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TurtleRP's Professor Application


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Out-Of-Character Information


What is your username?:






Do you have a microphone?:

Yes, I do.


How old are you? (Optional):



What is your time zone?:



Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:

Yes, I do acknowledge this.


Describe your activity on the server:

Though the server isn't up at the moment, I will try to be active on the server once it comes out!

As for SchoolRP, I am heavily active on there, often trying to get on when I can.


Do you have any previous bans?:

No. Once again. Server hasn't even started yet.


Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server:

None. This is my first one for this server.


What are your current role(s) on the server?:

I don't even know what the roles would be once the server comes up.


What experiences do you have in roleplay?:

Other than my experiences on SchoolRP, I have roleplayed before on other games and websites.

My overall experience with roleplaying may be described as... average. I know how to detailrp, but I sometimes think too hard on one specific action that it can take a long time to get a response.

On SchoolRP, I currently roleplay as a college student by the name of Rohan H. Hasuke.



In-Character Information

(Pretend your character is filling this out, not you)


Full Name (First & Last only):

Kaoto Noriko


Preferred Name:

Mr. Noriko


Age (Minimum is 25):









Academic Degree:

Bachelor's degree, Juris Doctor



Psychology, Criminology



Sociology, Biology


Languages (Applied for and accepted, and native):

Korean (Native)


What subject are you applying to teach?:



What is your motivation for becoming a Professor?:

My motivation for applying to become a professor is to pass down what I know to students, but also because I have seen how teachers and professors teach and I am now interested in trying it out.


As a professor, what are the rules you would enforce  when being in a class?:

Have common sense. There will be no causing mischief or bullying during my classes.

If you wish to speak during class, raise your hand. Alongside this, do not speak over others while I'm trying to teach.

If a student is found with any illegal object or substance, it will be confiscated.

 I will enforce a 'No Phones' rule as well as a no food or drink rule as those can end up becoming a distraction to others in the class.

I will allow water, though.


Backstory: (Minimum 200 Words)

Kaoto Noriko was born in Arkansas, and for the few months she was there, his father was usually at work, so he couldn't help her mother care for him and his brother, Tanako. They would then move to Korea, where he would spend most of his childhood.

During his primary school years, he would take an interest in science and history, which would continue on up until secondary school, where he instead took an interest in researching crime-related activities and how the mind works.

This led to his post-secondary education, where he would move to the United States, back to Arkansas for a major in both Psychology and Criminology, alongside minors in Sociology and Biology. Shortly afterward, he would go to a law school to get a Juris Doctor law degree.

Before deciding to apply to become a professor, he tried to send an application to become a lawyer, which got denied under the fact that he had no previous experience within the field he was applying for.

Despite this, he wouldn't let this denial stop him, and he instead tried to become a Psychiatrist. Unfortunately, that also got denied due to him not having gone to medical school. Soon after noticing this, he would move to Seoul, South Korea before deciding to send an application to the local school in an attempt to become a professor.


Role Play Scenarios:


What would you do, if a group of students aren't behaving within the school grounds?

Noriko would walk through the school's hallways, soon noticing the troublesome group. Approaching them, he would then speak in a stern tone, "You should know your behavior isn't appropriate in the school setting. Now, was there anything that happened to cause you to act this way?"

After they would have explained their behavior, he would suggest that they don't do it again.


What would you do, if a student isn't being respectful or forceful to another?

(Assuming this would be during a class)

Noriko would be standing at the front of the class, giving a lecture, before being interrupted by one of the students in the class. He would then walk over to where the student would be at, trying to remain calm, "Alright, what seems to be the problem? You should know that you're disrupting the class with your behavior."


What would you do, if another School Employee is doing something that's hazardous?

Noriko's emotional response would be unclear, depending on what the employee is doing, as well as his relationship with them.

However, he would ask the employee why they are attempting to do.. whatever it is they were doing, before suggesting to them that they stop before someone is harmed.


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Thank you so much for applying for this position, at this time we have decided to accept your application.


Please ping or dm disequilibrium#6192 in the SLRP Education Faction Discord for your roles.

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Education Faction Lead

Media Team Coordinator

EMS Psychiatrist Head

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