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RewindRP Teacher Science Applcation


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Out-Of-Character Information


What is your username?: RewindRP


Discord: LILripx47#7718

Do you have a microphone?: Yes

How old are you? (Optional): 16


What is your time zone?: EST


Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:  Yes


Describe your activity on the server: 5/10 before it closed


Do you have any previous bans?: N/A


Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server: N/A


What are your current role(s) on the server?:  Grade 12


What experiences do you have in roleplay?: CombatRP, FearRP


In-Character Information

(Pretend your character is filling this out, not you)


Full Name (First & Last only): Baek-Hyeon K. Myung 

Preferred Name: Hyeon


Age (Minimum is 25): 26


Gender: Male


Nationality: Korean


Academic Degree:  Master of Science


Major(s): Science and History


Minor(s):  Math


Languages (Applied for and accepted, and native):  Only 1 Korean


What subject are you applying to teach?: Science


What is your motivation for becoming a teacher?:  My motivation is that my dream has always been becoming a teacher. My mom used to teach at a school in Japan. Ever since I saw how much of a great job it was, I decided to apply.


As a teacher, what are the rules you would enforce  when being in a class?:  Some rules would be, No Gum Chewing, No Gossiping, No swearing of any kind, No inappropriate actions, and ABSOLUTLY no fighting.


Backstory: (Minimum 150 Words):

Baek-Hyeon was born in Jeonju Hanok Village in 2004 into the Kim family. Fast forward to 2007 when he was 3 years old Him, His mother, and his father moved to Guangzhou, China for his fathers work. His father worked for a music production company called Spaceship Entertainment. Fast forward 5 more years, Him and his mother moved back to Jeonju Hanok Village with his mother for his fathers funeral. His father has passed away from Lung Cancer. Baek-Hyeon's father was a very heavy smoker. Fast forward 5 more years, He lives in Seoul, South Korea by himself since his mother has passed a year before he moved. His mother has passed away from an alcohol addiction. He has had a very very rough life as a child. When he was 14 he was put in charge of the whole Myung family. Now he living a very successful life with almost all of his siblings.

Role Play Scenarios:


What would you do, if a group of students aren't behaving within the school grounds?

I would walk up to the group of students. I would next ask them why they are doing what they are doing. If one of them start to be disrespectful I would give them a detention.

What would you do, if a student isn't being respectful or forceful to another?

If I see a student isnt being repectful I would quickly run up to the student pull them by their arm to a corner or an office and ask them why in the world they are saying what they are saying. if they respond with "Because I can" they will get a warning and maybe a detention.

What would you do, if another School Employee is doing something that's hazardous?

I would quickly contact an SLT and try to talk the co-worker out of what they are doing.

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