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McNessa Teacher Application


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Out-Of-Character Information


What is your username?:




Do you have a microphone?:


How old are you? (Optional):


What is your time zone?:


Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:


Describe your activity on the server:

None as of now due to the server not being up yet

Do you have any previous bans?:


Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server:


What are your current role(s) on the server?:


What experiences do you have in roleplay?:

I was previously active on a server called SchoolRP. I have role-play experience as well from being a role-player on discord when I was younger.  


In-Character Information

(Pretend your character is filling this out, not you)


Full Name (First & Last only):

Ibuki Marie

Preferred Name:


Age (Minimum is 25):






Academic Degree:



Childhood Education, Elementary Education,  Astrology


Child Development, Sociology. 

Languages (Applied for and accepted, and native):


What subject are you applying to teach?:


What is your motivation for becoming a teacher?:

I love teaching others. It's something I enjoy more than anything.
Teaching is something that comes easy to me, it's easiest to tell and help other people understand what I like. 

As a teacher, what are the rules you would enforce  when being in a class?:

I would most definitely enforce a policy on phones. They're only allowed to be out after an explanation of the lesson. I wouldn't really enforce a seating chart, unless it's needed because of distractions. I would make sure that students are able to communicate with each other as well. But of course I would have standard rules that any class would have, as well as those to make sure all students are included. 

Backstory: (Minimum 150 Words)

Ibuki was born in Valencia, Spain to a happily married couple. Ibuki's birth was somewhat complicated, causing her mother to get surgery due to Ibuki's weight and size being abnormal.

Growing up, Ibuki had a gained an interest in teaching, her mother and father always seemed to encourage that love and wanted to help it grow. Ibuki's father was sent to war when she was a child, leaving her with her mother. Ibuki's mother encouraged her growth educationally. She wanted Ibuki to excel and put her in many educational programs to further her learning experience. 

However, Ibuki had an odd thing about her, she was slightly taller than the average female, but the largest thing about her was her heart. Literally. Ibuki found out when she became an adult she had a high risk for heart failure, despite that, she went on to college and graduated. 

Ibuki scored an internship at an elementary school as substitute teacher. She stayed around longer until she gained the courage to move from Valencia to Seoul. She decided to move out of her comfort zone because  of the regret of losing her father. 

Role Play Scenarios:


What would you do, if a group of students aren't behaving within the school grounds?

I would calmly walk up to the students and ask them what's the reasoning for their behavior. I'd speak to them calmly and not raise my voice, I'd then ask them to change their behavior and act maturely. 

What would you do, if a student isn't being respectful or forceful to another?

I would ask them what's the disagreement between them and try to solve it in a calm manner. I'd politely ask both students to apologize to each other, once they apologize I'd reward them both with stickers. 

What would you do, if another School Employee is doing something that's hazardous?

I would ask them why they're acting that way and politely ask them to stop.  I'd of course report it a higher-up, but politely ask them not to be fired, just to have a conversation with the worker. I'd also have a conversation with the employee privately to the side. 

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