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Nurse application - DoggoRP


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IGN: DoggoRP


Age: 14

Timezone: GMT 

Do you have a microphone? Does it work? Yes and Yes 

Any previous bans/warns? If so, list them: Nope

Describe your activity within the server and forums? My Activity in the server (When it is open) I will try to be on Every Day and I will Follow the Forums I need to get updated on and what is good to know on the forums 

Any previous applications? if so, list them: Nope 

What role are you applying for? Nurse

What motivates you to join the Hospital in BerlinRP? I want to learn the way or the DetailedRP in this Server and learn the way or how the Hospital runs in different roleplay servers 

What makes us think you are different compared to the other applicants? I think I am different to other Applicants because I Join other Roleplay Servers in Minecraft and I always try my best doing the roleplay and other things too. 

IC Information

Character’s Name: Dae Zachaashi 

Age (25+): 27

Current Occupation: (I Dont know but I'm gonna say) Citizen 

Nationality: Korean 

Academic Degree: 5-years batcher's degree 

Major(s): (Max. 3) Registered Nursing, Family Practice Nurse/Nursing And Nursing Practice 

Minor(s): (Max. 2) Psychology, Nutrition 

Languages Spoken:  Korean (if that's the Default language idk)

Backstory: (Min. 100 words) 

Dae Would be born in South Korea in Seoul, She would be Born on March 01 1994 On the Tuesday she would be living with her Mother and Big Brother. She would live in a flat that would be on the 3 floor her big brother would always remember. But Something with her and her big brother was a bit strange because him being a teen Growing up for Dae Was a bit weird because her brother did not want to carry or help her with anything but by more thinking she would just see that it all came down to jealousy Because of her being the second child she would always get the attention by her family, Mother and more but after a month or so he was okay. When Dae Was growing up she would have some struggle a bit finding friends or just inducing herself to others.

Dae would be around 2-3 years old begin a Younger Sister to Her big brother she would normally get her big brothers clothes but that would not be a Problem for her it was the smell of them that maybe put her off of the clothes giving thing. Her mother would tell her to put them on but it would be hard trying to say to a baby that money is hard right now and her mother is trying hard to get money But Finally she gets over it because of her mother and still maybe still might have some from today. It would be a Monday and for Dae her brother was in school so she would get more time with her mother and see more of her life living in a good city called South Korea she would be getting pushes by her mother in a stroller and she would be shopping with her mother but Dae being 2-3 years of age she didn't know that anyway her mother would go into this baby store called BabyR'US and at this second Dae would look around to see nothing but toys and she would laugh and giggle to the rhyme going on through the speaker at the top of the store. 

Dae would be turning 5-7 years of age, She would have her Birthday in 1 days and of course her brother would be a bit jealous having his birthday about 2 months ago. She would be exited for her birthday because she told her mother that she would love to have something of an animal. After eating tea and a few hours later she would rest her head on a pillow to go to sleep 10 minutes later. The next day, She would be the age of 7 and exited as she was she would race to the presents and open them but she would not be happy not getting what she wanted. Sad and Hurt she would run to her mother crying to why she did not get what she wanted her mother replied to her that to look in the other box in the kitchen. She would run to the kitchen and opened it madly to her surprise it would be a little puppy that would be a Golden Labrador She would be so shocked her eyes would be lit up with a happy as ever look Walking to her her mother would say I worked a lot of hours off to get that puppy so make sure to look after it she said I will I will with all my heart. Later that day she would be stroking the dog on the sofa and her brother would come up to the apartment a bit happy but when he saw the puppy next to his sister he would scream in jealously why did he not get one and his sister would say back to him because its my birthday and at the corner of her eye she would see a set of Nursing equipment in a box like a toy set and her mother said to Dae that she was going to bin that and put it in the trash because she said she does not like it but at that moment she would look at it in excitement and open it up in a hurry and put everything on and from that day on she would love the thing of being and doing what a nurse does and thinks. 

5-6 years later, She would be finishing her last years of school and her big brother would be leaving the house finishing school himself and now finding a place to live in South Korea. She would be walking home from school looking forward to see her mother and little puppy that would not be a puppy now she would get into the house and the dog would jump up like it always does and she would smile seeing her mother cooking some food and then when to her room. 1 year later, She would be finishing school heading to college and trying to get good in College to move to university But sitting in her first class getting early she would be sitting a bit sharp in her chair ready to learn and get down the information for this class. After class on classes she would get a bit bored and for her break she would take a nice walk to the 7-11 down the street and after that going to her local hospital to visits the team of Nurse that she would get to know because of her mother use to work there. She would get back to the college and sit in 2 other classes and walk back home for her first day done at college. 

4 years later, She would be at a college class looking at her phone scrolling through her phone looking at photos of her and her mother. Then after that put her headphones in listening to a song by Eminem called Stan ft. Dido but listening through one headphone she would still listen to the teacher telling them about nursing and things about Biology too. walking home again she would see a poster saying If you need a job of nursing come to hospital or ring +08 (030)-5462-8932 she would take it and walk home again. She would get into the house and run to her room and start to ring the number and after a moment it would answer and she would say over the phone. Hey, I saw the poster and I would like to apply to get the job over the phone a male would answer and say yes we are open you are the first application for us you may she would smile while listening and she would put the phone down and smirk happily and walk to the table for dinner after that and a few hours later she would go to bed and in her head she would say that she would wish to get out of college and get this job for the Hospital to and she would repeat this in her head till she would fall asleep and maybe just maybe she would really get this job and get out of college to impress her mother too. 

Extra Notes: non ūüôā

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