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Pandoja's Italian application

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IGN(In Game Name): Pandoja

What Language are you applying for?: Italian

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters):
Armani De Luca Grew up in a smaller more isolated town in Italy that gave him a rough start to speaking proper Italian.  Before his parents death they taught him his mother language with Verbal communication, sounding out each word for him, as well as reading to him and using visual flash cards.  After is parents passing, Armani's grandfather would sit him in front of the tv to watch the baby shows that teach you the basics, however he already knew the basics. He needed even at his young age  to learn more and had gone to his next door neighbor who was a retired teacher Ms. Aritza. Though she taught high schoolers normally, she couldn't bring herself to say no to a child who actually had a desire to learn. Every day after he woke up and ate breakfast he would head to her home, his grandfather never noticed him leaving so he could always learn in peace with out interruption. She used the basic first grade education spelling sheets and audio books to teach him how to use the proper non slang pronunciation of his words.  He struggled heavily on rolling his R's at first, but after months and months of work he was slowly able to hold a full conversation in Italian of course minus the swearing as he was only a young child.  When Ms.Aritza taught him everything she  could she helped him get enrolled into school, with her words and name being recognizable, the school had no issue with her signing him up so he could learn more and receive a full education.  Her kind actions are why he has the ability to speak  Italian to this day, and why he has a deep respect for educators as a whole.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: Knowing Italian is important to RP for Armani is tied deeply to his love for his culture and a part of his identity, he feels without him ever learning Italian how he did  He would be nowhere in life. He speaks his mother tongue mainly to remind himself he could of ended up so much worse. 


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