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AssassinRP's Russian App!

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IGN(In Game Name): AssassinRP

What Language are you applying for?: Russian

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters):

Yuraki Ithma was born in Kyoto, Japan. His father was purely Japanese while his mother was American. Yuraki grew up speaking only in Japanese until moving to Karakura at the age of 16. He experienced quite a bit of culture shock due to Karakura’s unique ethnic diversity. Eventually he met a girl his age, Paz Moretti. Paz spoke with an incredibly heavy Russian accent, and was fluent in the language. This intrigued Yuraki to the point where he wanted to begin learning Russian. He went to Paz for help, to which she gladly agreed to teach him. Thus, the two began daily lessons. For about an hour and a half each day, Paz and Yuraki went over lessons on how to read, write, and speak Russian. When they weren’t practicing, Yuraki often studied by going through flashcards and reading books in Russian to further increase his fluency. He had struggled with the pronunciation of certain words, and the unique characters of the Russian alphabet were new to him. However, with enough interpersonal practice and studying, he eventually overcame those challenges. After about two years of learning and practicing, Yuraki was able to effectively communicate with others in Russian.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: He will be able to speak russian!

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