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Kyodai Pizza | Business application

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Time Zone: 

EST | Eastern Standard Time

Server Activity:

Due to the server needing to be open, I can't give a definitive answer; however, I'm online most of the time; since I do college online, this would complement my server activity, allowing me to have a predominant presence on the server.  Regardless of my busy schedule throughout the week, I will prevail and have vast communication of my plan.

Previous warns or bans:


Business Information:

Business Name: 

Kyodai Pizza

Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.):

This business is associated in the restaurant aspect of business; however, I would be hoping during certain season will introduce accessories ranging from plushies to headwear items such as a hat or glasses.  

Motivation on why you wanted to apply:

 Unique Role-Play Experience

I've played Seoul before in the past, regardless of it was in BETA, I still had a fun time with my friends; I want to give back to the server by showing the player base a new shop that might make the roleplay experience interesting to the customer, as well as the employees. This also gives me an opportunity to have a first-hand experience on what it's like to store manage and connect with the people who surround themselves in this type of role-playing. This may even lead me to create new idea's as well as engage in a new personal hobby.


Filling in the gaps

I personally believe that Seoul is coming a long way in having outstanding shops that represent ingenuity, creativity, accountability, and dedication. More and more I see the potential of unique ideas waiting to be expressed. I've had this idea for a while, and I think it would have a fun and immersive roleplay experience. I want to have a role that would better fill in the section surrounding this type of roleplay. I believe adding a unique restaurant as this would not only enhance roleplay experience, but also have a good time with everyone. 


Unique description of your business


The inspiration for this name was due to my brother and I. ''Kyodai'' means 'Brothers', which suits the establishment well, considering the foundation was essentially found by two brothers. However, this doesn't mean that the shop is only going to be run by two people, we plan on having a suitable number of employees to complement the business requirements and needs.

Open suggestions

We will do our best to ensure the customer's demands are answered. Having that said, we're always open to any improvements that should be done for the benefit of the business and the consumer. Here at Kyodai, no opinion will be judged down upon, I personally believe that a business is run strongly by criticism and ingenuity. Any complaints will also be taken into consideration and will notify the owners immediately, so don't be shy if there's something troublesome.

Unique job positions

Delivery: This is a unique job amongst Seoul since most people have not held this job before. This position will be a great responsibility but also rewarding. These people will also have company access to a motorbike (in the future) that would assist them in getting the food arrived much quicker. Note that it is NOT a necessity to use this vehicle, however, it makes it more stand-out. To obtain this job, employees must show great speed and environmental knowledge.

Mascot: Mascots have the sole purpose of being the ‘star’ of the restaurant. Brand icons and mascots have long been instrumental in providing tangible personas to improve brand recognition. We want to invoke a sense of nostalgia for the consumer. This role will bring nice storytelling while giving a sense of imagination to the establishment. To obtain this job, the employee must show compassion, tolerance, and approachable aurora.

References (Interior/Exterior)








What is your business selling

Not just pizza

Although known for pizza, Kyodai's will also offer beautifully crusted calzones, fresh subs, and even pasta! I also plan on getting soda imported that would complement the selection of the menu. Kyodai will sell beer, but ONLY for indoor dining, for Identification purposes, but other than that, most options WILL BE deliverable. Having that said, in the future of the shop, we plan on adding possible merchandise, such as a mini plushie of the mascot.


Host fun events!


(''If it's not there on time, it's on us!'')

Every once and a while, if our employees are feeling up for the challenge, we'll consider a deal that if the customer doesn't get the pizza delivered in a certain amount of time, it's on the house! This will NOT affect the employee's pay by much at all, it will be my responsibility if the customer doesn't get it on time, it's just an activity that might pump their adrenaline, while also giving the customer fingers-crossed hoping we'll arrive late.


(Come one, come all! Test your strength for a free pie and become our champion!)

Ah, now who doesn't want to settle business with their adversary, sibling, or friends by dueling them in an arm-wrestling match to get a free pie of pizza! To add to it this will be an ongoing trend in our business that we keep track of the champion arm wrestler. By the end of the month, whoever the champion is, gets 100k!! (Becoming champion of the month will also give this player's name on the ''Champions Wall'', FOREVER!).




How many Employees will you be recruiting



Owner [1 / 1]: II_Ironics_II

Store Manager [1 / 1]: BlackPottatoooo

Cashiers [0 / 3]: N/A

Delivery [0 / 3]: N/A

Waiters/Waitresses [0 / 3]: N/A

Mascot [0 / 2]: N/A

(I am not sure how the Seoul currency is, I cannot give a definitive average for each worker)

Back Story


Many years ago, there were two brothers by the name of Aaron and Nikolai. Born in a poor section of Russia, they've had a harsh life, including famine. Aaron and Nikolai didn't do too well in school because they had to help their mother from an illness by getting some income for her medications. One day, Nikolai and Aaron separated to scout out for any job openings, and Nikolai found a pizza shop run by an old Japanese man. After regrouping, Nikolai mentioned the pizza shop, and the day after, they went off to ask to work there; however, the man was hesitant to accept the two young boys. Although discouraged by hiring them, he needed workers to deliver pizzas, so he immediately handed them pizzas to deliver by a particular time. Aaron and Nikolai had a lot of fun providing pizzas, such as doing races or whoever could make the most significant number of deliveries. The Japanese man was impressed by the young boys and decided to give them a pay raise as long as they kept up the excellent work. The two boys worked hard through the months, obtaining suitable money for their mother's illness and aiding her in a successful recovery. After years passed, Aaron and Nikolai continued working at the pizza shop; however, the old Japanese man was dying due to infection, and they had to work the shop themselves. Aaron and Nikolai struggled to maintain the shop due to inexperience in managing one. Many customers complained, were disinterested, and even poked fun at the restaurant. The ridicule was a heartache for the two young men, but they never gave up on the restaurant because they wanted to honor the man that brought them in and treated them like sons. Aaron and Nikolai were given advice from the old man, sharing his experiences and enlightening them on better managing the business and secrets of making the pizza better. Oddly enough, the two brother's pizza was terrible due to not using a good water source. They went to a nearby store to get tons of freshwater imported from New York and used that to make great crusts. After experimenting, many customers started coming in like clockwork, which turned the tide of business into a successful endeavor. Unfortunately, after the old man's passing, Aaron and Nikolai weren't allowed to keep the shop because it was inherited from his family. The two brothers fought over it but were unsuccessful. With enough money, the two set off to learn new languages, ranging from Japanese, Latin, and Korean. Nikolai and Aaron lived in Japan for a while; however, they were denied by most landlords owning a business since it wasn't ideal for their food assumption. Frustrated, Aaron looked throughout Japan but could not find anything; he eventually tried to look at other countries; however, he did not want to return to Russia due to the memories of the last pizza shop. One day, he caught his eye on a city called Seoul. Aaron and Nikolai booked an airplane ticket there, touring the place for a while before deciding that this would be their place to live. After proving their fluency in the language and applying for citizenship, they also brought in their first-hand experience with fresh pizza and a unique food truck that went around the city for people to buy. Business boomed rapidly, so they decided to expand their business by having their restaurant

Character Information:


Aaron Zakharov


26 years old



Extra Information:

Note: The menu at Kyodai Pizza WILL HAVE additional items for different seasons or events. This is the generic menu that customers have available to deliver and dine-in, however, the dine-in menu will have a few more options to chose from, such as beer or desserts. Prices may vary depending on Holidays.

Uniform Idea:







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I have decided to place your application on pending - you will receive a response the next time applications are reviewed.

If you have any questions feel free to message me (lust#6358)


Bradley | @fwlust
Staff Manager


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