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Dean application for Nikon Nishikawa

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OOC Information




My Ign is  currently NikonTheChefRP



The Discord account that I use is CertainSnake#0287


Age: (Optional)

I am currently 19 years of age, however, I will be 20 soon



The time zone that I am in is GMT, however this is during the colder seasons, when it becomes hotter I will be in the BST time zone


Describe your activity within the server:

Seeing as SLRP currently isn't open, I'm not really able to say, if it was open however, I would more than likely be online on average 6 hours a day unless I have work, however every Wednesday I have no other activities on, thus meaning that I should be online for around 9-10 hours, hopefully more if no emergency came up


Previous warns/bans, if so list them:

I have no warnings or bans on the Discord servers or even the Server itself, I wish to keep my reputation in that direction by looking at the rules of the server at least once a day


Links to Previous applications, if so, list them:

Here are all of my applications listed below, both current and previous applications




What is your chosen employee role? (Nurse, Receptionist, Tutor, Janitor and Teaching Assistant)

The role that I am wishing to apply for is the Dean role


Do you acknowledge the rules of the server?

Yes, I acknowledge each and every rule of the server, I will also proceed to read them at the very least of one time a day until the point of me knowing each and every rule off by heart


Do you acknowledge being active for a certain amount of time will lead to a demotion?

Yes, I acknowledge the fact that when it comes to being inactive for too long, then i may get demoted from the role that I had applied to


IC Information


Character Name:

My name is Nikon Nishikawa



I am 42 years of age


Current Occupation:

I currently have no job here in Seoul, this would be due to the fact I haven't lived in Seoul for long


Provide 3 /me's of how your character fits into the chosen role


/me Would place the both of his hands upon his desk, looking at the student in front of him with a stern face, not speaking a word so that he could allow for them to speak about why they were sent down to his office, Nikon would then nod out of appreciation after hearing the student speak, giving off a warm smile to give them reassurance and that he would solve the issue of what had happened


/me Would look around, a warm smile on his face as he saw all of the students behaving and speaking with each other, soon walking up to a student that would be on the floor crying, giving them a hand to help them back onto their feet, he would then take the student to his office so that he could comfort them, offering them a drink so they could proceed to tell him why they were upset if they had wished to


/me Would place his cup back onto the desk after taking a sip of his coffee, turning towards his computer before filling in any important information, soon looking up at the office door to greet the student with a smile whilst asking &f"What can I do for you?", Nikon would then proceed to point to the chair in front of his desk, allowing for them to sit down so that he could speak to the student that has requested him


Graduation Year:

I had graduated in the year 1995 with everything I needed



My Majors are: English, Mathematics, Criminology and Chemistry



My Minors are: Photography, Psychology and also Biology

Academic Degree:

I have a couple PHD's in both Mathematics and English due to my ability of being able to get the top marks each time



(713 words)

Birth - 21 years of age

Nikon Nishikawa, a male who would have been born in the city of Moscow, with sadly the not so good life, this would be due to the fact that his family would have been extremely rich and loved to show off to other people that they had money, when Nikon was the age of 7 years old, a sudden turn of events had occurred which had scarred Nikon for life, his entire family was brutally murdered in front of him, a poor 7 year old child, this was mainly due to the amount of money that his family had owed other people, these people were dangerous, they were people that shouldn't have been messed about with. Well anyway, a year later after his family was murdered, Nikon was found by the killers of his family, due to the fact that he ran from the scene, the killers didn't want to hurt him so they had decided to kidnap him instead, this is when he was taken to Korea to be forced to learn the unique language; Once having learnt the language at the age of 15 years old, Nikon thought that now was the perfect time to make a run for it, so that's what he did, he ran from his kidnappers and went to the police to tell them all about what happened, they believed him and went to track down his kidnappers which were actually arrested after 4 whole years of being chased around the world, thus meaning that Nikon would be 21 years of age!


