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IHaveCarrotToes' SPD Application

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OOC Section:





Time Zone: 


Any previous bans/warns?: None

Describe your current level of activity on the server: 

When the server become open, I will try and play on this server a lot. I will try my absolute hardest to play on the server often because I play on lots of other Role Play servers so I'll try and make some time to play on this server lots.

Do you have access to a microphone?

I do but I prefer to use text.

Do you have any previous experience with police work?: 

None. But am 100% willing to learn how to roleplay in this sort of position.

Do you have any experience with CombatRP?: 

Yes I do! I do lots of GangRP on other servers so I'm sort of "Skilled" in the arts of CombatRP.

What motivates you to apply for SPD?:

I've always been interested in playing in the Police Position for a long time on servers, but it's always been too complicated. So I think with this server it would be a lot easier to play in the role when the server just starts out. Also I think that it would be a very good place to make good friends and interesting Roleplay experiences. I also think it's really fun to chase people around and yell at them to get on the ground. And busting doors down. It's just something that I have a really big interest in.

IC information:

Character name: 

Waieoteu R. Torino

Character age: 


Preferred pronouns:


What motivates your character to join the force?:

Waieoteu was in a town with lots of crime, he grew near crime. His parents were criminals. Waieoteu knew different however. Waieoteu tried his best to help others, and keep others away from danger and crime. In Seoul, He would like to enforce the law, protecting and serving the people would say. 

Is your character familiar with self-defense?:

Yes. When he was growing up, he had to learn how to defend himself, for obvious reasons. He started attending martial arts classes, Learning Taekwondo, The National martial art of Korea.

How well does your character work with others?:
My character is more fond of working with others, he thinks that with a larger group of people, that lots more work could get done. 


Is your character independent or a team player?:
My character is more of a team player.

What makes your character unique?:
Growing up around lots of crime, and learning how to defend himself with martial arts, Waieoteu would be very unique, considering that some people on the force may not have the experiences that he has had, With the amount of crime he grew up with, and learning the Korean's most prized Martial arts is what makes my character unique.

Backstory [100+ words]:

Like explained before, Waieoteu grew up around lots of crime, and ended up learning how to defend himself using martial arts. As he grew up however, he moved to a city in South Korea, named Seoul. He was very fond of this city, but was disgusted when he learned about the crime. So Waieoteu decided to finally do something about it. At 37, Waieoteu tried to become a Police Officer to help protect the city, and help those in need. But unfortunately for him, he didn't get the job. About a year later, now 38 years old, Waieoteu fine tuned his abilities to finally enter the world of being a Police officer. Waieoteu was ecstatic.

Level of education [Associates, Bachelors, Masters, etc.]:

Master's degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor's Degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

If charged by an armed delinquent, how should you react?:

My character would quickly back up, removing his Service pistol from his holster, still backing up, Waieoteu would command for them to drop the weapon, if the suspect continues running at Waieoteu, he would begin to fire his service pistol, aiming for their legs, so that the armed delinquent would fall instead of having fatal injuries. If things were going terribly, Waieoteu would aim for their chest area, attempting to get a fatal shot.

While you are at the station, another officer sends out a distress signal. What do you do?:

First, my character would try and gather as much help around the station, anyone that was available in that current situation. Waieoteu would start traversing to the officer's location, with the officers that he was able to get to help him. When he was on his way, he would call in any other available units that weren't in the station, for additional backup.

You are surrounded by several armed individuals; how do you react?:

First, my character would call in for backup, obviously. The odds of him surviving this kind of situation are very slim, so he would try and get as much help as possible. Waieoteu would draw his service pistol from his holster, commanding all of the people surrounding him to drop their weapon and get on the ground. If they continued to get closer, or if they are already very close, Waieoteu would fire some shots at the criminals, as they posed a deadly threat. If he succeeded in these actions, He would call EMS immediately, trying to save their lives. Even when they tried to take his.

You believe a higher up officer is abusing their power, what do you do?

My character would first contact someone that's in a higher position than them, Even if they are at the highest rank, there are still people above them. So, my character would contact them, trying to get an investigation going about them, to see if they are indeed abusing their power. Waieoteu would also turn in as much evidence that he had, trying to bring this person down if they were truly abusing their power.

Please note that the last two applications I submitted are incomplete and were posted on accident. This is the final and complete one. Thank you.

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