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BoringBread's Adult Application

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IGN: BoringBread

RPNAME: Shin Soo-Beyung

AGE: 27


Shin Soo-Beyung is a flamboyant and extraverted man who loves to be in the spotlight. He's loud and excitable and is always seen with a large smile on his face. He uses an absurd amount of 80's American slang. Although not the brightest bulb in the bunch, he knows what he wants and will do anything to obtain it. The stature of this man was tall, lanky even. Being born with brown eyes, shielded with bright green costume contacts that seem to make his iris' glow in the dark with his noticeably dyed, bright red mullet; along with the sides shaved short. It's curled, soft, and well taken care of. The smell of of  "Poison Girl" Dior perfume lingers around  the young-looking indiviual.
He was born in Seoul and lived a happy life with his parents and his twin brother, Jibun Soo-Beyung . When he and his brother turned the great 18, they moved to the USA. Wanting even a taste of something new. Yearning to experience what it was like in other countries.
During this time, they became obsessed with the American 80's culture. Since the 80's in Korea was a sad and unfortunate time, the two adorned, even loved it! Both of the Soo-Beyung twins were fascinated with the American "golden era". They applauded the fashion, the shows, the cartoons, the history. Everything about the 80's in the USA they were obsessed with. Even began to mimic the style of the time; From their hair to their clothes, the boys looked like they walked out of a time machine. Deciding at 27 to move back to Seoul to go back to where they were familiar with whilst still carrying their passion for the retro. Wanting to share their love for the 'radical' history of the USA with everyone they meet.

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