22 - 41 years old


Nikon is now 22 years old, he would have passed his school and college, especially after the fact he wasn't able to attend at the younger age, but this didn't really disturb his progress, this being because he would always be on top of his assignments and got the best marks out of everyone each lesson which made him extremely proud of himself. 3 years later at the young age of 25 years old, Nikon decided that he should begin training as a teacher because this is something that he had wanted to do ever since he was a little kid, this could be backed up by the fact that his grades were already through the roof which meant his chances of becoming a teacher were higher than anyone else that might have applied to become a teacher, however, this took a sharp and saddening turn, this is because when Nikon was the age of 29, he decided that teaching wasn't cut out for him so he decided to leave his post, he was a head of department too! but even the best people will have to leave at some point, well anyway, after he left, he thought to himself and decided to take up cooking for the exact same school that he had taught at, people did make fun of him sadly, however, this never took his motivation away, in fact, it improved it, this all helped him because when he was the age of 32, Nikon would finally be the head chef for that school, making the best of the best meals. Now we move forward 4 years to the solid age of 36 years old, Nikon would have finally left his job of being the chef at the school, he would travel around the world to explore, being a teacher, professor and even a dean in other schools, this had all happened in the span of 4 years with him being at 20 different schools that had thanked him for being able to make each of them a better place than what they were, now he was the age of 40 years old and had finally arrived in Seoul. . .


current. . . .

Nikon is now 42 years of age, The school of Seoul have reached out to him to ask if he could potentially help them become a better school due to the amazing feedback that he had gotten from the previous schools that he had attended to, so that is what he decided to do, Nikon has finally agreed to make an application to apply for the dean position and now he is awaiting a response from that school, wishing that he was accepted so that he can truly help them fulfil their wishes. .




What would you do, if a group of students aren't behaving within the school grounds?:

(176 words)

If the group of said students have decided to mess about within the school grounds then I will proceed to speak to them all, asking them why they're behaving in such manner and that they should know better, I would then proceed to give each individual a verbal warning and tell them that they shouldn't continue with the way that they're acting on school grounds. If the students then decide to continue with misconduct, I will tell them off yet again with the second verbal warning, however if they still decide to ignore my warnings, I will ask for them to come to my office so that I can speak to each and every one of them separately so that I am able to issue them all detentions due to the fact that they failed to comply with what I had told them. On another note, if they still continue to behave the way that they are, then I will proceed to tell them that they may get suspended due to the behaviour they are displaying.


What would you do, if a student isn't being respectful or forceful to another?:

(142 words)

I would proceed to walk up towards said student and ask them to move to the side so that I could speak to the student that was being disrespected at that moment, asking them as to why this might be happening to them, after they told me I would thank them then would go back to the delinquent and ask them why they would do such things like that, I would then ask the disrespectful student to follow me back to my office so that I could ask him further and to tell him that he should not say or do such things towards another student, I would then proceed to give them a stern warning due to the fact of how hurtful they have been towards the other student and that it could have a negative impact on their mental health.


What would you do, if another school employee was doing something that's hazardous?:

(142 words)

If said school employee was doing something hazardous then I would proceed to ask them to come directly to my office so that I could speak to them privately as to why they might be behaving in such manner, I would then ask for other employees to come to the office so that they could tell me if they saw the inappropriate employee acting up, if it comes to the fact that they did, then I would give said employee a stern talking to, telling them that they are in a place that they must act professional in and that they are to set an example to all of the students, I would then give that school employee a warning on their record, however, if this had happened multiple times previously, I would relieve them from the position that they work in


Additional note:

Thank you for taking your time to read this application! I hope you have an amazing day/afternoon/evening/night

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Congratulations! You are now the Dean of Seoul College!


Thank you so much for applying for this position, after further consideration, and with your immense detail within the app, I have decided to accept your dean application.  Thank you so much for taking the time to apply, it means alot to me. In the further days, we will discuss your duties, etc.


Please ping luvnbeppy#6192 in the academics discord for your roles!

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