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Pandoja's EMS Application


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Do you have a microphone? 
Yes i have a mic, and there is no issue getting in a vc or private call



Any Previous ban/warns? 
No, i have never been banned or warned in any form of RP 


How active are you?
I am fairly active on for 8 or more hours at a time, however I am more active in the  noon/ evening time (12:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M CST). Some times if I do not have much to do, I can be on later or even earlier if I have free time.


Why are you interested in joining EMS?
I have always loved roleplay in the form of taking care of people who need help, whether it be  Mental, Emotional or, Physical health related issues.  I personally feel it is important to take care of people in all those aspects and  being EMS would make that an easier task, and a rewarding one! Knowing people can come to you and trust you to take care of their needs, or give them guidance  to take care of them, if not trusting you with their personal  secrets about what ever they are going through is rewarding.  To me, a strangers blind trust in your hand is the greatest reward you can be handed.
I hope to join EMS to be a part of a solution, that can fix major or minor problems in someone's life.


What skills can you bring to EMS?
I bring previous knowledge from a very OLD position in  EMS in the SchoolRolePlay server. I had played an EMS character for 2 years (2018-2020) when the hospital first opened: This includes starting from scratch to being  Lead for Doctors and even for a short time HEAD of the faction for EMS for about 6months before they rehired a old leader  to re take it over, as nobody else wanted it.
I bring the skill, and patience to deal with any type of person on a calm and professional level.
I am able to multitask in different roles if need be, again when i had became head and a higher up,  I had to often take on the role of Surgeon and Psychiatrist when and if, we were short staffed. 
I managed  inventory, paychecks, Pharmacy, and Prescriptions being signed off on.
Inventory checks were done bi-weekly, pharmacy tabs were due at the end of the month as well as the taxes. There was never an issue  while I worked as head, except when I had staff on the EMS team that did not like me for an OOC situation and brought it ICLY to try and get me in trouble, which back fired on them ofc. Other than that  no issues were had while I was just a normal Doctor or if I lead/ managed my team in any way. 


What role are you applying for? [E.g: Surgeon, Psychiatrist, Paramedic, Nurse]

I would be Applying for a Doctor Role

Are you familiar with Detailrp?
Yes, i am familiar with detail rp, I have been RPing since 2017.

EX: /me He would apply his latex-free gloves on his hands and a mask, before wiping down the wounded area of the females lower abdomen with an alcohol wipe. He would then take the tweezers pulling out the glass shards from her wound placing them on a tray as he moved. He would clean the area one last time with a fresh wipe before beginning to suture the wound with dissolvable staples. 

EX: /me He would wrap the patients right arm in a Sphyg and a finger clip on their left hand before turning his head to look at the monitor watching  the patients heartrate and blood pressure, writing down the results with a focused expression on his face as he wrote quickly.

EX: /me He would take his gloved right hand picking up the man's left arm placing his middle and index finger placing them on his wrist  checking for a pulse, then if none moving to his fingers to the opposite side of his neck to check for a pulse there as well.  Before ending he would check the man's eyes for pupil dilation if not any blown pupils.

Do you acknowledge you may be demoted if caught breaking any rules or guidelines?

I do understand I can be demoted for breaking the rules or not following the guidelines.

IC Information:


Character name: Armani De Luca


Age [Or age you wish to be 25+]: 

29 Years old

Current occupation:

Currently a retired  Italian Armed Forces Field Medic, working in a Military Hospital in Vicenza, Italy

Languages Spoken:

(applying):  Italian, Spanish

Why would you like to join EMS?

I would like to extend my knowledge and care for people out beyond my home in Italy, I wish to help those who truly need a guiding hand in far away places.
I only dream to join EMS to help those in need of someone with an understanding of a rough or trauma based background who feel like nobody would understand their struggle with mental or physical health.
I find the desire to be a part of the EMS  to be a part of a solution, in a world full of problems.

What is your characters outlook on team work?

 Coming from a military background Armani knows that you cannot do any job if you do not, trust your team or have any team player type ability.
He knows if you try to do the 'solo' guy act many people can be put in bad positions, if not harmed in some way shape or form by anyone who choses to go ' rouge '. He is very much a hard ass on open communication, due to the results he's seen when there was no communication between other soldiers in his platoon.

What is your characters personality like?

Armani is a relaxed laid back man. He can however take on a very stern father or older brother like role when he knows someone is doing something  that can harm them in more ways than one. His tone always comes off as flirty when he's being genuine which has got him in trouble before so he tends to be a man of short sweet sentences unless he warms up to you.

How does your character work under pressure?

 From being in active battle fields, or working behind enemy lines, its safe to say he has no issue working under pressure no matter how stressful the situation is! 

Background [Minimum 100 words] 

Armani  Orion De Luca  grew up in a middle class family in Trieste, Italy. He was raised by his grandfather and other family members, as his parents died at a young age due to a car accident.  From ages 7 to 18 he was raised by his semi alcoholic grandfather, learning his patterns at a young age growing up with a fear tactic from being hit. He learned when and where to hide and around age 10 learned to defend himself with  a  group of teenagers in his childhood neighborhood who taught him Judo. After turning 18 he signed up for the Italian Armed Forces, and trained to be a medic for high combat warzones. His time in basic training and AIT were stressful  and at times he wanted to quit, but he knew he'd only have an abusive home to go back to, so he pushed through and finished at the top of his  group in AIT, with good candidate add ons from his basic training days. 
After joining the ranks and climbing to General through about 3 deployments and 5 deaths of previous members of his platoon that of course gave him a form of PTSD. However overcoming that with therapy made him hardened to deaths that he sees to day, and to this day he still has a soft spot and says a prayer  for those who have passed no matter their background. He in his heart and mine believe that someone should have even a little bit of love as they pass on to their next life.
He Retired at General after watching someone he seen as a brother  and his fiancé die in accident when a  fuel truck hit a land mine killing them both and their  vehicle from the explosion. He still has nightmares about  that to this day but tries to erase the bad thoughts with the good memories he once had of all 3 of them together. He enjoyed the medical field so much he just chose to work at the hospital on base to keep himself distracted to keep the  dark thoughts he had at bay.
He is still very much grieving and healing as this was only a year ago but is starting to move on  for the better in life.

Criminal record: He has no criminal record, nor does  he  ever plan to have one




By applying for EMS, you pledge to prescribe only beneficial treatments according to your best ability and judgement, to refrain from causing harm or hurt, and to live an exemplary personal and professional life.

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