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Lux's Spirits | Lalyah701 Business Owner Application


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Seoul Business Owner Application





Discord Tag:






Server Activity:

 I have never taken part in this server before, so I cannot say I have any server activity. I can say that I will be active once the server is released, I spent most of my time on my laptop. Mainly because of schoolwork and playing games, so I will be able to put my time into this server. I plan to be very active and take part in as many events as I can and help out whenever I can.


Previous warns/bans:

I have no previous warning or bans on the server.



  Business Information 


Business Name:

Lux Spirits


Business Type (Restaurant/Accessory/Etc):

Alcohol and Smoke shop with a bar.


Motivation on why you wanted to apply?:

My motivation for applying is because of a few different reasons. One of the reasons being I want the experience in roleplaying, I think roleplaying as a shopkeeper will expand my roleplay knowledge. I also want to progress the roleplay and have more items for older characters. Alcohol and smoking items are not sold in almost any stores and from what I've seen no one else sells smoking items at all. I want there to be a store that sells all types of 20+ items like alcohol, cigs, vapes, juuls and things like that. Knowing that so far, I'm the only store that sells smoking items, is one of the reasons I choose it. It not only because it gives more 20+ items for college and adult characters, but because it helps bring variety. There is an alcohol store, but the revolves solely around alcohol and not smoking. Yes, anyone can buy alcohol or smoking items with a fake ID, but that's one of the whole points to having a fake ID. Without a store that sells 20+ items, there would be less need for fake IDs. In Korea alcohol is actually very popular, and I think that's an important thing to take into mind when wanting a more traditional Korean shop. It's a great development point as to why the shop should be made. It's known that alcohol is most definitely used all around Korea, with multiple different occasions. Alcohol is widely used almost everywhere; it can used in multiple different occasions and plays a big part in some people's characters. May their character be an alcoholic or they drink a lot, even for parties' alcohol is usually a big thing and there always is some. Without a store that sells it, you wouldn't be able to get for these occasions and these characters when it plays such a big part. Smoking is the same a lot of people characters smoke and it's widely done throughout Korea. This is why having a liquor and smoke shop would be a good addition to the city and very beneficial for all types of roleplays. It would also help enhance the roleplay experience, if we have more of these realistic items and store ideas.


Unique description about your business?:

Lux's Spirits isn't just an alcohol store but is also a smoke store. It is unique on its own because of how little stores sell these items, and none of the other stores selling smoking items like Lux's does. It's a store that beholds all of your wonder and addictions. This ranges from alcohol, vapes, juuls and so much more. There are all different types of items for people the age of twenty or over. We also have a whole floor dedicated to the bar, where we have lovely bartenders who are ready and willing to server you. You can buy any type of liquor at our store; we sell all different varieties of liquor and smoking items to fulfill any needs you may have.  The store is unique from the design of it as most stores have bright colors and are made to have a cleaner look. Lux's Spirits is the opposite and is meant to give more of an olden grunge look, the reason being it goes with what is being sold. It makes for a unique type of design to the store that not a lot of other ones have. This is a place that adults can mingle and drink, which there aren't a lot of a good place to take the edge off after a long day at work even. It's supposed to give a space for those who enjoy drinking and smoking somewhere to go, somewhere where they can actually purchase the things they need. It isn't just a store though, it also a bar so that if you are in the mood to just take a seat somewhere and drink, you can. It also gives more chances to meet new people, you already have one thing you bond over if you are sitting at a bar together. Along with the people who will work here will all be unique in their own ways. Those are some of the many reasons Lux's Spirits is such a unique store, because there genuinely aren't many like it.


References (Interior and Exterior):




These two represent what the inside will look like of the shop. The first one will be the first floor when you first enter, instead of one cashier there will be three spots you can wait in line at. Then instead of seats and tables, there would be lanes for the different things we sell in the store. These lanes will start with the alcohol then in-between where the lanes would be all the smoking items. This is to give a more realistic look of actual stores, most of their smoking stuff is where you checkout. This is because it easily gets sold so it's better to be closer to the cashier. In the downstairs there will be three cashiers, and one manager, senior employee, co-owner or me. We will be monitoring how everything is going, in case we are needed to step in. This also will happen when we have trial employees, to monitor how they do when they are in action. Next to last register will be a staircase leading up to the bar. Then next to the staircase will be a little hall to three separate bathrooms, gender neutral, female and male bathroom. Each of the bathrooms would have four stalls and three sinks. Then some small ICly stuff that could be added. When you go upstairs it will be based on the second photo. In the back though would be a bar, then behind that a storage area. There will be a total of two bartenders working at a time and sometime of supervisor but there with them. At the bar we will only sell the alcohol in our store. In front of the bar there will be five tables at the bar. Then in front of the bar will be five tables, there will be two booths next to the wall and then two normal tables that can fit four people. They will have to order at the bar though unless they are asked to bring it to the table/booth.





