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SPD | W2RD's Application !


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OOC section:



Discord [ex. Peanut#4270]:
beetele#1911 ! I am almost always active on discord and will be happy to answer any sort of questions, informational or personal! Even just to chat!

Time zone:
GMT / BST [England]

Any previous bans/warns?
As this is a fresh start I currently don't have any form of warns/bans and I hope to keep it this way in the future by studying the rules closely and keeping myself close to the guidelines! I'm happy to take the time to learn any sort of rules, guidelines and methods to do the best job that I can and provide a more safe, immersive experience.

Describe your current level of activity on the server:
As of current the server is currently in beta, but when it releases I hope to bring my activity levels up to about 4-8 hours a day at first and if I get more free time it could increase to 14-18! As I currently have severe health issues it is a bit of a struggle for me, but I try my best to be active! The only times I am not is when I am having a minor health emergency, which unfortunately I can't help so sometimes I find myself going AFK for a couple minutes to take my medication! Other than that I am fully dedicated to RPing.

Do you have access to a microphone?
I do! I am mostly mute due to my mental disability unfortunately but I luckily make up for it by being able to type quickly to make up for my silence and can still listen!

Do you have any previous experience with police work?
Yes! I have been a Police Officer, Captain and Sergeant on other roleplay services previously and have had IRL experience! I was previously a Police Cadet and am currently training to become a fully fledged officer IRL and genuinely love what I do.  I have written about my previous responsibilities before and how I usually find the PoliceRP experience to go! I have been doing PoliceRP for upwards of 4 years now along with my IRL experience which I have been through cadet training for a year as well before I hope to go to a policing academy once my health improves. I have previously ran a smaller server's Police Department where I created all the needed documentation, skins and resources needed for a fully fledged experience!

For patrol, an officer [When I was around previously.] Would be expected to patrol at least twice a week with the provided routes around the city, around times of issue [extremely hostile gangs] you'd be required to take a secondary person with you, and a third if you were taking a cadet. Though I'd imagine nowadays it would be acceptable to do a singular patrol, but recommended to go out in at least a pair to carry out a swift search without the need to bring your back to a wall, instead relying on your partner. Patrols generally last about 5-10 minutes and you are required not to AFK outside of the station what-so-ever and must report to your higher rank VIA face-to-face or over the radio before or after patrol. This can be done verbally through speech 'Permission to patrol', 'Returned from patrol with ###', etc. Or through some of the taught radio codes. such as 10-8, 10-20 etc.

Front desk duties remain simple, and are mostly carried out by lower ranks such as Patrol officers and newly hired Cadets. This role requires you to face the public in a calm and polite manner to take reports, requests and take in bail money. Though, reports require the individual to enter the station; which provides a potential hazard that a cadet may find hard to cope with. When taking a report during front desk duty your first call of order is to assess the situation, ask yourself if the individual is stable enough mentally to enter the station alone, following the rule of only one person per report, anyone else present will be asked to leave the station for convenience or will be asked to wait quietly in the reception area. Non-service animals are not permitted entry, into the station or reception.

Behind the scenes duties can include, but are not limited to, discord formatting, document creation and management, OOC management of cases, training sessions and conversing about complaints. Mostly OOC duties, but can be IC interactions like RP to develop characters and such. I often found myself creating training documents for physical and informational previously as a sergeant, and helped gather screenshots for promotional and edited pieces to go towards other PD related documents, along with helping with how some of the station could be laid out. I absolutely love helping with OOC things when I am unable to get on and find these projects extremely theraputic.

Public appearances are mostly categorized under public events and outings and such, this could be seen as server-wide events, formal faction-based events, house raids or partially more public patrols around busier areas, your duties within this category is to uphold professionalism, patience and a calm nature towards the public. While you most likely will be in a group and can be reminded of this, it is important to remember that when you are out, you yourself represent part of the PD and should exceed public expectations to keep a positive relationship. This, previously, when tarnished can lead to public upset and greater violence rates within the city. Even when threatened or harmed by the public, you should remain firm with offenders while not losing your temper too much. It may, possibly be a court case as well, and your duty should be to not follow the steps of the previous individuals featured in such cases. . .

The final category is inmate care, which is the basic mugshots, feeding prisoners, allowing them exercise on the roof, and visitations. Visitations should not last more than 20 IC minutes and requires 2 or more officers, one on either side of the glass, both with batons - tazers not being accepted at this stage. Inmate should be cuffed to the chair, and when moved the inmate should ALWAYS remain in cuffs. The other two are self-explanatory. It is not recommended for prisoners to be permitted to have contact with each other during their stays; as it can cause fights and possibly up rise against the detaining officers.

