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Lotus' Business Owner Application :3


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Listen while you read: Lofi Beats

Seoul Business Owner Application



is my main account, though I own three separate minecraft accounts for various roles. The role I am applying for shopkeeper with is my main account. The other alternative accounts are listed below.

BraavosRp (Changing to SunflowerRp after 30 day limit)



Discord Tag:


Time Zone:

My current timezone is Eastern Standard Timezone (EST), though with my flexible schedule, I am able to adjust my sleeping schedule to any comfortability. I will be available on the server whenever I am needed, from the very earn mornings to the late evenings. Generally speaking, I am more of a night owl, staying up in the late/early AMs.

Server Activity:

My activity on the server would be a solid 8-9 out of 10, spending around 40-60 hours per week online. I have a very flexible schedule, easily juggling my online college classes and server activity. I am able to decide when I want to take classes or do homework due to the classes being online, meaning I am able to be active just about any time of day for as long as needed.

Previous warns/bans:

I have no warnings or bans.


Business Information

Business Name:

Aimi Accessories and Plushies

Business Type:

The type of business Aimi will be is accessories and plushies.

Motivation on why you wanted to apply:

I have been a player on roleplay servers since it was just plots on a creative server. On these plots, before you could even begin roleplay, you made your own houses, apartments, entertainment and shops. One of my favorite roleplaying opportunities was being able to work as a cashier or business owner to any shop available. I often made shops themed to the popular store Claires or even later on in life, the store Hot Topic. Even earlier than that, as a little girl, I was always setting up shop themed play sessions with my dolls/figures either by myself or with my friends. Now, in my more current time period of life, I have been a part of several shops in various roleplaying communities. I have worked as cashier, security, event team, building team and now I am working as a co-owner and cashier. Business roleplay, shopkeepers and employee roles have always been an interest of mine. Most roleplayers will go for the more actioned filled experiences like the Police Department, Emergency Services or Gangrp. Though, personally, I enjoy the creativity being a shopkeeper brings. You are open to create just about any theme you can out your mind to and sell it to others, show off your hard work and aspirations. That is why I am here at SeoulRp creating Aimi Accessories and Plushies. I want to create a place where I have already put countless hours of effort into. I believe I would be a good shopkeeper for SeoulRp for the different characteristics I uphold. I am dependable, have experience, I'm sweet and open-minded, organized, dedicated, creative and I simply just enjoy it.

Unique description about your business:

Aimi Accessories and Plushies is first unique to the name. Aimi is the surname of the founders to the store, a shop that sells not only accessories to express the customer's different personalities, but also plush animals to provide comfort and individuality. The theme of Aimi is, simply put, cutsie. From the pink walls to each and every flower pot or leaf used as decoration, the store will bring a comforting vibe, an open, warm feeling. Aimis will provide a unique experience to the customers who attend openings. The moment you walk in, your nose will fell with the sweet scent of cherry blossoms. Your anxieties will melt away as you hug one of the plushies sitting on our display tables, your body feeling relaxed as your ears fill with the soft lofi music playing out the speakers. There will be mirrors where you can try on our different accessories, a place where you can feel comfortable to find your individuality to style your own appearance.

References (Interior & Exterior):

Exterior - When your eyes first lay upon Aimi's Accessories and Plushies exterior, you will be greeted with the soft colors of the pink pillars, framing the white exterior walls. Between each individual pillar, hung decorative leaves that were neatly placed in a diagonal fashion. Between the pillars next to the doors showed off different species of flowers that matched the color and vibe of the walls. The jungle wood giving off a cute accent as it acted as shelving for each and every plant. ˇhe building would be long as well as tall, though it kept a soft, earthy vibe.

Exterior Build

Interior - Upon entering Aimis, what would greet you would be magnificent oak tree that seemed to almost glow, the mossy grass surrounding it decorated with pink and white flowers that seemed to be thriving. To your left, two white couches looked almost cloud-like to the touch, open to customer use, a small coffee table in between. Surrounding the couches were two different walls of plushies along with glasses and hats. Behind the first couch were the first three plushies, these three plushies would be either the top selling or the newest in stock. Moving on to the wall adjacent held fourteen more slots for eight plushies and three glasses as well as three hats surrounded with the same species of flowers and leaves decorating the pillars. Moving on to the right side of the store, more accessories. Starting off in the middle of the floor, two tables neatly decorated with flowers showing off the twelve slots for our variety of earrings, bracelets and rings. Moving to the front wall, three shelfs hung showing off our beautiful hair bows, each a color to match the decor. The wall adjacent held the rest of our accessories which included fourteen slots of our selection of sunglasses, cat ears, backpacks, purses, watches, hair clips and more. As you finish looking at all our merchandise, you will go towards the back where your eyes will hand on our four lines of checkout, each decorated with the same diagonal pattern of leaves found in the front exterior as well as several other plants and flowers. If you are an employee at Aimi's Accessories and Plushies, you will have the privilege of seeing the storage room behind three different sets of doors, where all the merchandise is kept and restocked. 

