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RPNAME: Niko Hayashi 




    Niko would come from a prestigious family kid called the Hayashi clan name is craved with deep understanding of nature and bonds which is one of the main reasons why Hayashi – translates to Woods. This term used to describe Japanese wildlife enhanced with living and power of growth and was sooner claimed for name of clan. According to history manuscripts and discovered evidence of archaeologists The Hayashi clan timeline is drawn in onetime ruling dynasty of great Jozai Domain. Originally, traces of Seiwa Genji the former individual of many clans (Takeda… to Ogasawara), were found in Hayashi clan which was high ranking family branch of daimyos served under Edo dynasty ruled by Tokugawa in 19th century. One of notable records of clan ancestors was made by Hayashi Tadataka, who lead clan in Bonshin War showing no merciful moves to their foes – the imperial army. 

        Hayashi branches are mainly found down the Ryukyu islands, Western part of Japan. Back then it was grand Era of the Tokugawa (1600-1867), listed in the Shinsen Shojiroku (pre-recorded selection and record of Hereditary Titles and social status). The most dominant Hayashi clan period was marked by internal peace, political stability, and economic growth. Social order was officially frozen, and mobility between classes (warriors, farmers, artisans, and merchants) was forbidden. On the one hand it had to strengthen the country against foreigners. On the other it knew that providing the economic means for self-defense meant giving up shogunal controls that kept competing lords financially weak. Clan managed to stride in power and outstanding spotlight until their leader Hayashi Tadataka surrender in 1868. Following later Meiji’s period Hayashi Tadataka’s adopted son never continued his father’s will and was entitled as Danshaku (Baron) in the new system. 

    [!]Following time skip of changes[!]


        As decades passed, not many encounters nor traces with Hayashi Clan were found until a Cuban Crime incident. The incident took place in Cuba where professional assassination group was brought down by judgment of legality and Cuban Police Department sentenced for lifetime all survivors that they have found.  While world thought that the organization was completely exterminated in depths of criminal streets 4 survivors were strolling as they ended up in native lands in Seoul To start a new chapter  somewhere in Seoul. Survivors who belonged to once feared and admired Clan of Hayashi

    Niko Hayashi along with his two brothers and one sister  Everett Hayashi  And  Giovanni Hayashi being the brothers who survived and his sister Amora Hayashi would move on the orders of Niko since they no longer had a home in their homeland Cuba after the tragic accident that happen as backlash after the Hayashi Family almost wiped all of Cubas police Department of the face of the earth leaving the ppl of Cuba afraid with how much power they had till they received outside help to take down the family forcing them to move to Seoul niko would be 28 years old as he would lead his crime family into a new start in Seoul in hope of bringing their Cuban family back to power.


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