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Seráphiná EMS Application

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Do you have a microphone?

Yes I do and I have no issues with getting into a vc or a private call



Any Previous ban/warns?

Yes, I was banned because I was friends with someone. I have a ss as proof if needed. It was back in 2016

How active are you?

I am pretty active for about 7+ hours at any day, mostly I'm active around noon and any time after that (12:00pm - 12:00am) 

Why are you interested in joining EMS?

I have always loved taking care of people who need help, with any form of health related issues in Roleplay. Having people know that they can come to you for help and to know they can rely on you to take care of them, to be their guide and trust you to help them with their needs is a bigger reward than anything. I believe that it is so important to be able to take care of people in every aspect of their health, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional, and so very rewarding! For me, knowing that when someone comes to you, they are placing their trust in you is one of the best things that you can get. I want to join EMS to help be apart of something bigger and something that can truly help many people in their lives.

What skills can you bring to EMS?

I have the patience to be able to handle any type of person or people in a calm and professional manner.

What role are you applying for? [E.g: Surgeon, Psychiatrist, Paramedic, Nurse]

I would like to apply for a Psychiatrist Role

Are you familiar with Detailrp?

Yes I am familiar with it-I've been RPing since 2016

Example: /me She would place her latex-free gloves on her hands and a mask securely, before gently grabbing his arm to inspect the wound. As she is inspecting it, she would reach over and grab an alcohol wipe, cleaning the area around the wound on the young man's lower arm. After a thorough cleaning of the injury she would apply a small amount of antiseptic cream to the wound. She would then grab a self-adhesive gauze pad and carefully place it on the wound, securing it on his arm. 


Do you acknowledge you may be demoted if caught breaking any rules or guidelines?

I understand that I can be demoted for breaking the rules or not following guidelines.

IC Information:


Character name: 

Seráphiná Jóhannsson

Age [Or age you wish to be 25+]: 


Current occupation:

Psychiatrist/Doctor in a children's hospital in Iceland

Languages Spoken:

(Applyling): Icelandic, Spanish, Korean

Why would you like to join EMS?

I would like to be able to offer my services and help those outside of my home in Iceland. I want to be able to reach out and help people in need of someone who can help them with their mental health and getting them the right care they deserve. I wish to be able to be apart of the EMS to provide the best help and care to everyone who needs it.

What is your characters outlook on team work?

She is used to working with many other doctors and nurses on providing the best care possible for the children she has treated and helped. She had a great team that she lead and worked with on a daily basis and she personally loves the opportunity to learn from those around her and whatever they can provide.

What is your characters personality like?

Seráphiná is a very calm, friendly person. She takes on a very concerned motherly role when she sees someone who is in distress and needs help. Her demeanor most often comes off as clumsy and airheaded, which doesn't instill much confidence at first glance, but once she knows she's needed, she becomes focused and aware of everything around her.

How does your character work under pressure?

From having to deal with the many parents of sick patients she's had, and having to keep her team together she is well adjusted to working under pressure situations. No matter how stressful it becomes.

Background [Minimum 100 words]

Seráphiná grew up in Alftanes, Iceland in a middle class family. She was raised by bother her parents and had a relatively simple life. She never really knew anyone else from her family due to family drama that happened before she was born. Her father comes from a fairly high class family, with very strict parents and her mother comes from a middle class family who wasn't present in her life. Her father was raised to take over and run the hospital that his parents had built. He met her mother at the very hospital he was meant to take over, she was a temp nurse called in to help the influx as many other nurses were let go. His parents didn't approve of the relationship between the two and proceeded to do everything to keep them apart. In the end they ran away together when she found out she was pregnant with Será, and so they left and disappeared. Around the age of 10, Será's grandparents on her father's side managed to find them and began a family dispute over how she should be raised. She was forced to go into a private school that her grandparents had chosen and began to study all the topics they picked for her. At the age of 17 she graduated early from school and went immediately into studying being a doctor. Throughout her time studying and training to become a doctor, she took an interest in Psychology. 

After graduating and finishing she began her work at her grandparents hospital, though she only worked there for a few years, she built up a renown reputation for her work in the field. She never felt that she was doing her best work though, and when she had to treat a young patient for the first time, not just as their doctor but also with their mental health as a Psychiatrist, she felt that she finally knew what she should be doing. She left her grandparents hospital and moved to work in a children's hospital farther away. After struggling to keep her grandparents pleased and follow their will, she was finally free to pursue her own dreams, and live her life the way she felt was right for her.

Criminal record:

She has no criminal background, and has no interest in getting one.



By applying for EMS, you pledge to prescribe only beneficial treatments according to your best ability and judgement, to refrain from causing harm or hurt, and to live an exemplary personal and professional life.

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