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Ayvin Petrovna Sokolov


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Ayvin Sokolov was originally born in a small city in Russia called Kalingrad. It is sandwiched between between Poland and Lithuanaia, lying on the Pregolya river. Mere minutes after Ayvin was born, her fraternal twin brother Sawyer soon followed. The two had a normal upbringing for the first 5 years, and being the soul children of the household, they received lots of attention from both of their parents. Some time after entering kindergarten, Ayvin's mother fell pregnant with another child, which sparked a chain of several other pregnancies that eventually resulted in 8 total siblings, Ayvin and Sawyer not included. As new additions were added to the family, money became scarce, leaving the two oldest twins to find a job and work for another source of income. Because their city was located on a river, it was fairly easy for Ayvin and Sawyer to pick up a job as novice fishermen. After hire, they worked on a small boat with an old man dubbed 'Old Man Meevers'. Monday through Saturday, the two went out from 6 am to 6 pm with Old Man Meevers, helping to maintain machinery on the boat, navigate, fish, clean, and even just entertain their employer. Though they often fished with Meevers, on Sunday and couple days during the week he would send them out by themselves while he 'performed other on land duties'. Though their job was simple and didn't bring in much income, but it was enough to put food on the table for their siblings. Ayvin and Sawyer grew extremely close, but both of them grew to resent the many siblings that they were forced to provide and take care of. They stayed at their household until they were 13, working only three years for their family before they decided to leave.

After separating from their household, Sawyer and Ayvin had no idea where to go. They were young children, only thirteen years old, but they had suffered through enough. Thankfully, the two had created quite a useful friendship with Old Man Meevers. Though many people in the village scrutinized him for being a recluse, it turns out he had good connections with a few Russian ministers that worked under the serving dictator. He allowed the two to sleep on his boat, as long as they continued working for him, this time unpaid. Spending another two years living on this boat, which Ayvin and Sawyer dubbed 'Mi Casa', the two grew into very well rounded but rough teenagers. Because they were employed for most hours of the day, the only way the two educated themselves were with Old Man Meevers books, or when he decided to help teach them simple math and writing. When pirates became common in the area, Old Man Meevers also took it upon himself to teach the two basic self defense. The job itself and defending their boat served them well, turning them into rough edged teenagers capable of defending themselves and doing extreme manual labor. This wasn't to last long, however, as Old Man Meevers was offered a position as a Russian minister. He took the job, deciding to sell his boat. Since he had taken a liking to the two teenagers, he offered them both an opportunity to receive an education in another country, where he would provide them with money for a scholarship. Once the boat was sold, Ayvin and Sawyer were both sent to Japan.

Old man Meevers not only gave them a scholarship, but paid for their living expenses the first year they stayed in Japan. Ayvin stayed with her brother Sawyer for awhile, but eventually branched off into her own apartment that she shared with several friends. She originally met Karito and Judah here, spending most of her time getting into trouble committing petty crimes, or just at school with the two. Her time at school was extremely uneventful, as she received a basic education. Outside of school, she ended up learning some extended combat skills after getting into scuffles with other kids around her age and older. She joined a few organizations as well, learning combat and other soft skills from them. When Japan no longer suited her and she had completed her highschool education, she moved to Korea to look for better opportunities.

Moving to Korea turned out to be the most eventful decision in Ayvin's life. She had originally flew to Korea with Judah, and without any money she couch hopped with random strangers or slept on benches. Signing up at a local dojo, she expanded on her combat skills and learned self discipline from her dojo master, Durei. During recommended she apply for a job at the police department, since she had sufficient combat experience and her lack of education couldn't get her much further. After sending in an application, she was accepted into the Seoul Police Department. The job was nothing like she had expected, as the first commissioner she worked under didn't supervise the officers very well or organize many (if any) trainings. Ayvin taught herself how to use the basic police equipment, perfecting her fire arm skills in the downstairs shooting range. She and a few other officers handled several gang related situations, defending themselves and others from horrors never expected. A break in the action lead Ayvin to write to her old pal Karito, who she implored to move to Korea and apply for the force. Before Karito could make it to Seoul, a few siginficant events happened. The first commissioner was exposed for corruption and beating inmates, leading to his immediate termination. The new superintendent, Shin Seo-Jun, stepped into play from then on out. Karito soon came to Seoul, being accepted into the police department. Judah also obtained a government position in EMS. The three often worked together, patrolling alongside each other. Karito and Ayvin became close to another officer, Yujun Jeong, who eventually passed away after an incident involving a local gang. Towards the end of Ayvin's career, her experience and contributions to the department lead her to become a lieutenant, where she trained several cadets, but mostly just continued her regular duties at the department. Karito was eventually captured by a local gang, and is presumed to be dead as far as Ayvin knows. After receiving a call one day regarding the commissioner, Shin Seo-Jun was eventually sent to the hospital, where he was killed by two conspiring young women. With no commissioner left, the Seoul Police Department was left in a desperate state.


With no superintendent, government officials decided to appoint Ayvin to the position. Over the years she has remained in that spot, the only other notable parts of her life being the birth of her two twin boys, Damon and Kal, as well as her husbands death. She is now 54 years old, and has spent over 25 years at the Seoul Police Department.


General Information:



Ayvin was originally born with albinism, causing her hair to be snow white ever since she was born. Her eyes were a dull reddish color, but she covered them with blue contacts that matched well with her hair. Her physique changed throughout life, but as of now she is very ruggedly built. Standing six feet tall, her body's shape is hard to define due to the muscle mass she has built over the years. Her back and arms are adorned with scars, the most  notable one being a slash on her neck that failed to heal over and remains a dull pink.



After growing up in Russia under a dictator, as well as having to earn her own living, Ayvin developed a very cold and rough personality. She is detached from almost everyone, keeping her work relationships mostly impersonal and making decisions regarding others with the utmost objectivity. She attempts to have a good working relationship with her employers, taking their suggestions into account and sometimes dryly joking around them. When it comes to criminals, however, she has absolutely no sympathy towards them. If the law is broken, she will enforce it, with no room for error or pleading. She prioritizes citizens and other officers over criminals, who she will not hesitate to act against. Towards her family, she can still be cold, but she takes on a more personal relationship with them. Her sense of humor is very dry, so she rarely makes jokes, and when she does they are often not picked up on. However, she adores her family, and acts a bit more maternally towards them, going so far as to teach them combat, help them find a job, pay for their schooling, pay their bails, and anything she can do to help out.


Love Language:

Acts of service, words.



6'0 feet, or 182 centimeters.



165 pounds, 75 Kilos.


Relationship status:



Fun facts/Additional information:


Leader or Follower?:
Ayvin is definitely a leader, hence the superintendent position.


Favorite food?:

Mandu [Korean dumplings]


Drinker or Smoker?:

She occasionally drinks whiskey, though I would have to classify her as neither.


Savory or Sweet?:

Ayvin prefers savory foods and does not like sweets [minus pistachio ice cream].


[Appearance is posted below]



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Such a better biography than mine, I spent hours on mine and it's still not finished

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