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Binkysyoru's Adult application!

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IGN: Binkysyorus

RPNAME: Hyuna Dokgo

AGE: 27

CHARACTER BACKSTORY : Hyuna Dokgo was born at 3:45 pm, August 3rd 1995 in Icheon, just outside of Seoul. Growing up she had quite a simple life, her father was an artisan and her mother was a photographer. Though, business slowed down for both of them overtime as Hyuna grew up.  She'd begin searching for work to help her parents at 16, though wasn't very successful at the time.

Saddened, she'd begin to feel like a burden to her parents! Just an extra mouth to feed,  so with a quick decision and poor heart; Hyuna ran away, of course keeping in touch with her parents though. Coincidentally, her friend of hers had moved to Seoul previously! This friend being Miyoka Tsumori; an old transfer student at her school. Miyoka gladly accepted for her dear friend to move in. . then suddenly the two would grow together, they'd begin to become unseperable. Not everything was well forever though. Time skip to a few years later, 2014 to be exact.. it was Hyuna's birthday!

Awoken with a mysterious note left onto her bedside table.  As the note read, it came to realization that Miyoka had slipped away in the night. Being terribly confused, as her friend wouldn't ever leave her out of the blue. . Right? The very first thing was that she went to the police, then their mutual friends, and even her parents once more! Though, no one had seen or heard from Miyoka. Left with no where to be seen, Hyuna hasn't given up. Even til this day, she is still looking for her closest friend.

Hyuna Dokgo is around 5'6, matching a petite stature. Her hair is around mid-length with two bright blue strands going down the front of her torso. Often seen with a camera around her neck, she'd wear very flowy or hippy-esc clothing! With freckles patterned on her cheeks and shoulders, her bold winged-eyeliner stuck out to you as her makeup was on the heavier side.

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