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OOC section:


Discord [ex. Peanut#4270]:

Time zone:
Australian Eastern Standard Time
Queensland, Brisbane

Any previous bans/warns?
Nope and Ima make sure theres none in the future!!

Describe your current level of activity on the server:

Well coming from another server i'm quite an active RPer. I plan to get online daily and put time and effort into this role. I'll be on mainly during the weekends and holidays as I wont have school then. I'll put at least 2-4 hours in a day on weekdays and hopefully around 6 hours on the weekends or holidays. On another server by the name of SchoolRP I focused mainly on Gangrp and i've found it to be quite nerve wracking. On that server SPD would have been called KPD (Karakura Police Department) and i've always wanted to see what its like but now cant due to my gang taking that place. I'm looking forward if i get accepted to having this opportunity as an officer on SeoulRP.

Do you have access to a microphone?
Yes.  HyperX Quadcast S

Do you have any previous experience with police work?
I dont. But i wish to learn to my fullest capabilities. I want to see what its like in this polar opposite line of work. Moving away from gangs and Crime i want to see what it is like to Help people. What it is like to serve and protect the city (As they say) and to see what its really about. I've also had a close look into what they do and again im really eager to learn more about this job/role on SeoulRP

Do you have any experience with CombatRP?
I would consider myself extremely experienced with CombatRP. Coming from a GangRP aspect its been the number 1 thing that i've had to work on and improve on as well as my DetailRP. I think from what i can remember I started proper CombatRP around 2-3 years ago and since then it's only been improvement after improvement and new things learnt since then such as evading attacks, attacking, killing, knocking out, basic combat and major combat all of which from situations happening on SRP

Some examples of my CombatRP can be shown in the photos.
What motivates you to apply for SPD?
As said before i'm looking to try something new for a change. A fresh start on a new server with a role such as SeoulPD. I'm look forward to having the opportunity to hopefully be able to join as a officer. I'm getting quite sick of doing the same things over and over on SRP and just wanted something different. Something that doesnt get repetetive. For example with a gang. You kill someone or cut their arm off or knock them out ect. Whereas in the PD you get to fight against those things, you get to look out for anything you're able to help out with. Basically im looking for something that doesnt limit me to 1 things and allows me to express my creativity in my RP.


IC information:

Character name:
Akuma Miyazaki

Character age:

Japanese, Korean

Preferred pronouns:
He, Him

What motivates your character to join the force?
Coming from a Japanese family he'd always had strict parents. They expected him to do something with his life such as become a doctor or become famous however he wanted to do something a little different. He didnt care about money or fame all he wanted was to protect people. Ever since he was a little boy he tried again and again to help people but due to him being so young he couldnt. Every day at school he'd get bullied cause his dreams were so imaginary and seemed like something so out of his grasp, but no, He seeks out to prove them wrong. All of them. He will show them his dreams finally came true.

Is your character familiar with self-defense?
He may seem nice and easy to others but he knows how to defend himself even in the most dangerous situations. He undergoed basic self-defence training in the academy to train him for this moment. He know how to defend himself while also keeping others out of harms way.

How well does your character work with others?
Quite well, Akuma would seem quite friendly to others and would always introduce himself to any new faces with a bow or a polite head-nod. He was brought up with a familiar phrase 'Treat others how you would like to be treated' and so he does. He's also a really good team player and is good at not only leading a team but also is a great listener. He can follow any instruction despite the difficulty and wont hesitate to get the job done.

Is your character independent or a team player?
My character is able to adjust to his surroundings whether that be for group activities or if he needs to do things on his own. As said before he works really well in groups as he is a very social person however he can also work quite well on his own if need be. An example of this would be sitting at the front desk helping any who come to visit. Despite there maybe being someone there it is quite an independant job. An example of being a Team Player would be if needed to go on Patrol or if any of his peers were going on patrol he'd happily join to ensure it was as safe as possible for the patrolling officers around him. In conclusion Akuma is great at working on his own and in a group despite the conflicts or dramas that happen he'll still work as hard as possible to get his job done.

What makes your character unique?
Something that makes my character Unique would definitely be his attitude toward people. He'd always seem friendly or have a smile on his face despite his cold looks. He'd always welcome people respectfully despite their looks. My character also happens to have a rare case of Albinism affecting his hair, skin and eyes. 