The outside I have chosen a mix of these two images. The first image, I like the shape of the building and the layout. I especially like how the roof is shaped, sense I'm going for a more traditional Korean store. Sense there will be two floors to my store, the window in the first image is a good representation of how I want it. It also goes with the roof, so that's another thing I like about it. Those two things I think would be nice to incorporate in the build. The bottom image I want to incorporate the doors, I'm not a fan of the doors in the first image but I like the ones in the second. I think they would fit the shop nicely. I would also like to keep the windows on the bottom floor but make them some type of stained glass. Next to it I think should be a board with some different type of information on it or a graffiti spot. I think it would be nice to incorporate one of those next to my shop. For the color scheme of the outside, I want to stick to more of the first one. For me personally I think it represent more of what we are selling. Then I think outside should be like some flowers and sitting areas.


What is your business selling?: 

There will be different assortments of alcohol and smoking items to choose from. Some of these alcohols may be from different origins and some may be traditional Korean alcohol. Each thing in the store is different in its own way. This may be from the taste, color, how strong is, ML and more.  We will be also selling seasonal alcohol and alcohol exclusive to the Lux's business.




Drinking Contest

This event will be one for the public to partake in. For this event it would consist of eight different people, all of them would have to be twenty or over. You will drink until you reach 80% percent, if there is going to be a drunk percentage. Each contest will get the same thing to drink and drink the same amount. There would be a total of five games, which I have yet to think of all of them yet. Each contestant will participate in these games while drunk and see who can get the most points. There will be a ten-minute time limit on each game, whoever doesn't finish by then does not receive a point. You can win first place, second and third. These places will depend on how many points you get, if you win one game you get two points. If you finish a part of the game, that needed to be finished to continue you get one point. Of course, there will be a game for people who get the same amount in the end. We will do this game a total of four times and take a ten-minute break between the games. There would be new people for each game. While the games are going on there would be a few booths of different shops and one of our own shops selling stuff to the people not participating. There would be seats where the games were taking place, so people who weren't taking part could watch the games. 


Alcohol Tasting

This is like a Wine Tasting; you basically will be trying different types of alcohol. Each of the alcohol at this event will have a different place of origin. This would give more options of alcohol to try and see which one is better. There will probably be a total of ten different bottles of wine. These again will all be from different places of origin. This is to give more variety and options of alcohol that may have not been tried before. Each person will get one sip of each bottle to avoid people getting black out drunk. Then I think there should be an entrance fee of 5,000, and each person is given a stamp ICly. This will help keep a manage on the amount of people going in and out, also would help to make sure it didn't get too crowded. There would be a different person working, were the different alcohol available. You would also need an ID to enter along with the entrance fee. No one under 20 can go in and no one without an ID.


How many employees will you be recruiting?: 

I will be accepting a total of 24 workers. The reason why I choose so many is because a few reasons. One of them being, I want to make sure there are people to show up when we open. I know people take inactivity breaks all the time, so I want to make sure there are workers to cover for them if they are absent. Another thing is I made sure there were a few different roles to apply for. I want to give options for people who are applying. Everyone is different so some people may be better at one thing than the other. Well with a few different options, hopefully there is something for everyone. It gives more experience with different types of jobs, and a variety to choose for when applying.




- There would of course only be one Owner. The owner would be me; the Owner is the person in charge of the whole business. They are the ones who run things and say how things go in the business. They can do all the jobs the other workers do and do other things. They are the ones who handle restocks, complaints, applications and so much more. They are also the only ones who can open the store unless the Co-Owner is given permission to open the store.




- The Co-Owner is the second in charger. They are the ones who work right below the Owner and help to manage the store. There will only be one Co-Owner of the store. They do almost exactly what the Owner does but has less say in things. They are also the only ones who can do an opening beside the owner. They can help with applications, complaints and more stuff. They can also help to deal with issues around the store and can do all the things the other workers can. 




