could do. Yuraki was shocked out of his mind, to which he didn't eat or drink for months, and he only survived because his wife force fed his food and water. After being traumatized, Yuraki decided this was it. He travelled home and he got in contact with people on the side of crime. One phone call to the black market to get himself stocked on weapons and other tools, that he stocked in a back pack that was set somewhere hidden. Yuraki tracked down his enemy, the gang who killed his family. He found them from a hidden camera he caught their faces on hidden in his apartment. Yuraki killed them in the most horrible ways to prove who he is. After this he met back with his wife, who seemed happy that those people were gone, Yuraki and Paz set down in a house in the city and still live there to this day.

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