For the Detective and Lieutenant roles, it is highly important for those wanting to ascend in the ranks to undergo strict firearm training; so they are sure that they know when and how to use glocks, how the mechanics work and how to respond when someone is not reacting correctly to their use on the field. They will under go further physical and informational training on the topic, while detectives will also go through mandatory extra training with an added test to qualify for their specialist position. Currently I am unaware of the process of detective training as it is not something I have wanted to pursue in the past, so I have never asked to go through the training as I prefer the route of Lieutenant towards my progression, which I hope to achieve after my previous achievement of sergeant, which I am extremely proud of.

Is what I previously wrote from my entire experience, having done lots of IC and OOC work for different police departments it'd be an honour to continue my line of duty with a new community where I can harness different RP experiences. While this is a general overview I have quite a bit more in-depth knowledge around more deep interactions with corruption, violence and generally more RP based things rather than the general workings of a proper PD! As I said next to my discord I am entirely happy to give information advice and help out wherever I can!

Do you have any experience with CombatRP?
I do ! I have been doing P2L, combatRP and such for over 3 years for general MinecraftRP and for a further 8 Years on more text based RP places! My knowledge with it mostly comes from a more PD related experience which is where I thrive, or one that is with a more 'eloquent' fighting style.  Despite years, I am often quite rusty and would be happy to brush up on my skill as I have never really GangRPed in my time so that side of things I do not have much experience with! As per usual I am always looking to improve my knowledge of things to make sure I can provide a good experience for everyone I interact with.

What motivates you to apply for SPD?
Mainly it is my passion for this line of work, but also to see how a fresh server will handle a new Police Department! Having worked in many different settings before I always enjoy seeing new experiences and getting involved myself as I really do enjoy these budding communities of people who are also passionate about PoliceRP as I am. Whether it be full of suspense, more calm and wholesome moments or just messing around I love the general community that surrounds PoliceRP and want to help it get up on its feet with my own bit of enthusiasm! Along with this, as cheesy as it is, it makes me feel at home and like I'm apart of a community that really cares and that I can help while finally being included in something. This is incredibly important to me as someone who likes sharing stories and experiences! While those are my main motivations, it's also the new fresher more exciting nature of being included in something new, to have the ability to see something develop and develop myself alongside it. This is something that brings  me indescribable joy and truly brings me joy.


IC information:

Character name:
Dr. Makoto Shimada

Character age:


 Preferred pronouns:
He/Him [cis male]

What motivates your character to join the force?
Makoto Shimada's entire life he has been dedicated to justice and being lawful, after he was rescued from his home by officers at a young age and spent many nights in the Police Department of Kyoto after his brothers sudden death in his home's raid, he built bonds with the Sergeant that saved him and eventually found that his extremely large size and daunting figure could be used for something else other than  farming, but what his family tried to make him tall for, but instead to join the police force and prevent criminals from corrupting those around them as they had done previously to his brother to earn money off of him. He has a severe hatred for weapon peddlers after watching his own cadets die to the hands of weapon deals gone wrong and has a severe undying purely strong connection to serving a commissioner with his entire life and nothing less. His dedication to following orders is his largest motivation; he himself said he can't live without it.

[SHIMADA]: " My brother was a weapon peddler in our old farmhouse and was violently killed in the police raid when I was 13 while he attempted to protect me from armed officers, but in doing so they thought he was brandishing his weapon and killed him, I was dragged out through the screams of his comrades and taken to the Police department where this Sergeant, sadly I can't remember his name, took me in as his own. I stayed with the Police, not wanting to see my mother again, who later died of heartbreak. The Police department was all I knew. I can't live without it now, I love my comrades dearly and need my captain's orders to get by. "

Is your character familiar with self-defense?
Makoto has previously been an officer since he was 24 years old and has had experienced defending himself of over 100 Katana attacks, 20 smaller knife crimes and countless unarmed assaults. To say he was familiar would be an understatement, his entire life he'd been committed to keeping himself and his other comrades out of harms way; especially his own cadets.

Experience with; Armed with glock, armed with tazer, armed with baton and unarmed.

How well does your character work with others?
Makoto has previously been described by his comrades as the most loyal man in his PD multiple times, he's a complete follower and takes orders without judgement or defiance, He is best known for his sheer dedication to the Captain and Commissioner of his PDs and will follow them loyally to his grave. Despite his usual unawareness, Makoto has gotten better with fighting corruption and mistrust within his ranks and simply wants the best for everyone involved, even if he would be injured or harmed during the process.