- There will be three managers, the manager will be third in charge of the store. They are also the people who have been working at the store longest or shown the most potential. They will help with things like shifts, applications, openings and a lot more. They will also be the ones who watch over the bottom and second floor. I will need one manager at least to come in for a shift, but don't want to give to many people this role in the store. If only one manager comes in then they will either watch the second or first floor, while I watch the other ones. They will help make sure nothing goes wrong during the shift, they will only do this if they co-owner isn't here. If there is nothing for them to do, then they can work at one of the registers. 


Senior Employees


- I plan to have three senior employees, these are people I think are more qualified that can help with the shop in other ways. They will help when having openings and making sure everything is going right, they can also fill in the job of manager if one isn't there. They will also help to make decision on who gets accepted or not, but they can work as a cashier, bartender or inventory just like the manager can if they applied for it before becoming Senior Employee.




- I'm going to have ten cashiers for the reason, I will only have three registers at the store. This means I need three to come in, if not me or a manager would step in. This would help making sure we have enough people when we open. The cashier job is to stand behind the register and ring up the customer's order. They will help and serve a customer if they are asked. These are the ones who sell the items and make profit based on the earnings they make that day. 




- I plan to have two bartenders work at a time, so I decided on four bartenders in total. I think four is a good amount, because even if only one comes in it shouldn't be too hard. The bar is meant to be a place where you get alcohol beverages and stay for a while, but not that many people should come up at once unless we are just opening. So, even if only one person shows up it wouldn't be such a big problem. The bartenders are meant to stay on the second floor, this is where the bar is of the store. The bartenders will remain on the second floor and serve drinks to the customers. They can only buy alcohol on the second floor; you can't purchase any of the other items in the store.




- I plan to have three people work Inventory. I won't need very many people a shift who do inventory. I will need one maybe two people to do inventory at the openings. Inventory will be counting the items in the chest and making sure it's the amount that's supposed to be there. If anything is missing or it's not the right amount you tell the Owner, Manager or Senior Employee that shift. 



Ji-Hyeong was born into a wealthy and clean family. You could say their family was known as the golden family, there were two boys and one girl. That girl being Ji-Hyeon, both her parents on the outside acted as normal parents would. There was nothing suspicious about them, not even their own kids knew. Both of her parents worked together and owned chained stores across Korea, these stores were mainly clothes and accessories and nothing in the stores were cheap. Thats how she lived for a while, her family was good on the inside nothing really wrong from what you can see. Ji-Hyeong always took interest in the family business, she was fascinated with it and would try to tag along whenever she could. She wasn't fond of the clothes they sold though, even if they were pretty, they seemed too much. Ji-Hyeong learned at a young age she was very picky with everything and very observant. She was always a leader instead of a follower and was just as blunt as she is now. Even though her parents weren't home, they still provided and most the times the nannies did most of the parenting. As Ji-Hyeong got older she had high expectations of herself even from when she was younger, her parents also expected the same. It was built into her brain from a young age, nothing less than perfect is acceptable. Her twin brother graduated at the same time and went off to college somewhere hours away, even though it was a good school, and our parents were proud. Once she got older, she slowly found out what my parents had been hiding all those years, it seemed she was the first out of all the kids to find out. She never herself enjoying school even though she excelled, so she went down the same path as her parents did, but it wasn't the one, she thought she would of.


After years of taking over her parent's other business she decided it was time to come to an end. She found no interest in it anymore and her brother seemed to be more interest than she was.  She stopped doing it once she was thirty-two, she spent most her life working that way, so it took her a while to figure out what she wanted to do after. She had finished school with the highest degree in business, a few majors and minors. Even while taking over her family underground 'business' she finished school and continues to excel. One day she began thinking about her parent's business, how interest she was in it at such a young age and an idea sparked inside her. She wanted to own a business like her family's business, the one that she was inspired off of before finding out the truth. She wanted to start her own business in her name that she could build from the ground up.  Thats how she came up with Lux's Spirits, it took her a lot longer to settle on a name than she thought. Eventually she settled on Lux's Spirits after her parent's business. She kept the Lux in the name but change it up some to something she liked and that wasn't too similar to her parents. She knew from the get-go she didn't want to sell clothes and eventually she came up with smokes and alcohol. It was something that she used frequently and that she grew to enjoy once she reached adulthood. She enjoyed the different flavors, which may sound basic, but wine was her favorite there were so many kinds and each was a different sensation. That what sparked her ideas for an alcohol and smoke store, it was something she enjoyed. She eventually moved to Seoul to pursue her business and start somewhere fresh. She decided to leave her hometown, so that she was somewhere no one knew her. Somewhere new and just a place that she could try over in. This business would be the first step towards that.

