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Zoey159's German Language Application

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IGN(In Game Name):


What Language are you applying for?:


How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters):

Blaire was born and raised in Mittenwald, Germany, a lovely little mountain town. Blaire was, obviously, born to their two parents, Archie and Erika, both of whom were also born and raised in Germany. As a baby, Blaire was... Very talkative. They would constantly babble, doing what babies do, of course. When they were roughly a year old, they started to talk. Just mimicking things their parents would say, blurbled baby words. Though, fairly soon, their first word 'Mama' was said! This word actually ensued an argument between their parents, but that's another story. Their mother, who was on leave from her work at the time, took it upon herself to teach Blaire how to speak. A bit more than the average parent, one could argue. It was just simple things at first, a word here or there that Blaire would repeat. And by the time their second birthday was nearing, they could say a variety of words. Boy, did Blaire have quite the vocabulary!
After turning two, their mother switched to other forms of learning. Most notably being flashcards, and fun little games for the two to play. The flashcards used slowly grew more difficult, and as did their games! Their favorite were a sort of Pictionary game, where their mother would draw something, and Blaire had to state what it was. Quite fun! While it took a lot of hard work, Blaire was a good learner, and even quite relentless. Despite this, they did struggle with some things. Certain mashes of vowel sounds, and umlauts were big struggle points. However, Blaire didn't give up! They kept trying, and managed to master these struggles. By the age of three and a half, Blaire had their sentences down. And by four, they could read their parents short storybooks! There are, of course, words Blaire still doesn't know, as with most people. That being said, Blaire is still constantly learning.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?:

Blaire is, well, German! Having this language to roleplay with would add a whole new level of depth to their character. It would bring new opportunities to my character, whether that be jobs, or even just friendships. It would also just make roleplaying as them easier, as it is a part of their character.

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