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IGN(In Game Name):

What Language are you applying for?:


How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters):
Amanda Molina, now known as; Mandy, was born and raised in Panajachel, Guatemala. From the early stages of development, they had struggled with speaking and learning due to their diagnosis of attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder at age five; Mandy had a hard time; focusing and sitting down with their organised material. 


As a child, the thought and act of learning made them incredibly frustrated and bored as it was something they had to work at; due to language and conversational skills not being something they could learn instantaneously. Through several years of sit-down sessions with Mandy's parents, private tutors, teachers, teacher aids and other school faculty; had tried their best to accommodate Mandy's needs by; making language more fun and interactive, one of the activities consisted of; an adult reading small sections of children's stories with pictures and asked Mandy to repeat them aloud with them; this allowed them to slowly but surely comprehend reading, writing and speaking skills.


Another activity they would go through was a game of Pictionary, their parents and sometimes private tutors drawing an image on a whiteboard, chalkboard or piece of paper would turn it over and reveal it to Mandy; if they got several correct in a row, this would lead to a reward and praise encouraging young Mandy to genuinely; work hard at learning and developing these skills. 


A school-specific activity that Mandy often went through during lunch breaks or extra classes; was an online, interactive activity. It was a set with a small laptop and a microphone; Mandy would be handed these supplies by a teacher or a teacher aid before being asked to follow the instructions on the screen. It was a space-themed game that consisted of language exercises, where they would have to say their reply aloud; into the microphone for the laptop to register. For example, bold words would appear in front of them like, "What school do you go to?" or "I hope you have a good day today". The objective would be to answer the question or reply to the phrase into the microphone; if the computer registered it as a correct answer, a spaceship would shoot a ufo on the screen earning you points. If the answer given is incorrect, the game said the correct answer aloud and; ask you to repeat it into the microphone, allowing you to continue; onto the next phrase.


Through all of these activities and several others; Mandy was able to speak their native language; Spanish, fluently by the time they were eight years old. It took them three years of persistent lessons, interactive activities and support at home and school to allow them to catch up with other children in language development. While, Mandy now; in their young adulthood, struggles with reading aloud in their mother-tongue, they have improved; since their childhood.


How does this benefit your character's roleplay?:
Knowing more than one language, can expand your roleplay opportunities; allowing my character to create new friends, experience things and situations they wouldn't; without the language (I.E. Overhearing, someone else speaking Spanish) and; in general, it really helps build character and influence character development as heritage is a big part of Mandy's identity meaning that them no longer knowing their first language especially, while still in contact with old friends from their home-town is unrealistic.

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Paste the link to this post in the #help channel in the SeoulRP discord when the server is released to get the language on your account! 

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