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OOC Information:




Do you have a microphone?
Yes I do

AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Any Previous ban/warns?

No. And i dont plan on getting any in the future

How active are you?
Due to the server not being up yet, I am not active right now. But when the server is up I plan on getting online for at least 4-6 hours a day. Or whenever im free.

Why are you interested in joining EMS?
OOCLY I have been studying nursing through an Australian schooling system called TAFE. I find it very interesting and have always had a passion for it. I hope one day to have a job as a paramedic as I love helping people to the point where I put others before myself as I care about others well-being. I’ve also never had to opportunity to RP as a EMS Character and would love to experience it for the first time and put my knowledge to the test!

What skills can you bring to EMS?
Some skills I can bring to the EMS team on SeoulRP would be having a positive and happy mindset, I hate it when people are upset and try to do everything i can to cheer them up!! I also (as explained before) have IRL experience due to me learning this at my TAFE College. As said above, I'm studying nursing. I would also say I have a very mature mindset and dont argue about petty things or do things that would be considered ‘Ridiculous’ or ‘Silly’. Finally i’d like to say i’ve been playing on SchoolRP for close to 3 years. In that time I've learnt every aspect of RP and figured out how to master my ability to DetailRP.

What role are you applying for? [E.g: Surgeon, Psychiatrist, Paramedic, Nurse]

Are you familiar with Detailrp?
I've been teaching myself and have been taught overtime for a while now and would say im an above average DetailRper

Do you acknowledge you may be demoted if caught breaking any rules or guidelines?
Yes I am well aware!

IC Information:

Character name:
Yun Ki-Hyun

Age [Or age you wish to be 25+]: 

Current occupation:
Currently a student at Yonsei University learning about Anatomy and Physiology of the human body and Clinical Practice

Languages Spoken:


Why would you like to join EMS?

Since I was old enough to look after myself i’ve looked after my sister at the same time. I found out when we were only 14 years old that she was sick but I wasnt told what with. I looked after her for so long and just wanted her to be okay but I didnt know what to do. Every birthday she seemed to lose just a little bit more shine to her eyes.. A little bit more happiness in her smile as if she was slowly draining, until one day, right before her 18th birthday, she wouldnt wake up anymore. I was staring at her lifeless body in terror. I was broken.. I dont want anyone to have to go through that. I want to help those who cant help themselves in times of need. I want to help people like me. I want to help people because i couldn’t help the one person who was closest to me in the past. Thats why i want to join this team.

What is your characters outlook on team work?
Due to me having ADHD I find it very hard to concentrate in large groups but if need be I can pull my head together and finish the task at hand! I’ll do anything to ensure that my patient is rightfully looked after with a proper and respectful manner. If needed in any circumstance I can adjust to the situation and work my hardest.

What is your characters personality like?
Yun Ki-Hyun is a responsible young woman. Even in the most stressful of situations, she keeps her head held high and pushes through it, coming out even stronger after. Yun will stop at nothing to help those she cares for or those who are in need. She is a very supportive person, having gone through a devastating event in her life. Not wanting others to feel alone as she did at the time. Despite the girl having ADHD, she was able to concentrate on whatever she put her mind to.

How does your character work under pressure?
I’d stay calm and collected, adjusting to my surroundings and any situation happening at the time. I’ve always been extremely focused on the task at hand with minimal sidetrack. If anything stressful was to happen i’d concentrate on the most important aspect of the job which is to help those in pain and/or to save those who are at risk or injured. Under any circumstance I can concentrate on the task at hand. No matter what.

Background [Minimum 100 words]

Yun Ki-Hyun was born in Seoul, South Korea. She was born 10 minutes before her twin sister, Hae Ki-Hyun. The two were born healthy and were taken home after the parents stayed the night at the hospital. Mae Ki-Hyun, their mother, stayed at home with the children, being their primary caretaker. Their father, Yeo Ki-Hyun, on the other hand, worked long hours. However, this did not stop him from being the best father he could be when he was home. Despite being exhausted after the long work days, he spent at least an hour helping his wife with the house and spending time with the whole family.


These little things built the family bond and made the family close. The girls learned how to speak when they were around a year old and only got closer after. The twins were inseparable, becoming the best of friends. When they were of age to go to school, they were a duo and did everything together, from playing together, to making the same friend groups. Yun was the more outgoing sister, but that didn’t stop Hae from interacting with anyone. 


As they grew older, it was apparent that something was up with Yun. She had a hard time focusing on school, much rather wanting to play or do anything else. It was when the girl was 9 when her mother sent her to get tested. The results showed the girl had ADHD. Mae was relieved it wasn’t something worse, and looked up ways to help her. She learned ways to make learning fun and make some games to help her focus. 


Using the tricks her mother taught her, the girl decided she wanted to learn more languages. Having a friend who traveled back and forth from Japan, she decided she wanted to learn Japanese first. First, she made flashcards to learn the basics, then made a game out of it. At first, it was difficult and she often found herself doing something else halfway through studying, but when she finally set her mind to it, she was able to study for hours. Yun was extremely proud of herself, and showed it off to her family and friends. 


She continued this tactic, learning Russian and French the same way. She had learned 3 languages almost fluently by the time she was 14, only having took 5 years. However, it was around this time she learned her sister was sick. She didn’t exactly know what it was, nobody had told her. This was around the time the girl’s mother started to work long hours, and her father took on more jobs. The family only got more separated as Yun had to take care of her sister. Yun just wanted her sister to get better, but every day, she only seemed to get worse. This continued for years, and on every birthday, Hae only lost herself more. The shine in her eyes seemed to fade in each family photo. And the day before the twin’s 18th birthday, Hae didn’t seem to wake up. Yun would try to wake her sister, but her sister had no more life in her. Terror filled the girl as she called her parents, but it was too late. 


Yun had to continue her life without her sister, her birthday now being overshadowed by another anniversary: the loss of her sister. From that day on, she didn’t want anyone else to have to go through any struggles on their own. She grieved for a long time, but didn’t let that stop her from helping her friends and family. Eventually, her smile returned and she had come to terms with the loss of her sister. But she still had her days where she broke down and mourned all over again. She decided to help those who cannot help themselves, and help those who were like her. 


Despite the hardships, she still managed to go to university for Pre-Med, where she went for 6 years. At the age of 24, she decided on what she wanted to do and went to Paramedic school. There, she set her mind on her goal of graduating at the top of her class. For the 12-month class, she struggled during the first couple, but when she got into the right mindset, she pushed on through, graduating in the top 10 of her class. 


After she graduated, she applied to many different positions and worked at a few other hospitals, getting more experience when she was accepted for the position. However, after a bit over a year of working in a hospital in Busan, she wanted to work somewhere closer to home and her family, now applying to work in the Seoul hospital as a Paramedic.

Criminal record:


By applying for EMS, you pledge to prescribe only beneficial treatments according to your best ability and judgement, to refrain from causing harm or hurt, and to live an exemplary personal and professional life.

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