Interior Build

What is your business selling:

12 Plushies - Sleepy Mushroom, Pink Bat, Zach Opossum, Tulip Plant, Bob the Blob, Froggie Fred, Three Dango, Loong Cat, Archie Axolotl, Chubby Duck, Mr. Milky Moo and Shadow Crow

Aimi's Plushies

5 Earrings - Rubber Duckies, Gummy Bears, DumDums, Dinos and Mushrooms.

Aimi's Earrings

1 Bracelets - Flowers

Aimi's Bracelets

2 Watches - Pink, White

Aimi's Watches

2 Necklaces - Strawberry, Crystal

Aimi's Necklaces

2 Bows - Pink Long, White Medium

Aimi's Bows

3 Hats - Pink Cow Bucket, Kirby Beanie, Cat

Aimi's Hats

3 Purses - Blue Clouds, Heart, Lemon Heart

Aimi's Purses

2 Backpacks - White Bunny, Brown Bear

Aimi's Backpacks

2 Glasses - Round Frame, Black Frame

Aimi's Glasses

1 Sunglasses -  Pink Heart

Aimi's Sunglasses

2 per Season Items - Halloween Ghost Backpack, Halloween Plague Doctor Plushie, Christmas Light Earrings, Christmas Snowman Penguin Plushie, Pride Hair Bow, Pride Bee Plushie, Valentines Heart Earrings, Valentines Heart Snail Plushie

Aimi's Seasonal

35 Total Merchandise (Not including seasonal exclusives)

How many employees will you be recruiting:

1 Owner - There will be one owner of the business who will handle the overall shop. They will do just about every job in an effort to run the shop efficiently.

 1 Co-Owner - There will be one Co-Owner who will act as a helping hand to the owner. They will handle the hiring of staff, restock and spreadsheets, management of employee behavior and work effort, and more.

2 Managers - There will be two managers that are promoted after continuous hard work and dedication. They will handle the training of new employees, openings, and oversee the general behavior of employees and customers. Each manager will also handle any events that may arise during a season or holiday.

 20 Employees - These employees will act as cashiers. During openings, they will stand at their designated register and handle each customer while filling in the correct logs for each item purchased. They will grab the item from the chests in the back and collect payment from the customers, handing it in to the opener of that day.

Total: 24

Shop Backstory:

In a small town in Japan, there lived an tiny, older woman by the name of Misaki Aimi. She sat at a small wooden table, tiny tools in her frail hands as she worked in an almost majestic flow to create a pair of heart earrings. A small girl ran up behind her, her eyes glowing with amazement as she watched her nana create the pair of earrings she had asked for. The grandma moved to grab a small paint brush, dipping it into baby pink paint, stroking the heart. Misaki smiled at the young female as she worked, creating her first of many creations to come.

Misaki Aimi is the founder of Aimi Accessories and Plushies, hand crafting each and every pair of jewelry, sewing each stitch to every plushed animal. It wasn't until child after child, neighbor after neighbor came and gone asking nana to create another beautiful accessory till she decided to open up a small business, giving it her family name. She strived to work hard, dedicated to each and every creation while her granddaughter watched and learned, creating some of her own! The small business boomed, becoming one of the most visited shops in their small town, people coming from all over Japan just to get a handcrafted accessory or plushie of their own. After years of successful business, Misaki Aimi sadly passed away, but not before handing down the business to her granddaughter, Asumi Aimi.

Having her nana's raw talent for creations, Asumi found herself dedicated to the shop, hoping for it to thrive just as well under her ownership now that her nana was gone. Though, she struggled, for Asumi's technique wasn't perfect. After two years of barely being able to keep the shop afloat, Asumi decided to take a new leap and move to Seoul, Korea, a bigger city with more opportunities for success. She kept the same theme and inspiration for the shop, though this time, Asumi had the help of modern technology and employees to create and run the shop.

Character Information:

Full Name: Asuka Aimi

Age: 26

Gender: Transgender Male (FtM)

Pronouns: He/Him

Personality: Asuka is a very open, bubbling and loving young man. He has the energy of a golden retriever, being energetic beyond reason. There will always be a smile found on his face, his movements bubbling and expressive. He will have a kind and understanding heart, one that is filled with to the brim with warmth for his community.

Looks: Asuka has wavy pink hair and soft pink-tinted eyes. He stands at 5'9, weighing roughly 180lbs. His body build is shaped like a pear, his muscles small but defined.

Asuka Aimi

Character Backstory: After inheriting their nana's shop, they still somehow felt empty inside, like they were missing something. At first they thought it was just the absence of their nana, the woman who raised her since her momma died, though that wasn't it. Asumi felt like she wasn't being true to herself, being true to who she is. Asumi realized she wasn't in the right body, she didn't carry the right name, she wasn't who she was born as. Asumi was a man, he was transgender. Shortly after figuring this out, they started their transition, changing his name to Asuka Aimi and making the decision to get on hormones. After saving up money, Asuka had both gender affirmation surgery and top surgery. Asuka finally felt on the outside how he felt on the inside, and his personality blossomed along with the shop he ran.

Extra Information:

Aimi Accessories and Plushies Discord Server

Discord Server Images

Discord Server Link


Thank you for reading!


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I have decided to place your application on pending. Listed below are reasons on why.

  • Your application contains a lot of detail.  Certain questions should contain more detail than others. 
  • Make sure not to use italics for your whole applications. Some parts are with and without it.
  • Your application is lengthy and contains good detail.
  • The formatting is very neat and easy to read.
  • I enjoyed reading your application.

I will review this application once more before deciding whether I should accept or deny you. You are free to make any changes during this time period.
Thank you for applying for business owner.

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  • Yemi changed the title to Lotus' Business Owner Application :3 ||PENDING||
  • 1 month later...

I have decided to deny your application.

  • After reviewing other applications, your applications seem to lack some details in certain areas.
  • After taking some time to read through, your formatting seems to contain a lot of spaces which can make it hard for the reader. 
  • Someone already has a shop that sells the items you are stating to sell

Thank you for applying for the business faction.

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  • Yemi changed the title to Lotus' Business Owner Application :3
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