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IGN: Crash_RPs
RPNAME: Dal Kwon
AGE: 39
Dal Kwon was born into a very wealthy and rich family. His father was a policeman and his mother a surgeon before she was expecting a child. Dal grew up with rather naïve ideas, as a child he always dreamed of becoming a hero, a policeman like his father. However, when Dal was ten years old, he received terrible news. His father had been stabbed to death in a gang war, which he was supposed to stop. From that day on, Dal lived alone with his mother. Dal did not take his father's death well, and despite several therapy visits, his mental health still suffers from it today. His mother was also not in good condition since the death of his father, only 6 years after the death of her husband she committed suicide. Now Dal was alone, but he was sent from Seoul to Moscow, where his uncle lived. His uncle was a rather violent man, and Dal, now 16 years old, didn't know the language either. He lived with his uncle for 3 years, learned the Russian language from his aunt and still tried to hide his grief and anger. His aunt was pretty much the opposite of his uncle. She was gracious, gentle and made the best apple pie in the world. She helped him whenever he needed something, be it some pocket money or a few flashcards to learn Russian better. His uncle, on the other hand, forced him to work, beat Dal out of boredom, or drank all day. One day Dal happened to see his uncle threatening his aunt with a knife, which caused Dal's toleration thread to break. All the anger, despair and grief suddenly erupted, he attacked his uncle, knocked the knife out of the drunk's hand and beat him almost to death. Then he ran away in anger.

From now on, not much is publicly known about Dal, he first disappeared for a few years, spent most of his time training and making plans. After the death of his father, he had vowed to one day wipe out every criminal, but nothing came of this oath. Dal often spent time with street fights and small gangs that had accumulated in the city of Moscow, but when it came to the conflict between two of these gangs, Dal disappeared from the country and most thought he was dead, there was even a gravestone of the then 27-year-old in the Moscow cemetery, but there was no body.

Now, seven years later, Dal appeared out of nowhere in his hometown, Seoul. He had visited his younger half-brother Ji-Ho, who still lived in this city, and found shelter with him. Where he has lived for five years now and began planning a new era of criminal activity.


Note: Backstory intentionally contains some bigger gaps as it allows for character development during RP, be it relationships or specific past experiences.


Dal Kwon, a 6'3 tall male with a lean muscular build and a deep voice.

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