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GORDAN RAMSEY BURGER! (Shop Application)


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Seoul Business Owner Application




Discord Tag:

imp#0006 (subject vary to change)

Time zone:


Server Activity:

N/A not released ..

Previous warns/bans:

I was blocked by dexy for calling his dog ugly (which it is). Other than that, No.

Business Information

Business Name: Gordon Ramsey Burger/Ji-su 버거  (ACTUALLY IN KOREA NOT TROLLING https://www.google.com/maps/place/Gordon+Ramsay+Burger/@37.4603105,126.5889658,9z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x357ca5ff1980bfbb:0x7df1706aa7de0c52!8m2!3d37.5130715!4d127.1016056 )

Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.):

Restaurant - Fine Dining

Motivation on why you wanted to apply:

Make expensive food and ruin the economy. But in all honesties I wanted to run another shop that will influence more Michelin restaurants in order to help lead and create more fine dining exclusive to the player base. Could also add some traditional plates inside for example the Bonchon Menu.

Unique description about your business:


A restaurant made from the one and only


(Gordan Ramsey)

a significant man who made one of the infamous restaurants, Hells Kitchen, which was also a TV show in which he yelled at people and called them an “idiot sandwich”. I will greatly be honored to roleplay as a business owner who owns several multiple multi millionaire restaurants where people are able to enjoy, anticipate, as well as be surprised by multiple flavors that come within one singular dish alone. No one expects a white man owned business to be in Korea, personally I didn’t expect it either but seeing ratings as well as videos of it, it seemed very fancy as well as exquisite to the ideal modern taste to society. It leads to the customers wanting more and leading them to try different ingredients as well as a new fancy taste. A american-asian fusion that involves burgers and shakes.


Casual Business attire is needed in order to dine in, receiving money or not isn’t a big issue as it does require a reservation ahead of time (limited to only 7-10 parties/seats). If they wanted to dine in without a reservation it will include a small fee. It might be a big blow out or it might be a big fail. However this place is being built and seen, it is surely to bring in new customers who do love a cute date alone or with a friend. If wanted we will set a stuffed animal either beside or in front of an individual customer who happens to dine in. Leaves a bit less tension as stress and peer pressure does come into play when it comes to these types of places. Dim-lit dining with blue fluorescent lights.


BURGERS AND SHAKES! This place is just a burger place but to save the richness rather than just burgers it will contain truffle.  As it is ONLY seasonal as well as only quantities are harvested per year. Having careful delicacy in combination with a flavorful savory burger leads to a complete full meal. 


A sweepstake for high paying services which requires several background checks and experiences. Having engagement with customers as well as a warm smile and hospitality. Our customers are always first and we will make sure of it.

References (Interior & Exterior):

exterior, reception/front desk, inside ( expect inside to be on the roof- technically outside/behind the building )





What is your business selling:

Burgers, Shakes, FRIES!image.thumb.png.442d3e72f3e74bfa0245dbe03ec1b63d.png

How many employees will you be recruiting:

7 maximum (1 Host, 2 Foodrunners, 2 Waitresses, 2 Cooks) Anything more will be put into the management area.


Ji-su was a bright honorary student amongst her 2 other siblings. She’s the oldest out of all of them and excelled in education as well as athletics. A prodigy her parents believed in her and invested towards her and her sibling’s futures. Her other 2 siblings became a doctor and engineers, and it was left for Ji-Su to become a business owner. A skyrocketing plan Ji-su has planned since she was little. At first her parents set her up for government but her enjoy and love for food changed their mind. She earned a full scholarship to Sungkyunk University for tennis which allowed her an easy way into college. Ji-su was able to finish her courses on time which led to her graduation. First generation in her family and she made her parents proud. Ji-su had problems with her relationships, but one of her exes, Tae, was able to spoil her and give her a path she still focuses on today. Ji-su does have some mental problems from all her stress from studying for school, so she’s usually kept up hiding inside her room for a couple of days before going out.

Character Information:



Extra information:

Co-Owned a business on a different server called The Fridge V2/Kurasu. 

There will be a handout as well as documents related to the restaurant. Most items will come from the Gordan Ramsey Burger Menu

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I have decided to place your application on pending. Listed below are reasons on why.

  • Certain questions should contain more detail than others. 
  • Spoiler the images so your application looks clean.
  • Your application should have more length to it.

  • The formatting is very neat and easy to read. (Not including the photos.)
  • I like your business idea it brings be excitement.
  • Great menu/food idea.

I will review this application once more before deciding whether I should accept or deny you. You are free to make any changes during this time period.
Thank you for applying for business owner.

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