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[SUGGESTION] Elections.


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I'd like to start off by saying that this is "Elections" thingy is for ALL government positions that can hold elections. Such as the Mayor position of course. (Yes Seoul does have a mayor) I think it would be a cool interesting event for an election to take place. On top of this, I think that the mayor should actually be able to change laws in Seoul ICLY. The way this would work is there would be a poll online where people can vote for yes or no for a law. Example: "Make it legal to drink at the age of 11!!!!". It would be interesting if these things could take place.

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On 1/31/2022 at 7:09 PM, DaniNoSombrero said:

I think the Idea is great! But please don’t make it a Role which only staff can get. You should let the People vote every icly 2 Years, so it gives a bit of Realism

Yeah, I agree 100% with this as it would also make it fair for everyone to have a chance

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