Character Information



Full Name:

Ji-Hyeong Kim












September 4th, 1998



Ji-Yeong is a tall woman, she stands at around 181cm. Though when she wears heels, she is much taller. Ji-Yeong is more on the professional or classy side, she always holds herself to high expectations. She gives off a very cold demeanor when you first meet her, this may be because of her backstory and how she sees things. Her face would be more on the soft side even though she had a sharp jawline. This shaped her face more into the way she acts, while her body is more of an hourglass figure. When you first see her, you can tell she would be tall from her body even without seeing her height. She wears very light makeup, which includes eyeliner and mascara. Then she outlines her lips and puts on various lip products, to get the look she wants. First meeting her you may be intimidated, because of the lack of emotions she shows and also how she holds herself. Her posture is always straight, and she never slouches when she walks. She always has her hands behind her back or crossed in front of her chest though when she talks, she moves her hands with what she's saying. She isn't very expressive in what she says, but her body language tells more than anything.


Beside her appearance giving off more of a professional and classy she looks; she has a few piercings along her face. She has an eyebrow on her left eyebrow. Then she would have a bridge, labret, nostril and dimple piercings. Then the ones not visible to the eye would be a tongue and belly button. It was a rare occasion to see her with her piercings in on serious matters, along with her tattoos. She has a few tattoos that normal you would see, but because she covers them a lot of the time. It is a rare occasion to see her with them. She would have a neck tattoo and a spine tattoo on her back. Then a sleeve that would be of many different things. Her reason for covering them is that in professional matters, she doesn't feel as if they bring out what people want to see. She believes that at certain times, the best way to get her point across is looking to the other persons agenda. Now her hair would be a sort of grey, blue toned color. The color would be a dyed one but not that much off her normal pitch-black hair. Her hair would have many layers in it, including having curtain bangs. It was about below her shoulders where it set. She wore mainly dresses and feminine clothes, but when she did wear the occasional 



Ji-Hyeong comes off as a very strict women and cold. While she is she doesn't exactly act cold once you meet her and get to know her. Her personality at first comes off as judging women, who is cold towards most individuals she meets. Her facial expressions never change even when she's talking about something huge. She never raises her voice or changes the tone of her voice. It's always at the same tone and she speaks coldly towards everyone. It's not even the things she says, but more the way they are taken by the other person. When she speaks, she can say kind things, but is very blunt about everything. She does not see the point in hiding something that is wrong or needs to be changed. She takes charge in matters and won't stay quiet when she doesn't like something. In those times she can come off as harsh or rude, but it's just how she is. She speaks her mind on things and knows the answers to most things that are asked.  When she speaks to people, she addresses them as their last names till told otherwise, when someone is older than her or of more authority, she will use Sir and Miss.  She speaks this way from her past and the rules she had to follow. When you get to know her though, you will understand that even though she speaks the way she does and phrases things certain ways. She means no harm in what she says, nor a disrespectful way. This is just the way she is used to speaking and how her words come out, besides her tone of voice she is nice. She still has a more professional personality as that is her way of paying respect.


She is a nice woman overall but some of mannerisms and her personality that clash. She isn't like the mother type of nice, but the comrade at school type of nice. The one that will still tell you if something is wrong and not be afraid to do it, but also help you when you need. They don't treat you great or poorly, they treat you like a person. That is how she treats almost everyone she comes into contact with and will continue to treat them. She doesn't necessarily try to make strong bonds with people, but when she does. She treats them much more highly than others and usually put their needs above anyone else's. Even though she treats them like this, it doesn't cloud her brain. She will still call them out when they are wrong, or even when they are doing something of poor taste. She also easily picks up on what people are thinking, through their body language, how the talk and what they are doing with their eyes. She can easily read a person, so she is not easily taken advantage of, because even if you are her friend, she won't allow that.  For some reason she doesn't seem to get worked up the way other do. She doesn't get overall happy or angry, and if she is she definitely won't show it to anyone. She is keen on keeping the way she holds herself professional, so she sets those high expectations of herself and how she is supposed to act. She will never do anything that the public can see that will draw suspicion to her. She stays away from other people's issues or drama, because she does not want that to reflect on her in the slightest. 


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Thank you for applying for business owner. 

I will send you a DM on discord regarding your application and setting up your roles. 

Thank you for applying for the business faction. Welcome to the community!

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