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I have multiple accounts however, I'll be applying with KnotSkellington
Yumane Hamilton



Yumane Hamilton was born in Japan with his brothers, sisters and relatives. The male had red dark auburn hair that hung a little below his shoulders. He grew up on a small island in Japan and thats where he attended his educational needs. However, the island had very high crime rates and the male decided to get into that category. Yumane was a part of a gang, or more like a cult. He had a loving boyfriend, but Yumane didn't tell him what he was in. Throughout Yumane's journey of the gang life, the male got into some interesting scenarios. First a man hunt was placed on him, however, the Police never succeeded to find him since Yumane was in anonymous attire. One day, Yumane was exploring the islands Powerplant and the male tripped, causing him to face plant into hot oil. This caused half of his face to be burnt, leaving it as a scar. By now Yumane was 20 years old, he found out that his family was involved in a bunch of gangs and illegal activity as well. The island has a sewer system and thats where most of the gang hooligans hang out down there. One day the male decided to explore the sewer system by himself, and a group decided to come along and beat the male up. They decided to leave Yumane a painful message by chopping his left arm off. However the members didn't let Yumane bleed out they bandaged his arm up to prevent the bleeding. Yumane was then given a prosthetic for his arm. Yumane wanted a break from Japan, so he decided to leave and go to a city called Seoul. Beginning his new life.

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For the record I don't think I'm better than everyone else. Just that I'm better than you.

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