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OOC Information:






Do you have a microphone?

I do, but the one on my laptop is disrepair, and I can't get the settings to work. Though I can join the VCs.

BST (Ireland) /GMT+1

Any Previous ban/warns?


How active are you?

I've been playing on the server known as SRP almost every day, just for some while but not continually. Every day, considering college I’d be online at least 3 hours a day if not more. The most I’d be on would be 6 hours at a time keeping into consideration OOC situations. I'd rather not AFK my time away uselessly like I used to on SRP, so I'd rather invest time into something else.

Why are you interested in joining EMS?

My motivation to become part of the EMS is to continue doing what I enjoy doing, and that is helping people as a Doctor in EMS. Me who is currently studying for my undergraduate degree in medicine, I have great enthusiasm for the role and I greatly enjoy the field.
In the sense of why I’m applying for the role on SeoulRP, though I was part of the EMS faction on SRP, it is because my friend recommended this to me, after certain leadership values degraded in the other server that I have mentioned.

I have seen the EMS in action on SRP, and have been one myself

During my timezone, mostly there aren’t as many people online so I’d just run around the server without having anything to do. So instead of spending my free time like that like I've done previously on SchoolRP, I rather have something to do, when the server is open again.

What skills can you bring to EMS?

My benefit to the team would be that I will commit a great deal of my effort to improving myself as well as teaching others and helping them out with doubts, questions, etc.

I believe I can use my knowledge that I've outlined in the above question to benefit not just myself, but others. I will be heavily contributing to the team as a whole, and I am ample when it comes to the fact of finishing things on time and keeping efficiency and quality all the while.

If I’m given a chance, I could contribute a great deal to the entire team and ultimately the server as well. I’m quite passionate about this profession, and I had fun being an EMS in SchoolRP, so I believe I can contribute a lot if given a chance.
What role are you applying for? [E.g: Surgeon, Psychiatrist, Paramedic, Nurse]

I am applying for the position of Doctor.

Are you familiar with Detailrp?

Yes, I am familiar with DetailRP, I've been a Doctor in the EMS faction on SchooRP, but was told by a friend about this server, and I've decided to move here once it is out.

I always try to make more creative actions, trying to make them as realistic and interesting. I can use my oocly experience to enhance my detailrp skills which I think is an extreme benefit in certain cases.
I've always strived in SRP to do the same, and I plan to continue doing so in this server. 

Do you acknowledge you may be demoted if caught breaking any rules or guidelines?

I agree and I acknowledge this fact, though I will strive to prevent any causes to warrant this as I've tried to avoid the same in SRP.

IC Information:


Character name:

Alina K. Ichimori

Age [Or age you wish to be 25+]: 


Current occupation:

N/A (Previous occupation: Hospital located in Japan)

Languages Spoken:

French, Japanese

Why would you like to join EMS?

I want to join EMS, since I enjoy helping people on a daily basis. I've moved from my previous hospital due to some administration issues, but I still want to continue to help others and to make a change in the community. I always wanted to be a doctor, ever since my mother had passed away, and I have worked hard to get where I've gotten, and I believe I can be a great addition to the team, if you'd have me.

What is your characters outlook on team work?

Alina tries to get along with all of her co-workers, she always strives to make conversation and tries to say hello to them, when she runs into them outside work. She would love to make good friends on the EMS team. She would try to offer help to everyone and would accept it if offered as well. She understands the importance of team-work and actively accepts it. She always tries her best to fit in and get along with her co-workers, and she would always be a 'good team member' when it comes down to stressful sitations(during rush-hour etc.) She is also known is working with EMS workers from her previous occupation, and understands the importance of team-work and has actively supports the outlook.

What is your characters personality like?

She can be cold and analyzing sometimes, but around her friends and family, she is a very fun person to be around. She opens up quickly to those she trusts, and she would be pretty talkative. She always strives to make acquaintances, and she always goes to help people she sees in the street, as she always thinks of her little brother when she sees the helpless kids in the street.
She has a sense of confidence, but this is sometimes taken as arrogance, and so, people start to dislike her.

She usually goes to the riverside, witnessing the slow streams and the beauty of nature, while reading her books, which is her way of relaxing.


How does your character work under pressure?

Since her previous occupation, she has a plethora of exprience working under pressure, during rush hours and treating patient's as they keep coming through the doors. She had a lot of training from previous doctors, and she can deal with situations quickly and effciently, still maintaining the standard of patient care.