Is your character independent or a team player?
Makoto relies on teamwork. In his own words. " You do not join a police force expecting to be some lone wolf that will singlehandedly handle crime, that's how you perish fastest. " He believes teamwork is essential for survival and attempts to involve everyone in his activities, trainings and offers everyone support [albeit it can be harsh, but this is mostly out of concern for keeping his comrades alive.

What makes your character unique?
His most unique property is his height and weight, Makoto is a monolith with gigantism standing at a staggering 7'4. Weighting upwards of 350 pounds he is described as an immovable stone wall, alongside this his borderline obsession with following orders are what really makes Makoto stand out as himself, his extreme formality following alongside this. Despite his staggering height, Makoto is not swift whatsoever and moves in a clunky, staggering manner, which causes him to take a lot more hits than others often would in the force; giving him both advantages and severe disadvantages. Not only this; Makoto is already heavily injured and has scarring across his entire body, which creates an intimidating look, but also causes him to be a heavy bleeder that reacts more severely to injury.








Makoto Shimada grew up in rural Kyoto, Japan. His entire being was an experiment, his family wanted to create him to run the farm after their passing and so only chose the tallest partners with the highest muscle mass possible. Their creation in those terms was Makoto himself. His staggering size even at birth shocked the doctors and midwives that handled his newly given vessel. His childhood was spent on the farm, from a young age training his muscles and bringing himself to grow stronger under his fathers watchful eye before his eventual department from their family when he was a mere four years old. He felt lost without a father figure, Makoto overworked himself as his family fell further into the deep pit that was poverty and it consumed his lonesome heart to the point he would often cry to his mother at confusion. Why did his body hurt so much when he grew? Why was he unable to eat on some days? And most importantly, why him? Such a woeful start for a boy would not inspire confidence, especially not for his mother. His brother was already absorbed into a crime ring that brought in quite a bit of money; but also notable police activity in their area as his gang grew more notorious.

Eventually, the house was raided. Dakota Shimada, Makoto's loving brother cradled the large, sobbing boy in his arms as yelling rung out throughout the house. "LET GO OF YOUR WEAPONS AND GET ON THE FUCKING FLOOR!" Was all Makoto, now 13 heard before his brothers grip tightened a final time, he fell limp. He'd been shot, "GET THE BOY!" Another voice made his ears ring as he was pulled away from his brother; he didn't even realise that was it, that was the last time he'd see Dakota. He looked up to see where he was then, in the arms of an officer who struggled to carry the growing boy to a police van; from which he watched his former home be set alight as it disappeared over the horizon. He'd be living at the Police station for months as an orphan.

Makoto was good at helping out, though. He'd carry things for the officers, keep an eye on criminals and bring joy to his new family, It was from there he realised what he truly wanted to do with the rest of his life, and they began to help him get into a notorious academy.


Level of education [Associates, Bachelors, Masters, etc.]
Masters in Professional Policing and a Doctorate in medicinal practises.



If charged by an armed delinquent, how should you react?
In such a situation you should already have your tazer dispatched outside of the station, and should react accordingly, taze in the leg, bring to the floor, detain, disarm. After using a tazer it should be noted that it is important to announce that you've used your equipment as to make your co workers aware of what has already been applied and for any form of court hearing, it will be known how many tazer / glock shots were used. their weaponry should be taken for evidence and afterwards disposed of accordigly.

While you are at the station, another officer sends out a distress signal. What do you do?
Take not of the type of distress signal and see the level of urgency. Assuming the levelling system is 1-5, 1 being most severe, 5 being least, you should follow each protocol accordingly and quickly gather coworkers to dispatch to the scene and safely subdue the threat accordingly.

You are surrounded by several armed individuals; how do you react?
Call for backup and attempt to stall to keep your life for as long as you can, reason with if necessary to stall before backup arrives,  You can attempt to shoot if armed with a glock, but in most situations it will not work out in your favor and a distress signal will be needed.

You believe a higher up officer is abusing their power, what do you do?
If it is safe to do so, collect photographic evidence [SS] and report to a higher-up. If the individual happens to be one of your higher-ups, it should be handled by the court of law and do not attempt to physically step in. You will lose.  Most of this should be taken ICly if RPed out, but if it is OOC, then it should be reported via Discord. If it is being RPed out as a minor event within the PD, you should make sure you action your character collecting such details with a phone in hand and remember the rules surrounding phone use during recordings, photos and data collection. If you are taking photos your phone should have a camera and be out at all times, and the same goes for videos. If you do not have a screenshot of your character starting the recording and ending it; then your recording will be voided entirely.



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