Backstory [100+ words]

Growing up in the world famous city of Tokyo, Akuma Miyazaki seemed to have a pretty easy life, sure he'd been bullied alot in school and he also happened to be quiet child but at least he was respectful. He never hurt anyone back despite being beaten repeatedly and always chose the most peaceful option which was to just accept it. He'd gotten sick of it, day after day of being beaten he just got sick of it. Every day he just kept telling himself. "I'll show you one day, just you wait." over and over in his head. That same day he had those thoughts he told his parents about what was happening in which his father Fukaya Miyazaki disappeared into his office and locked the door. For the rest of the night it was quiet. Although something changed when he went into school that day. There were cops everywhere. At the front gates, at the reception desk, at the classrooms. "This is weird.." He'd think to himself until he saw it. He saw the chalk layouts on the ground of 3 boys in the courtyard. Next to that he saw his father, lifeless on the floor. From there he ran home and made rushed into his fathers office finding the Katana from the wall missing and the window was left wide open. He knew what his father did a good 5 minutes of standing there. "He killed them for me.. Why.. I should have stayed quiet.." He just kept repeating to himself that he shouldn't have said anything. He left the office and walked over to his mother collapsing into her arms as a rush of tears left his eyes. This was something no child should go through, yet it was happening to him. 

10 years then passed and Akuma was now a young adult and a respectable young man. He was now 18 and ready to head away on his journey into life. Before he left he turned to hug Kubota Miyazaki, or better know as his mother. "I love you, i'll be back home i promise. I'll come visit you every few months and i'll message you to make sure im safe." He'd say to her with a smile, As he turned to walk to the door he'd nod to his mother leaving out through the front door of their house. He'd have his suitcase packed and his backpack set with various items such as his phone, laptop and many books for writing and reading. He'd make his way hastily to the airport to catch a flight directly to Seoul Korea to fulfill his childhood dream of changing the world one good deed at a time. As the plane touched down on the landing strip he'd just look at the window to view the dark rainy night. "Creepy..." He'd think to himself. Once the plane stopped in the designated place he'd get off and stretch his legs. He made it, the place that could change his life for the better. Seoul, South Korea.
He just hoped that things would go to plan.. he had his fingers crossed..

Level of education [Associates, Bachelors, Masters, etc.]
He'd have his Associate Degree in Policing Practice and a Masters degree in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science


If charged by an armed delinquent, how should you react? 
Depending on how far away they were i'd pull out my Pistol and aim it at them before pulling the trigger. Despite going straight to lethal they had a weapon out with the intent to harm or kill me. If it was a blunt weapon i suppose a Tase would work but if it was a sharp weapon or a lethal weapon then i'd attempt to shoot their legs or shoot them somewhere that would immobolise them but not kill them.

While you are at the station, another officer sends out a distress signal. What do you do?

Depending on what the Distress was, i'd call in on the radio to confirm the dispatch of officers to locate where the Distress Signal was sent from and to ease any threats that may be in play at that time. If the officer who sent the Distress Signal was hurt/injured i'd immediately pull out a firearm/taser to protect myself and the officer before calling the hospital to request for an emergency departure of said injured officer. If the officer is nowhere to be found I would make a missing persons report and would do everything I can to find any evidence on where the officer would have gone along with having search parties to go around and search for that officer.

You are surrounded by several armed individuals; how do you react?
Due to me being outnumbered and in severe danger i'd hopefully try to send out a distress signal with my location attached calling for help, it i'm unable to do that i'd comply with whoever was threatening me until i have the opportunity to run back to safety. If im unable to run and i'd already sent out the distress signal i'd just wait until backup arrived. Most likely people such as this wouldn't risk doing anything with a large group of cops around. 

You believe a higher up officer is abusing their power, what do you do?

I would spectate from afar if it was just minor rules that they were breaking before reporting them straight to any of my higher ups. If they were abusing their power in a way that harmed or caused conflict to others i would step in and explain that 'That isn't right' and that they should stop. If they dont i'd step back and report them to my higher up. The entire thing can be recorded on my body cam.

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