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Roy's BMD App


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IGN (In Game Name):  ImRoyyy

Discord Tag: 

Have You received any warns/bans in the SeoulRP Server/Discord, if so, list them:  None

Describe your experience with roleplay: I've played roleplay servers for a long time now and have really only stuck to GangRP, I've never really gotten complaints from those around me such as fellow gang members nor even rivals, I have had a few punishments in situations but nothing very severe until I quit the previous server I played most of my punishments were warns for minor offenses, overall I have been told I am a solid GangRPer and have had a rather pleasant experience with it and those around it.

What is Escalation in your own words: Escalation to me is purposefully antagonizing the situation in order to initiate a fight and/or conflict an example of escalating a situation would be to constantly insult someone and taunt them where as to deescalate a situation is to let them have the last word be the bigger man or woman and walk away.

Do you have a microphone?: Yes on my phone

List your past BMD applications: First BMD Application on SeoulRP 

What is your reason for applying?: Well I recently left the server I previously played due to the downgrade of GangRP and saw this as an opportunity to try to involve myself on another server I think would be very interesting and hopefully get involved in crime more then I would as an average citizen I've had experience in crimerp before so this is nothing new and recently I've began more solo stuff so I think being a dealer and not part of a specific gang is a good route to go

Do you acknowledge that you are not allowed to abuse the fact you get weapons for cheaper prices?: Yes. With the Weapon prices being what they are I do not see why you would in the first place really.

Do you acknowledge that if you are arrested or killed you're role as a Dealer will be removed?:  Yes

What is your knowledge on Black Market: The Black Market is an underground organization consisting of an unknown number of armed criminals looking to sell their product to customers as well as dabble in other businesses such as Gambling, Assassinations and more. Overall they are an organization that involves themselves in all kinds of crime and business alike in order to maximize their profits.


IC Section

What makes your character Unique?: Quite honestly nothing,  Ramón is an average looking Cuban man standing at 6'3 with a rather average build, he is the kind you would never give a second glance who can blend in a crowd with ease and behave as if he hasn't a care in the world, He's been in multiple police interrogations in the city he lived in previously due to the business him and his brother were involved in, he's always kept his calm and even apathetic demeanor in most if not all situations but has lost his temper in the past, resulting in a mistake he had to once fix with his brother when they kidnapped a rival gang member and were on the run throughout the city,  Ramón managed to survive and bargain with the attackers for his and his brother Sefu's life ultimately trading their hostage for their lives in return,  Ramón continued with his business afterwards ensuring there was minimal future conflict. Ramón would continue with his Robberies in the lawless areas of the city in order to make a living. He simply saw it as what he needed to do in order to survive and prosper in the end. Ramón has little to no regard for the well being or ultimate fate of others as long as it either directly or indirectly benefits him. Making him an extremely useful tool of self preservation.

What is your characters reasoning for becoming a Dealer?:   Ramón fled the city he once lived in to escape the corrupt police force and Gangs pursuing him, arriving here he would settle in the city before immediately attempting to find some sort of contacts to get into work, eventually finding out the Black Market had a presence here as well, he decided to pursue a Job as a Dealer keeping his rather criminalized history in mind he saw this as possibly the best opportunity for him, So he went for it.

Backstory [Minimum 100 Words]
 Ramón Santo was born in Chicago being a Cuban male,  his Mother and Father lived paycheck to paycheck barely scraping by to provide for him and his older brother Sefu, when  Ramón was only 13 years old they moved out of Chicago into another city, Detroit, MI. as an adolescent  Ramón was a rather quiet kid, observing the older gang members that roamed the streets unaware of the real endeavors they took part in at such a young age he had idolized them, that being one of his biggest mistakes. He'd grow up to reach 18 years old, one day he ran into one of the local gang members he had seen roaming the streets, to which the gang member attempted to rob him. as  Ramón was forced to give up whatever cash he had in his pockets, That was his first glimpse into the life of crime and how he felt taken advantage of and hated it, anger and hate would build up inside  Ramón leading him to act on his violent tendencies and go through with his greedy desires and get involved in a local gang, to which he flourished in as one of their most violent and hot-headed members. Though this would not last long due to the him gaining notoriety with the Police Department and them eventually putting a stop to  Ramón's crime spree as he was charged for Armed Robbery & Evasion, fast forward some time Ramón has spent around 3 years in jail to which he is finally bailed out with money gathered by his brother Sefu, who was now in college and running a small gang of his own.  Ramón would work alongside Sefu in the gang which worked under their own view of Justice, becoming what would appear to the police as a band of Vigilantes but they were not,  Ramón and Sefu knew they were still none the less ruthless criminals with violent pasts and tendencies. ensured they were no longer viewed as Vigilantes, but almost conductors of karma in the sense of they would destroy you, and your life if you were to attempt to do so/succeed in doing so to someone else, be them friend or foe. They believe in the karma they inflict overall, Sefu realizing the hypocrisy in his morals and endeavors would attempt to change the morality of the gang, to now be seen more as Vigilantes then ever delivering criminals who committed their various crimes tied up to the police department in their hooded attire. Though their sense of justice was still overlooked as the Police department still pursued them ruthlessly, over time  Ramón began to disagree with this change and left the gang, pursuing his businesses on his own while still aiding Sefu when he needed it he would eventually make a mistake and attempt to go after a man on a contract, a man he did not realize ran the biggest Gang in the city. He attempted to kill the man in the street to which his plan was immediately foiled as the Gang members immediately rushed  Ramón to which he ran for his life throughout the city. Sefu and Ramón argued over their disagreements and ideals eventually leading to bad blood between the 2. To which the partnership between the 2 siblings is broken and Ramón goes off on his own to begin his business. Time would pass and business would be good for everyone, but Ramón's anger would grow towards his brother leading him to make the rash decision of making an attempt at Sefu's life, which was quickly thwarted by Sefu's associates Ramón had to run and fast or he was not going to make it out alive. Eventually losing the masked gang members in the chase he would hide out for several days...eventually managing to escape the city. Coming here, seeking opportunity to get more work.



Current Occupation Or Hobby: No Occupation | Active Criminal

 Age (25+): 26

Gender: Male

Nationality: Cuban

Additional information:  𝐃𝐄𝐒𝐂𝐑𝐈𝐏𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍: 'Ramón stood at the height of 6'4 with a medium-slim physique. He had dark brown hair with a darker complexion as well as a large Rose Vine tattoo running down his left arm.'


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After a great amount of review it has been decided that you will not be accepted into the Black Market as a Dealer. You were denied for the potential reasons of:
- OOC Behavior
- General lack of detail
- Lack of activity
- Community Blacklist

The reason you were denied may not be in this list. If you believe else, you can reach out to me at Matt-#7112

Hello, I am Matt. Otherwise known as Manager at Technical Team. Reach out to me on Discord for help and other things: @fqm


Community Manager

Black Market Lead/Crime Lead

Laundromat Owner

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