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FireHawk's Police Application


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OOC Information



Discord [ex. Peanut#4270]:  

Time zone:   

Any previous bans/warns?:
No, I Haven't gotten any bans or warnings. Only one warning in the times during the beta version of SeoulRP appearing on the stage of higher activity.

Describe your current level of activity on the server:  
In my free time I take my time and play up to 5 hours a day, my time could still be reduced because of my current apprenticeship, but on days off I play up to 8 hours to keep up my activity online.

Do you have access to a microphone?:
No, I don't have access to a microphone, but I can still make myself understood by writing sentences and hopefully it won't be a problem like before in the beta version of SeoulRP.

Do you have any previous experience with police work?:
Yes, I used to be near the beginning of the previous SeoulRP as a cadet from the Military Police of SoulPD when it still had It's name, for a long time I brought activity but also a strike because I wrapped myself in a situation that shouldn't have ended wrong. Occasionally mostly attended trainings where I was coached by the upper echelons or participated in patrols around the town. There were times when I had to wrap myself up for a situation where reinforcements were needed, but whenever I saw something new I learned something new. I had my own spot up front at the desk infront of a waiting room to take reports over the phone or the radio when an officer found out a case but also to help civilians.

Do you have any experience with CombatRP?:
I have made past experiences through a year over Gang roleplay and Crime roleplay in general from multiple roleplay servers, I once used to be in a gang called "Tenjiku" on SeoulRP itself. On the other hand I took part in events or even meetings putting myself into dangerous situations depending on how these ended badly or on the good sides in free hands and mostly whenever some kind of activity happened which I haven't experienced before. I always learnt something new to move forward by my knowledge.

What motivates you to apply for SPD?:
I want to be part of the SPD again, to have fun as part of the police force just like in real life, simple said, like in the older tides when I used to play a cadet. at least if all the possibilities make it feasible and I clearly want to restore this together with other players.

IC information:

Character name:  


Character age:  


Preferred pronouns:  

What motivates your character to join the force?:

Katia always wanted to experience something exciting that would be fun for her and where she could always learn something new that she had never experienced before, from a young age she always got help from the police and the motivation increased, she dreamed of one to become a real police officer. Her parents rushed her to her old age with school education and she tried her best to reach her goal with success. But she herself wanted to be a police officer in a certain country, so she still had a barrier to cross. By supporting the police force within her right age she would hold her words to care about safety and secure.

Is your character familiar with self-defense?:
Katia took part in a martial arts school in her younger days and learned a lot about certain martial arts in self-defense and general tricks in combat. Even as a trained she did not do badly in competitions or in her training. She then became gifted for fighting, be it with or without a weapon and to this day Katia knows how to do it the hard way or the soft way with her known experiences. In her later training as a state police officer on russian enviroments, she became familiar with a firearm after more time on the job.

How well does your character work with others?:
During Katia's training she had to work a lot with other colleagues to reach one or more common goals, learned that team spirit is important and alone it is harder to provide support for safety and much more.

Is your character independent or a team player?:
Katia is more of a team player, she knows that being together is better than being alone, She gladly accepts help and helps where she is needed. Through the pronunciation she has learned, she not only partially understands her foreign language, but also her extraneous language, which she adopted as a second language in Russia to communicate with any other individual by different languages. 

What makes your character unique?:
Katia specialized herself in criteria such as dealing with certain situations where thinking and knowing is required, solving answers to questions and taking them willingly. What she doesn't know, she cleverly thinks about one or more solutions and mostly gets through without help. Whether physically or spiritually, she finds the right solutions in both ways or using multiple ways. Being clever minded and logically is her high point of view over her knowledge.

Backstory [100+ words]:
Katia was originally born in Russia on a ride in an ambulance to a city hospital hours early on a country road because the only fastest route on a freeway was blocked with traffic and there would have been a delay, but that wasn't much easier either, country or freeway . Born a healthy girl but far too soon her parents were completely frozen by the glamor of their child's splendor, a new birth. It was already in kindergarten when she made herself understood with simple Russian words, friends sometimes argued because of "boredom", something senseless but funny. She liked the art of drawing with pencils and was therefore gifted at light shaded drawings because she practiced drawing and sketching anything whatsoever. After the kindergarten time was over and she was enrolled in an elementary school for the first time, she started to get interested in the life of the police, because she went to school near a police station directly opposite her elementary school. She always watched at an old school gate how policemen usually stood around outside with cups of coffee and sometimes even waved to Katia. She began to watch police series on a TV herself to see how the work works and she herself began to play police with "friends" but in a forest.. A forest. It was also about time that Katia got older and time passed like a piece of plank on the North Atlantic, she turned 13 and was educated in a middle school, she put her hands on everything possible or even put her hands on it to move past further classes and years, with the stress and hatred of classmates and foreign students, it was so difficult for her that she simply kept a cool head and probably used her mind crystal clear by simply taking the teacher's help to counteract the bullying and kicking teasing because this was wrong. Enjoying being good and going through her years through school, her parents then enrolled her in college and Katia was happy to see her show her best credentials to a director in person at college.. and other paperwork. But it wasn't a normal college. Her parents had supported her with everything that was possible at school, Katia didn't tarnish and came into a police study course in certain fields of study, it went over years and she herself, with logic, thinking and knowing how power survives it, she mastered it herself highest proportion of training. Just by simply thinking and being aware of it. Well.. She was ready and came to her future state police school, already drives her car and had gotten a new home through this state police school. but their true goal was not yet reached, Korea. During her middle school years she could choose which languages she was allowed to learn, but she investigated how the Korean police were structured, looks, classic equipment, something you see sometimes when they work and part of her family has lived in Korea before, they said it wasn't bad, but for them words were just words and not an experience, more years passed and she made it through her last training steps, out of russia. Seoul, Korea. The city where crime was high and support was highly demanded to ensure safety and security. Because dangerous organizations accumulated and through the seasons the criminal activities changed enormously. Katia was ready and already familiar with the real work. She had arrived in her future, the Seoul Police Department of all people.

Level of education [Associates, Bachelors, Masters, etc.]:
Bachelor's Degree in Public Safety, Master's Degree in Criminal Justice.


If charged by an armed delinquent, how should you react?:

I would have had no choice other than to equip the taser straight away aiming it straight towards the person to use it when things get critical when the armed individual approaches. But because the person can be a danger to anyone, I would have to use the taser on them after giving a warning to drop the weapon first.

While you are at the station, another officer sends out a distress signal. What do you do?
It would depend on the emergency call, if an officer is injured or if there's something else serious. In this case, I would immediately call for backup and be prepared with another police officer to go to the event or to search for the emergency call's place.

You are surrounded by several armed individuals; how do you react?:
At this point there would be many options for not getting too physical, possibly serious or some minor damage. There probably wouldn't be much time to think about this situation and action would need to be taken quickly as it could get risky, be it a lot or a few people who would sing around me. I would at least try to get out of the crowd unharmed and try to take out a gun/taser as quickly as possible for self-defense or to at least catch anyone being involved in the riot by using the item taken out against them, immediately sending reinforcements over the radio. If this hadn't been possible and I wouldn't have had a chance to escape from the circle, I would tempt to call for reinforcements myself in the fight because one person might not be able to do much against several at the same time.

You believe a higher up officer is abusing their power, what do you do?
This is a case where something inappropriate happens and I would rather not get involved myself but rather keep a level head and seek help from other senior police ranks to take a report to the superintendent if possible.

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