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Zyxiify | Psychiatrist Application


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Do you have a microphone? Yes

Timezone: PDT


Any Previous ban/warns?  N/A


How active are you?

I plan to be quite active within the community when the server is released. Its something i've been looking forward to. I plan on being online every day for at least 15 hours. And if im unable to be online for that day then i'll make up for it on other days. (I have no life so i'll probably be online even longer.

Why are you interested in joining EMS?


I've always wanted to have an important role on SRP but found them to be too strict and their application sheet was quite difficult. I was never able to meet their standards but i'm hoping for a new start on this server, An opportunity to put my character out there and in the city as a well known and well respected individual. I see this job as a fun and new opportunity to experience something new and im looking forward to it.

What skills can you bring to EMS?

I can bring a positive mindset whenever at the job, I'll always be able to bring a fun and engaging experience no matter what. I've been roleplaying on minecraft for quite a while now so i'll also be able to bring a well experienced rp and something for everyone to enjoy. I can also bring a mature mindset and overlook on different situations.

What role are you applying for? [E.g: Surgeon, Psychiatrist, Paramedic, Nurse]


Are you familiar with Detailrp?


Yes i'm very familiar with DetailRP. On SRP I was a college professor for about 4 months. This job required me to detailrp nearly everything i did every class. Ranging from Actions to even speaking. I had to explain every intricate detail on the subject i was teaching in that time as well as to explain every detail of the topic for that class. The main reason i'd say im quite familiar isnt due to me having a professor role but because i've been an active Rp'er for up to 3 years.



Do you acknowledge you may be demoted if caught breaking any rules or guidelines?

Yes I do

IC Information:


Character name: Kawashima Yuji


Age [Or age you wish to be 25+]:  25


Current occupation:

Personal Real-Estate business (Side Hustle)

Languages Spoken:

Korean Russian Japanese

Why would you like to join EMS?

Helping people getting through their mental struggles has always been a something I've always wanted to do, I have a big heart and consider those around me as my friends despite me not knowing all of them. If I see someone who is down in the dirt (upset) I'll do my best to cheer them up. I get to interact with different individuals as a Psychiatrist every day and I get to talk to and listen to many different stories. This job will help me understand and realize how everyone is different and will help to expand my knowledge on different mental struggles people have in life with things such as family, and friends. I feel that this job was made for me due to my uprising self confidence and i feel it is needed to be confident in the things that are being said to different clients. Another reason I'd like this job would be due to me moving from Japan to Korea I'll need a source of income and I might as well do something I enjoy while also receiving said income.

What is your characters outlook on team work?

I work quite well in a team, doing this improves the quality of work done with patients and clients. If a patient is uneasy about EMS' quality of work they may feel unsafe or in danger while in the hands of them. It is a requirement to work well in a team while in this line of work and I think i can do that. If any of my colleagues ask for help i'd be more than happy to as well as if needed to help calm down a patient or even a peer. EMS Should under all circumstances be seen as a 100% Team effort as it improves the overall outcome of patients moods and the quality of work sky rockets 10 fold.

What is your characters personality like?

9 out of 10 times Kawashima is a nice and loving person but depending on the situation whether that be due to certain things in his life such as stress, family, friends or foe he can become a rather non-sociable person. He happens to become quite respectful and elegant with those around him, Especially to those he doesn't know as to put on a good first impression. If the task at hand needs to be completed he will remain collected and calm despite the severity of the situation at hand. Even while off duty Kawashima despite all odds remains calm and professional but allows a more fun side to appear Infront of everyone's eyes. 

How does your character work under pressure?

I work quite well under pressure. Although im only human, we all have our moments when pressure gets to us and we feel overwhelmed. Although after a few minutes of time to myself to breathe I can collect my thoughts and get back to the job at hand. Despite any situation i'll try my hardest to put my all in no matter the cost. If something were to get to me to the point where i wasnt able to work I would let those around me know how I am feeling for safety measures. If a specific situation is dire and stressful I will try my hardest and put in my all to complete.

Background [Minimum 100 words]


Kawashima was born in an unnamed village in the western part of Russia. This village was located within the Ural Mountains, and was hidden from the rest of the world. This place that Kawashima called home was a very rough environment. The boy had few rights and did not even have his parents to protect him. 



when he was 6, the boy was clearly different from the others his age. They had brought a doctor from a nearby village to check him over, and they discovered he was born with Gigantism. The boy was bigger and stronger than a lot, so there was a lot more pressure being applied to him by his captors.



This was also when he was forced to work in indentured servitude. He assumed that his parents were dead since he never knew them or saw them in general. The days seemed to drag on for much longer than they truly were, and he assumed they would never end. Working through heavy rain, as well as the cold and harsh Russian winters. Having to work through the aching muscles, horrible bruises, and open sores.



Despite all of that, he volunteered to help anyone in the same situation, whether they were older and stronger, or young and healthier. He often took the blame when things went wrong and took the torment and abuse from the ones who held power in the village. Kawashima always put others before himself, even if it hurt him in the process.



However, that all changed when he was first forced to fight another person. The boy at the age of 12 was already taller than everyone else, standing at a towering height of 6’3 at that young age. Despite him being a scrawny, starving kid, he knocked everyone down with a single hit against his wishes. Often taking multiple punches and kicks from the other while asking them to stop and turn around. Those pleas often fell on deaf ears, which led him to quickly knock them all down.



It took a year before that kindness for his opponents died, and he ended the fights quickly. After he began winning quickly, he was treated better and was given more and better food. This all led to him getting bigger and stronger. As time went on, he was taught how to properly fight, and eventually led him to learn multiple forms of martial arts. 



At the age of 21, he escaped his captors with as many as he could bring and freed them. Stumbling on a town where he got them settled in and went on his own way. The boy had grown to his tallest at a height of 7’5. Kawashima snuck onboard a cargo ship and acted as a worker on board, earning a small wage before getting off that stop, and ending up in Japan. Having to learn the language, he found a teacher who he had paid all the money he had and learned the language. 



It took a full year before he was fluent in the language and thanked his teacher. However, this inspired the young man to teach others who were similar to him. He also needed a job, so this truly did help him in the long run. He applied to multiple jobs and landed a position in the town of Karakura, Japan. After working in this position for a while, he earned enough money to move elsewhere, that place being Seoul, South Korea. 



The now 26-year-old man left the place he called home for 5 years and took a plane to Seoul, but this time had learned the language before moving. After landing in the large city, he tracked down a place to live and made a small group to interact with. Unsure of what he needed to do, he decided to spread his wings and learn more about the lifestyle and culture of the city, as it was very different from what he had lived through and known.

Criminal record:

Japanese Criminal Record Possession of Illegal Weaponry - Minor Offence


Oath:By applying for EMS, you pledge to prescribe only beneficial treatments according to your best ability and judgement, to refrain from causing harm or hurt, and to live an exemplary personal and professional life.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to apply, yet the Hospital Faction wishes to deny your application. Your application was well made yet, overall in conclusion it's best to try next time. We wish the best for any further journeys you wish to take on in this server.


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