Background [Minimum 100 words]

Alina K. Ichimori was born on January 4th, 1995 on a Wednesday, in Osaka, Japan. She lived with her mother who is from Osaka, and her father who was Irish in ethnicity. She was the eldest child, having a little brother named Ren. He is currently turning about 22 years old and he is currently in college. While Alina might still be on ‘okay’ terms with their family, Ren wasn’t on any terms with them, usually not going to visit for holidays such as Christmas, etc. He had always stayed away from family gatherings, but he was close to Alina, and so was she to him. They were pretty close, right back when they were kids, and nothing could separate them even to this day.

Continuing, The family lived in Osaka for about 7 years in a small homely house, they all loved the house, the smell of the cherry blossoms in the summer, and the beautiful stream that was right beside their house. She and Ren used to play for hours on end around the stream with their childhood friends, it is still a deep memory for both of them. Alina mostly used to sit around the stream and listen to the sounds of the river flowing, the wind rustling through the leaves, and the smell of the fresh air outside. She loved watching how nature worked.
One day, her father got a high-ranking promotion that required him to emigrate back to Ireland. Doing so they all moved to Ireland, though her mother wasn’t as enthusiastic as her father was. Yes, he was getting more income than before, but she didn’t want to leave her hometown and her family who lived there in the end, after much deliberation, she moved with them.

Alina and Ren both could hear their parents arguing at night, though it was pretty frequent not all the time. But after some time, their mother caved and the house was peaceful again. She got a job as a nurse in a hospital which inspired Akira to become a Doctor in the first place since her mom would always tell these stories about how they saved lives and fascinating stories from the hospital that she’s never heard before. Her mother used to bring her to the hospital sometimes, showing her the workplace, once she was able to observe a surgery. Being fascinated with how they saved lives in the Hospital, fueled her desire to become a doctor. Telling her mom what she wanted to be, her mom encouraged her to smile, which made Alina happy.

When they were both about 9 years old, their mother passed away in a motorway accident while driving home back from work, just after Christmas (hence why Ren doesn’t like holidays). Although being rushed to the hospital, it was too late as she had passed from the extent of her injuries. Of course, they were broken up with this news when it happened, and this was a factor in why Alina was diagnosed with anxiety around that time. The happenings here are why Alina was so invested in becoming a doctor, she wanted to save people like her Mom, to make sure people didn't lose their loved ones like she lost her mother. Their father had become incredibly distant after her passing with them frequently hearing him talk to himself, apologizing during the nights to no one in particular.

Alina continued her high school years just on her studies, just to achieve her goal of being a doctor so she can make her mom proud of her and get her father to notice her after all this time. She made some good friends that she still talks to today after all the time. She always volunteered for clean-ups, extra-curricular, etc. At this point, she was working a part-time job to save up some money for her expenses later on in life, with her father continuing his job but with him not talking to either Ren or herself. Without her mother, he spent most of his time at work and not at home, avoiding them. He never told them the exact reason why he was

She pursued forth in college, after which she went forth with pursuing her medical degree, working hard, in late-night study sessions to achieve her goal of becoming a doctor. The different types of work and positions always fascinated her, with the different illnesses, injuries, diseases, and ways to cure them. This made it interesting to find ways to solve the problems and discover the, which makes learning easy for her because it was fun and fascinating. At some point, the stuff became natural to her, she was amended on her grades and her efforts throughout her time there.

Continuing with her life, she sped through her studies, breaking through her roadblocks and overcoming the hurdles she was faced with, and eventually, she graduated with honors. Though being happy with her current achievements, she didn't let herself get too excited because she had a lot of studies and effort to go through, before she could become a doctor.

Finally, it’s been many years since the start of her life. She has achieved gotten her degrees and specialization and she is finally happy with where she is and what she has achieved along the way. She is striving to be the best she can be in every way and she is almost on her way to getting what she worked hard for. Her father is still pretty distant but he has started talking to her, which made her a little happy since it was finally an improvement, even after all this time had passed. Unfortunately, Ren isn’t as forgiving as she was and so he still holds a grudge against their father. Ren is going for the same career path as her and is currently pursuing his degree in college. The fact that her little brother looked up to her as a role model and wanted to follow in her footsteps made her smile, and it is with that smile that she always walks around nowadays

Criminal record:

No criminal background, and never had one, even in SRP.



By applying for EMS, you pledge to prescribe only beneficial treatments according to your best ability and judgement, to refrain from causing harm or hurt, and to live an exemplary personal and professional life.

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