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Kaysh_2005 School Receptionist Application


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OOC Information





Age (Optional):

I am 17 years old

Time zone:

ADT (Atlantic Daylight Time)

Describe your activity within the server:

I have recently just joined the server

 Previous warns/bans, if so list them:

I have no warns/bans

Links to previous applications, if so, list them:

I have none

What is your chosen employee role? (Nurse, Receptionist, Tutor, Janitor and teaching assistant)

I will be applying for the receptionist role!

Do you acknowledge the rules of the server?

Yes, I do!

Do you acknowledge being inactive for a certain amount of time will lead to a demotion?

Yes, I acknowledge that!

IC Information

Character name:

Kye Han-Bi



Current occupation:

I am currently unemployed 
Provide 3 /me’s of how your character fits into the chosen role
She would notice a student approaching her at the front desk as she would wait patiently for the student to ask the question or state the concern that they have as she would kindly greet the student answering to whatever they had said.
She would be writing down some paperwork as one of her co-workers approaches her, she would look up to see her co-worker placing her pen down on the paper looking at the co-worker with a bright smile as she said “Hello! How are you? Is there something you need?” she would then get up from her seat straightening up her posture and fixing up her clothing to look nice and pristine as she put both her hands behind her lower back still having a bright smile on her face.
As she was about to enter the meeting room, she would clench onto her purse taking a deep breath in and out as she reached over to grab the doorknob opening the door as she walked into the room, she would gently close the door behind her as she walked up to a seat in the meeting room, she would place her purse onto the head of the chair behind her.
Graduation year:
Psychology, Economics 
Academic Degree:



/Minimum is 150 words/

Kye Han-Bi is the daughter of Kye Eum and Kye Eoneu. She was born at Jeju Hospital. She has long silky dark brown and blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She stood at the height of 5’0. Throughout her childhood she was close to her parents and older brother. She was closer to her father Kye Eoneu and brother then her mother Kye Eum. Her father took her out on trips as a way to bond together. She always told her brother about her social life. Her parents played a positive effect on her. They taught her that modesty and kindness is important. Kye Han-Bi attended her local elementary school/middle school. She got along great with the other students. She befriended many of them. Her admiration for school staff began when she was young. When she wasn't doing class work, she talked to the school staff about their jobs. This admiration for them continued through middle school. When she finished middle school. Her parents informed her that her grandfather passed. Her grandfather left Kye-Han-Bi parents his home in Seoul. His death prompted the family to move to Seoul. When she enrolled into high school she attempted to friends with the other students. Her attempts ended with them bullying and making her an outcast. The one friend she made was the school receptionist. Due to the bullying, she ended up changing the way she dressed. She ended up dressing from her normal vibrant colors to more of an emo style. The receptionist fully supported Kye-Han-Bi throughout the remainder of her high school year. When she graduated from high school, she was thankful for everything the receptionist did for her. She decided to follow her dream of working as a school faculty member. When she went to college she majored in psychology and economics while minoring in business. During her time in college, she kept in contact with the receptionist from high school. She recommended to Kye-Han-bi that she should apply at the high school in Seoul. When she graduated college, she moved out of her parents' home and moved to her own apartment.



/Minimum 30 words for each scenario/

What would you do if a group of students aren't behaving within the school grounds?
First, she would try and be firm with them telling them that they’re to behave in the school grounds or a punishment will happen and if the students fail to listen detention will happen and push it more and keep them in place for their actions.
What would you do if a student isn’t being respectful or forceful to another?


She would look at the student with a serious face but somewhat understanding of why they could be upset as she spoke to the student in a soft and gentle tone she would try to calm down the student and would give them a warning if they keep behaving like this towards the other student she would have to give them a detention and if they need to talk about why they are upset for them to follow her so they could discuss in a private area why they were upset and why they were treating the other student that way.

What would you do if another school employee was doing something that’s hazardous?

She would notice the co-worker acting very inappropriately on the job as she would walk up to them and would give them a slight warning of how they are acting is not allowed on school grounds and to do it on their own time when they are not around students and that they should be a good role model for the students as she would then look at her co-worker with a friendly smile before bowing down at them apologizing for sticking her nose into their business and that she just didn't want them to either get hurt or get in trouble.

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Upon going over your application, we have decided to accept! Thank you so much for applying, please ping luvnbeppy#6192 in the Education Discord for roles!


If you have any questions feel free to dm one of the following:




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