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hotgoths police application


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OOC section:

IGN: hotgoths

Discord [ex. Peanut#4270]: lust#6358

Time zone: CST

Any previous bans/warns? None 

Describe your current level of activity on the server: Server isn’t online, was one of the more active players during the beta.

Do you have access to a microphone? Yes.

Do you have any previous experience with police work? Yes, I was the previous commissioner for SPD, commander for SOU and have a bit of experience with PoliceRP across various platforms.

Do you have any experience with CombatRP? Yes, from both perspectives of a police officer and gang member I am very experience in CombatRP, whether it be via P2L, etc.

What motivates you to apply for SPD? Honestly, I’m interested in roleplaying as a detective, it’s a type of RP I've gotten more interested in alongside my friend and for that I’ve decided I’d like to come back and try to join the detective division.


IC information:

Character name: Saeharu Kachi

Character age: 24

Nationality: Japanese

 Preferred pronouns: He/him

What motivates your character to join the force? His father was the previous police commissioner so he grew up all around police work, with that it had always interested him deep down in becoming a police officer and later down the line becoming a higher-up just like his father and role-model had been.

Is your character familiar with self-defense? Yes, Haru has trained in Muay Thai for the majority of his life and alongside that has had self-defense training.

How well does your character work with others? Saeharu works very well with others, he was student council president in high school, and has a lot of experience working with others.

Is your character independent or a team player? Saeharu is definitely a team player.

What makes your character unique? In my opinion, I would say what makes Saeharu unique is just the amount that the character has undergone, I have roleplayed on this character for years now (though different servers have required some changes), this character has been developed and has genuinely lived out years of his life on minecraft, Saeharu has a personality and is a character of his own which I would say makes him unique compared to the low effort characters that make up this community.

Backstory [100+ words] Saeharu Kachi, born of the Kachi family within Japan,  was never meant to be an heir by any means. Born of Ginjiro Kachi and Honami Kachi, Saeharu seemed minimal within their eyes, at least for the moment that is. During his time as a baby, the boy was treated the same as his brothers and sister- which were alright, at best, and nothing more. In no means though, were the Kachi rich, they were just fortunate with their current funding.

Thus Saeharu would face minimal issues within many places, and in general in life.  Granted the chance to live a long and good life, Saeharu was able to become something more. Although as a baby, he was incapable of most things, by the first time his first birthday rolled around, he would be capable of speaking. 

Entering 1st Grade, Saeharu was well equipped with his rather decent-sized family. Educated in essentially everything, Saeharu excelled within his first year and dazzled his teachers. Though quickly switching to a point that in his second year, Saeharu let down his teachers. Now, this wasn’t a huge deal for Saeharu, but for his family, it became an issue. As they relied on their “honor” to get them off. Thus, Saeharu disrespecting it was not a good look.

Although finally pushing onwards to the next few years, Saeharu soon went into middle school; continuing to be rather average compared to his other family members, he would soon develop an interest with some girls. Not making great friends within his middle school years, he would face troubles with them.

These girls were rather westernized individuals and came from families that weren’t traditional Japanese. Though they were interested in the Ouiji Board. This would soon be regretted by the majority of the group, what happened then; even Saeharu doesn’t like to talk about it but has developed a fear of ghosts for himself.

The rest of middle school for Saeharu is nothing but a blank canvas, with some sprinkled parts of it. Though not applying himself to the full part of the school, he did try harder in some aspects. Joining the school’s volleyball team; to a point that he excelled. He quickly became one of the better players on his team, despite his recent joining; most likely due to the time and energy devoted to Volleyball.

Although soon graduating middle school, Saeharu found his new passion within running for the student council. His family had recently moved to Futaba, Japan and he was in his first year of high school, Saeharu saw a poster about signing up to run and something about it caught his eye almost instantly. Ultimately, Saeharu didn’t win the election as a first-year, no surprise but he hadn’t given up yet. He worked hard and as a second year at Futaba High School, he won the election and became Student Council President. It was a shock when events in his life led him to being forced to move to Seoul, South Korea, a completely country different from everything he had known. He struggled but he learned how to speak Korean fairly quickly and even enrolled in school, it was a shock to nearly everyone, including himself when he won Student Council President again, but as a new student.

Saeharu soon got involved with the wrong crowd of people, thus allowing a life of crime to truly begin. Beginning to run weed for those who wanted it moved, he was quite good at it and making a quick buck at the same time. Although this wasn’t key until later, he soon graduated along with him beginning to assault those who pissed him off; although changing since then.

Saeharu had nearly gone down the wrong path, he had nearly been arrested multiple times and as a 19 year old now had nearly ruined his life forever, though a friend of his Nikolai Kuznetsov led him out of the dark place he was in and they attended college together - leading up to present day.



Level of education [Associates, Bachelors, Masters, etc.] Bachelor's Degree



If charged by an armed delinquent, how should you react? I would first call into my radio that I am being charged by an armed delinquent, after that I would pull out my firearm from my holster as fast as possible, I would then attempt to either get the delinquent to stop or if he doesn’t shoot him. For clarification, taser’s don’t work a good majority of the time and wearing certain clothing can make tasers completely ineffective.

While you are at the station, another officer sends out a distress signal. What do you do? I would call out to the officer on the radio first and see if there’s a response, from there I would gather other officers and we would attempt to go locate the officer based on the location.

You are surrounded by several armed individuals; how do you react? I would press my panic button first and then I would draw my firearm and attempt to save my life, it would be a difficult situation to get out of but possible.

You believe a higher up officer is abusing their power, what do you do? I would gather the evidence of what I am accusing them of and then I would report it to either High Command or the Comissionser if it needs to go up that high.


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