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Seoul Business Owner Application


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Seoul Business Owner Application


Discord Tag:

Time zone:

Server Activity:
I am a very active player in general. I am online for about 4-5+ hours every day.
One thing to note is that my sleep schedule is really srewed up, means that i would be more active/inactive during the day/night.

Previous warns/bans:
not one.

Business Information

Business Name:

Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.):
Bar with a restaurant aesthetic

Motivation on why you wanted to apply:
My biggest motivation for this application would be for the new experience, since i have roleplayed since 2015 and always wished to 
own a bar and call it my own, serving drinks to customers and making their day just a little better.  I want to actually know what 
it is to own my own business due to it being legal and including a whole different way to roleplay compared to the usual.

Unique description about your business:
In my mind, Mizuno's is a Bar where you can sit down and relax after a stressful day and just wind down.
It should be a Bar where every individual is welcome to enter. It should be a hotspot to just chill out
with friends or just sit down on a rainy evening with a book and enjoy a nice glass of whiskey.
The building where the shop will be isn't really big so it wouldn't make sense to make an over the top design. The bar would have
a rather traditional look to it. On top of that, there will be a small V.I.P room with a table inside, where 
people can have meetings, but you would have to contact Bar employees beforehand but, there will be a option to reserve the
whole room for clients to drink, talk, negotiate, etc. Depending on the importance of the meeting and the people who will be attending,
the shop will or will not be open that day. In your reservation you will be able to buy some drinks which
either an employee or the owner directly serve the drinks face to face. Everything you can order has to be in the shop's stock.
The only exception is if that day the bar has some special drinks on the menu, which its price would add to the reservation.
There would be a pay up front rule before getting the V.I.P room allthough, if the room is free and the meeting would be on short notice
the room can be booked with the owners approval.

References (Interior & Exterior):

The Logo of Mizuno's:



The Floorplan of Mizuno's:



Reference Photo of the main Bar:



Reference photo of the VIP Room:


What is your business selling:
I thought of selling a variety of items including: different types of alcohol and foods. Also renting the V.I.P 
area as mentioned before. In the alcohol section i thought of soju, beer, gins, vodka, wine and various kinds of cocktails.
And a small selection of snacks like peanuts, chips and or even sandwiches.

During the meetings in the V.I.P room they can order all of those, they will delivered it to their room.
There is no maximum limit to the number of alcohol or food they can order, unless the customer seems too drunk.
The barkeeper is allowed to cut the customer for the sake of the customers saftey. The only exception is with any special
drink outside the usual stock.

How many employees will you be recruiting: 
1 Barkeeper
1-2 Waitresses
1 Security if needed
and i'm willing to recute more if the extra help is nessesary.

Toshi Jokiroshi's childhood wasn't very eventful, which was a blessing, rather than a curse,
as unlike his father and mother, he suffered no extreme trauma or near death experiences, and instead was
raised in a loving and caring family in a stable economic position due to their jobs. In his early childhood,
he was friendly, but introvert person, and because of this he had a few, close friends rather than a lot of less
secure friendships. He was particularly close with his father, and some of his earliest memories
were his father mixing the most complicated drinks together, while looking so professionally, even doing some very impressive tricks.
His dad also attempted to encourage her to let his imagination run wild, to create drinks and whatever
fantastical ideas ran through his heart and mind. This gave him a love for create new drinks, and mixing to be specific.
Overall, with a set of close friends and two loving parents, his childhood was pretty great.
Then... came College. Toshi Jokiroshi, or simply known as TJ by friends and family, was a rather basic student when it comes to grades. 
Back in his hometown, TJ remembered reading and watching the news, and seeing various tragedies. 
Car accidents, murders, you name it. This scared young TJ a little bit. While in College, TJ made a few close friends there,
including a woman named Aoi 'Tsu' Mizuno, or simply Tsu. The two would fall in love, and while being in college, they would go on 
to get married and have a child named Amaia. Now with the newborn Baby, TJ had verious thoughts of raising the child the best he can,
meaning that he and Tsu decided to move somewhere completely different after College to have a brand new beginning.
And so, he began looking for job opportunities elsewhere, and found them, in Seoul, Korea. In Seoul ,TJ would go into his fathers footsteps
and would serve all kinds of drinks and some advices here and there in his brand new bar named Mizuno's.
Character Information:

Toshi Jokiroshi Mizuno stands at the height of 6'0 and weighing around 180 lbs with a slim yet trained figure.
He has a tattoo of a sakura tree that covers his left arm and shoulderblade.
He has a faded burnmark on his neck that says "Tsu's <3". The smell of freshly grounded coffee would be noticable when
you stay near Toshi. His facial expression would almost everytime be rather sleepy but happy.
The only other thing that is noticable is his deep and calming voice.
He would wear a stainless steel wedding ring with a sapphire band on his left ring finger.

Characters Full Name:
Toshi Jokiroshi Mizuno

Characters Title (e.g, Mr. Mrs. Miss):

Characters Given Name(s):
TJ, Tush

Characters Preferred Name:
Toshi, TJ

Characters Age:

Characters Gender:

Characters Religious Domination:

Characters Marital Status:

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Listed below are the following reasons on why I have decided to deny your application.

  • Your application lacks detail in areas where detail is most necessary.
  • Your business does not fit my standards. It's too small with little to no employees.
  • Make sure next time to spoiler your images to make your application have a clean finishing look.
  • Your application format is very off-putting.

Thank you for taking your time to apply for the business faction. 

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